Embedded in this post is a link to a short video trailer for America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization. The book will be published in April.

More information on its contents: https://grahamhancock.com/america-before/
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My events in the UK, the US & Canada for March through June: https://grahamhancock.com/events/.

I love to get out on the road and meet my readers face-to-face. Makes it all worthwhile!

44 thoughts on “Video trailer for America Before and full details of my forthcoming events”

  1. Matt maune says:

    Dear mr hancock
    One day I believe soon all u have said and postulated on will be brought to light in its full
    U are a visionary I only wish I could help in your search more than to by all your books
    Just know in 50 years u will be a hero and all the people that ridiculed u will then cling to your brilliance like a moth to a flame
    Thank u

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words Matt. Very much appreciated.

  2. Dan Davis says:

    Mr. Hancock,
    I can not wait for the book to come out. I have read several of your books and am deeply intrigued by what you have uncovered. Keep up the great work.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you Dan! Very kind of you.

  3. Chad Van Herk says:

    Graham Bruce Hancock,

    I’ve been following your work for a decade, and am never surprised when new discoveries are made which back up your well-documented research, experience, and theories over a lifetime of immersion in the mysteries of human history. As my own intellectual and spiritual growth augments with time and experience on this glorious Earth, I feel more connected to a long and ancient, even mystical, history of mankind, and the mysteries that beg to be addressed. I sincerely appreciate your life’s work and your continued interest and dedication to these missing histories of the collective human experience on this jewel of a planet.

    I salivate at the thought of digging into “America Before.” I have spent time in Canada where bare rock is still scarcely covered by a thin film of soil since the ice age, and I currently live on a hill of sandy loam in Indiana, arguably deposited by a great flow of water at the end of that period. There is little doubt in my mind, particularly after absorbing details brought forth by your presentations with Randall Carlson on the Joe Rogan podcast, that much of the soil in my garden once belonged to Canada. While this was not necessarily a mystery to me prior to hearing these podcasts, the undulations of the sandy hills in my region are better explained by a relatively instantaneous and dramatic flow of glacial melt, rather than a slow recession. To live in the area so dramatically affected by the likely impact event is to feel a direct connection to perhaps the single most dramatic experience in human history. The spirit energy of our ancestors are calling out for an end to our “amnesia” as you put it, and I feel we are getting much closer to a breakthrough in understanding and, I hope, a form of remembrance and, ultimately, a celebration of our collective human experience. Thank you, Graham.

  4. Chadley jaziri says:

    Mr. Hancock,
    Thank you for being a beacon of intelligent, researched, and most importantly OPEN MINDED thinking! You are an inspiration to the world of intellectually curious who feel desperately unsatisfied with the same old story of “unquestionable truth” peddled by entrenched factions with glaringly obvious motivations for bias. The TRUE spirit of science lives in your work as it did with others who challenged established “facts”, and backed it up with undeniable EVIDENCE as you do. Time will favor truth in indisputable evidence, and those who had the courage to uncover, and report it, no matter what powers backed the previous paradigm. Please continue to be BOLDLY intelligent!

  5. Brian McLaughlin says:

    Mr Hancock,
    I’ve always had an interest in the past. After reading your work for the last decade it has really lit a fire in me. I was impressed by your thoroughness and the seriousness that you displayed in researching and presenting this material. Eventually, I realized how important the work you are doing is. I don’t mean to be too melodramatic, this is some of the most important work anyone is doing anywhere and I hope you continue as long as you are able. The evidence you present is undeniable. There is a big hole in our knowledge of the past. How can humanity progress into the future if we truly don’t know who we are or where we came from? We can not. You have inspired me. I can’t wait for the new book!


  6. Sue Dorrens says:

    Dear Mr Hancock,
    Thank you for all the amazing knowledge that you bring us. I started getting interested by watching ‘The Pyramid Code’ on Netflix and now just love learning more about ancient civilizations. I have just pre-ordered your new book and am thrilled that it is released tomorrow! Please keep making your audio books and narrating them yourself – they are truly hypnotic. Best regards from Edinburgh 🙂

  7. Matt Varga says:

    Graham looking forward to reading this book. Just read and enjoyed your Magicians of the Gods.Hope this covers the topic of the skeletons of Giants unearthed in and around the Mounds and the massive coverup by theSmithsonian.Hope you are feeling better and look forward to your next books and lectures.

