Important interview here with leading astronomer Dr Bill Napier of the Cardiff University Centre for Astrobiology:
QUOTE from Dr Napier:

“The evidence, decades-old now and not even controversial amongst the comet community, [is] that an exceptionally large, low-inclination, short-period comet has been orbiting in our neighbourhood for about 20,000 years… In such a disintegrating environment there is a reasonable probability of a catastrophic encounter with debris in the comet trail….”


This is the same comet that broke into multiple large fragments and caused the extinction level event between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago, described in my new book Magicians of the Gods. The comet impacts destroyed an advanced prehistoric civilization and almost completely wiped it from human memory, leaving its traces only in myths and traditions and in carefully buried time-capsules, like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, where the truth of our past is set to come out.

We are presently passing through the debris stream of the same comet, as indeed the earth does twice every year (in late June/early July and in late October/early November). As I report in Magicians of the Gods, Napier and his colleagues are concerned that several large ‘dark’ fragments of the original giant comet still lurk, shrouded by dust, within the stream — which we know as the Taurid meteor stream The stream is 30 million kilometers wide and it takes the earth 12 days to pass through it on each occasion. I wrote about the implications of this for our future in the final chapter of Magicians of the Gods. Rendering the Taurid meteor stream safe IS within the limits and capacities of our current technology. It could be done — so no need for fear, doom and gloom. No need for ours to become the next lost civilization. The problem, however, is that the human species presently seems to lack the will for rational and responsible action, and to be far too choked up with fear, hatred and suspicion to undertake a grand project for the collective benefit of mankind, preferring instead to devote the big budgets to destructive and dangerous military spending and the insanity of mutually assured nuclear destruction.

Acting almost as though it has been tasked to play down threats that don’t require a military solution – and thus might compete for military budgets – NASA consistently seeks to understate dangers to humanity emanating from its specific area of interest, namely our cosmic environment. In particular it frequently reassures us that none of the asteroids or comets it has so far identified will come close enough to impact Earth anytime in the foreseeable future: “All known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a 0.01 percent chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years,” (NASA, August 2015).

What this statement disguises, however, is that NASA actually has no idea how many Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA’s) exist. It can only report the number it has spotted so far, presently totalling 1,635 (of which 877 have diameters of a kilometre or more). It’s true there’s very little likelihood of any of these KNOWN objects hitting Earth in the next 100 years (see the linked video here which shows all asteroids — including a great many non-hazardous asteroids — so far discovered (up to September 2015): However, it’s the as-yet unidentified and UNKNOWN objects on earth-crossing orbits that should really concern us. According to some estimates, NASA has so far located barely 1 per cent of the total population of PHA’s, with 99 per cent , i.e. more than 100,000, still awaiting discovery.

It therefore comes as a timely wake-up call from the universe that on 31 October a previously undiscovered PHA, thought to be of cometary origin, had a relatively close encounter with the earth. This object was not located until 10 October. It was travelling blisteringly fast and it had a diameter in the range of half a kilometre. See here:
In this way, past, present and future are interlinked and what Magicians of the Gods is really all about are the implications of the comet impacts between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago for our understanding of history. It’s my contention that this new scientific information means that the house of history is built on foundations of sand.

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  1. Merrill Pierce says:

    Thank you so much for your seemingly tireless effort to shed light on these subjects. It is fascinating and so helpful to those of us with ears to hear and a curious mind.

  2. Patricia gothard says:

    Great plan

  3. Anthony Wynands says:

    It makes you wonder how an organization like ISIS can justify destroying ancient sites, putting stock in a doctrine that can never compare by age to the basalt structures of our early “ancestors”: talk about an iffy foundation. I have someone close to me that just returned from the Visoko Valley; the pyramids there exhibit so much energy, it’s incredible. I wonder if in 100 years from now that generation will chuckle at how silly we were for not demonstrating understanding of the pyramid intents in the early 2000s. Hopefully, that is the case. Hopefully by then society will consider them modern federal buildings, delivering culture/resources to our needy selves.

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