  8. James Howlett says:

    Hello Graham,

    Big fan of your work, excited to get my hands on the new book.

    Are there plans to take your walking tour into Europe? I know you’ve done some events in Mallorca before.

    Very best wishes,

  9. Robert E Pett says:

    Here’s the title to your new movie “Antediluvian”.

  10. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    My beloved autjor,Dear Graham,I follow your books since 80’s when I imigrated to Seattle,WA, where I started my own archeo-astronkmical research with some great results,on the pattern of Hamlet’s Mill, following also NUMBERS from Anno Magnus Precession,and soli-lunar cycles and calendars,with much,much more in this rich path of knowledge. The Message of the Sphinx navigated me also as the Mirror of the Heavens- all your books. I am almost convinced that you missed these very important dates used not only by the modern masonry,but also in the ancient monuments: 11,967, 9,745( mostly visible on the Pakal’s Lid with similar idea as on the Vulture stela 43 in Göbekli Tepe)…And the date of 2032-2033 for Novus Ordo Seclorum…A KEY DATES, you should notice and pay attention to…11,967 and 9,745 seemingly speaks of the comet fragments ending the Younger Draya…And Pakal’s Lid with 9,745 proves that Mayan culture is much older than the orthodox ” archeologists and hystorians” lie to us! And they know it,so do the masons,using it in modern basilica of Guadalupe and elsewhere,I know where…My artkcle,Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left on 911 Crime Scene is still available on google search…

  11. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    And I must point out the masonic layout of the Washington,D.C. SOLSTICES in its streets is confirmed by any Protestant bible,holding the beginning at Winter solstice sunrise and ending by Summer solstice sunrise…Further confirmed by the Red verses…Furthermore,each bible has total of 84 books,very important NUMBER!
    And the bible itself confirms 13 houses of the zodiac( the Maya 13 layers of heavens), plus the Creator being DUAL and plural,Elohim and Iah&Havah as IHVH, as the Jing and Jang,or the ANKH with female Oval atop the male T-tav…So the Two headed Russian and other eagles,holding the golden APPLE and golden SWORD…Or the Magen David of the two triangles,male upward,female downward…( The main reason for Oval Office in the White House)…

  12. Josef Byrne says:

    I am just beginning to read and listen to your work. I am deeply fascinated through out these readings and discussions and would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

  13. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    Furthermore,Andrew Collins is right about the 3 pyramids of Giza matching the 3 stars of the Swan constellation,which is also the Northern Cross constellation and the Chinese Bow constellation in Hamlet’s Mill,de Santillana couldn’t crack at that time of his research in Hamlet’s Mill…But Andrew is wrong that it matches only the 3 stars of the SWAN…It matches both in our DUAL and BIPOLAR WORLD! It matches the male stargate,ityphallic MIN( TAV) as the galactic anticentre in the Belt of Orion( shaped as T-tav with Trapezium-testicles nebulae M42/43),ancient people saw as entrance of souls of the deceased…And the exit in the yonic Black hole-Yama and CygnusX1-Swan copied by the Moon pyramid in Teotihuacan,intercepting the Way of Dead angle-sloped at Winter solstice sunrise as the Stonehenge Avenue,and other monuments/ citirs are aligned at…Yes,number 9 is associated with the Swan,and therebis total of 9 pyramidsnin Giza,3 main and 6 satellite…But the Swan has total of 81 stars,writes Bullinger…And this number,81 is associated with the US SKYSCRAPERS calendars( Maya& Hebrew/biblical,two in one)…See National Geographic magazine,February 1989,pages 140-185)…

  14. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    Codex Zouche-Nuttal,page 36, confirms that the human souls enters and exits the Milky Way( Dragon-Serpent in the sky),floating troughnpurgatory process across two CUBICAL JARS! Milky Way swallowed the Red man,and gives birth to the Yellow man( ruling the next,golden age)…The Black and White men are lined up as the next…

  15. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    To your newest book on America( I’ll buy soon),I add this. In Wikipedia,Ama-ruca is the Land of the Plumed Serpent…To me,Ama-ruca name of the Quichè Maya and related Kechua Incas,is ” Rich Mother”-land,Motherly continent! The ancient Egyptians saw Milky Way( Meri-yam)as female,Nut,bend over the sky arch…Between her two river legs( biblical Pishon and Gichon) is her Eden/ Paradise,Mesopotamia and Dark Rift/ Cleft,described in Genesis2:8-14,whrre sll GOLD is! In Mesoametica,they saw Milky Way as Dragon-Serpent in the sky,symbolising the emd of Anno Magnus and perhaps,the Judgement Day( Tepeu Kukulkan)…Milky Way as Bolon Yokte Ku,the biblical Yoktan,the female relative of the phallic Peleg…In Egypt,giving birth to new Anno Magnus at Aquarian-Potters( Y.S.R.-DJoSeR) age…As Zep Tepi…Ama-ruca/ America is female body shaped continent,an earthly copy of the Milky Way galaxy,Motherly continent…Also as the OLD UMMA EL-KABAH,Mother of all Jars/ Pots with old grown Son-largest statue of Christ in Rio on 9 hills,ready to be ” CRUCIFIED” ONCE AGAIN…Dual event in our Dual world,as above,so below…That’s what really symbolises the Statue of Liberty,her symbols and NUMBERS, confirms it!

  16. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    The solar Sons of the Sun,the Inças( reverse of Hindoo Açni),setyled in her groin,impregnating her with the largest solar and GOLDEN culture in history! Lake Titicaca symbolises the same as the Swan lake in Tibet,Yamzho Yumco,the Dragoon resembling lake…Therefore, it is masonic cover up,to call China as the Dragoon country,when it is America as the esrthly copy of the Serpent-Dragon in the sky! China has 5 types/ colored dragons,however,it is America as the dragon-serpent of old,identified in Revel.12:9 as satan,played out by the masonic USAtan!!!

  17. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    And the US 1$ bill with the 52 latin letters,including MDCCLXXVI,72 cube-stoned,13 layered pyramid and patterns of 9×13,plus twice the date of 2033 for Novus Ordo Seclorum and Annuit Coeptis…It is the US great seal with twice the date of 2032-2033…It is the US galactic flag with the dates of 2033 and 11,976…Used in the official 911 database and amount of the ” hijacked” crew members,twice with 2033…It is the US Skyscrapers calendar tied to 911,the Maya and biblical calendars,plus 4 times the 2033 date…Including 9,745,also tied to the bib,ical ” time+two times+ half time” as 9x7x6x7= 1,260 days( 360+720+180) as 42 months on the Codex Mendoza, or 3,5 years of ” antichrist” rule…

  18. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    The Great Spinx symbolises the Great Year,Anno Magnus.It has Aquarian head and Leo’s body,as two halves of the Great Year, which originally started around 23,700 BC, and its 2nd half around your estimate,cca 10,800 BC….The 3 major prophets sees in 3 cardinal points an animals,but in the West,face/ head of Man, in reality,the Aquarian Head face the East,and the Leo’s body,West…In poles reversals,it means a lot! Furthermore,the Head is neither male,nor female, but both,the Creator in Unity of both,in creative-procreative process…The catholic basilicas are built East-West,in the Eastis the altar,faceing the worshippers,and the priest as representative of God,face West,and the entrance/ exit doors…If you understand the lingam on yonic pedestals,you may understand why there are the ” onion” towered churches,and the greek named synagogue has Hebrew name of Minha…Or the East is the place of new dawn-Sunrise,and rebirth-resurrection…The reason,why the Russian cemeteries,all,face the East,and why the burial chambers of resurrection were red painted and in the east of temples or pyramids,like that of Pakal!And the Creator is the Aquarian Age,the Pot of Aquarius,the Potter-Creator,described in Jeremiah,chapters 18&19, as Y.S.R.,who will remake the old world into the new one,on his,Potter’s WHEEL( the zodiac and overlaping Sun with the energies of the Black hole,making the current,Jaguar Sun,full of erupting Sunspots! The EU flag,the CIRCLEIS THE WHEEL,and the 13th house of the zodiac…And Aquarius has total of 30 stars( 30 dots by 3 on Paksl’s Lid),14 in his body and 16 in the Eridanus river flowing out of his Jar/ Pot/ Bowl/ Cup,etc…The 30 silver of Judas Iscariot also ended up on the Potter’s Field( usually,a cemetery with clay soil)…An in the meadures of the Great Sphinxnis date: 2074…plus,8,880,besides 1480,Christos gematria…The Dresden Codex has thenmost important pages: 20th,devoted to Sun cycles,and 74th,the lsstnpage,devoted to Milky Way and Apocalypse( Flood of 13 laps from the Dragon mouth,eyc),Black hole,as the 13th house of zodiac…Therefore,the real Zep Tepi started in cca 23,774 BC, and the 2nd half,the Egyptian Zep Tepi,cca 10,800 or 10,565,as the I+H+V+H indicate as 10,565…Indické vedy tiež majú 10,800 stanzí a poukazujú na ten istý rok ako oltár Agnicayna z 10,800 tehál…Britské kódované biblie( jediné na svete s Precesnymi kódmi pod nábož.tetami,vždy pravá strana) from Oxford and Cambridge,but also Collins and Swansea, have codes: 10,860 and 20J74,plus,5,794A.M.=2033! So does the Abjad Initial codes in Qur’an/ Koran…And there is plenty of materials pointing at 2033,as the year of Novus Ordo Seclorum!Mount Athos,on Aquarian Trident peninsula is 2033 meyers above the sea level…Mount Everest( Chu- mu-lang-ma) is 10,848 meters high,as the ityphallic” resting place of Eve”+2013and 2033…We know what symbolises the Mountsins of God and the ” sacred wells,caves and lakes” or the Valleys of the Kings and Queens/ Emperors and Empresses…See the Blue Jar/ Pot of China…Your Magicians of the GODS pointed out the year ” 2040″…Lemesurier in his Great Pyramid Decoded bestseller went from 2033 up to 2039,as the 2nd Coming,therefore,you are enough close to the Galactic Trinity Alignment…

  19. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    Dear Graham,The Cygnus Key from Andrew Collins is closely related book,therefore,both of you are dear writers to my heart! Luckily,my personal research went much further in 27 years,with some amazing results! And all religions are ASTRONOMICAL, and most likely ” myths” I see as Hamlet’s Mill continuation,where the KEY TO SOLVE THEIR MYSTERIES is the NUMBER,MATH,sacred GEOMETRY,Gematria,symbols,colors,and ASTRONOMY with astronomical alignements of their religious shrines and monuments! Having degree in theology( Pasadena,CA),I saw it right away in the bible-numbers…Architecture was the other related subject,decoding the US SKYSCRAPERS CALENDAR(S) and 911 Database just neatly fits all!!!

  20. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    My last comment is to Seattle’s ” astronomical mandala”-the West Mall Lake,with 9 monuments and the Y-shaped Lake Union…3 main zre: the Columbus Circle building,then,the Scorpio shaped ” Space-Needle”, and the huge Statue of Hammering Man on 1st Avenue…City full of the Viking-Scandinavian population,whose god,Thor has its famous Hammer( ityphallic Belt of Orion)…The reason why near London is Hammersmith, or why is here WestMinSter…Glastonbury is the spiritusl centre,symbolising the galactic WOMB… In Seattle,the Scorpio’s TAIL Space Needle is 526 feet tall…WTC 1 was 526th meters to the tip of its TV antenna…It was attacked by AA11 at 8:46 Tuesday morning local time,what was 526th minute of that ” Black September” day,where Abu NIDAL= LADIN,Bin…Number well known from Venus cycles to the Mesosmerican priests-astronomers…In our DUAL WORLD,all have been done twice, closely related! Al Shaula us the Tail star of Scorpio,pointing its arrow at the Galactic double centre…Represented by Shaul,Paul,who at the beginning ” stinged” the Christians,like the stoned Steven…Swaping his role with the ” crucified updide down” Peter,always related to each other…We know what symbolise O,U,Y,M,V,W…Ama-ruca is located between Y-shaped oceans…Continent with female powers,liberties and dominance…We know what the Pentagon symbolises…Another one is in Vat-i-Can,as Castello di San Angelo,in the bottom plan of the KEY of Vat-i-Can…The Sino-Japanese old tombs resembles the KEY HOLE…Inside the Castle of Saint Angel plans,we can see also squared and round buildings,as number 540 in Anchored Vat in Cambodia,or in the US luni-solar Congress-Senat members,540 in total,translated by arc seconds as the Great Lunar year of the Mayas-Hebrews…Another Pentagon is in Prague,and Pentagonal main square in Brussels,as Grooten Markt…Symbolised by the Pentateuch,birth of new age,new civilisation and Sun from the Black hole,as new,young lion,or infant,newborn Sun,Is-Ra-el…Which will be 84 years old country in 2032-2033…Isa,Iza,Itza,and so on…the infant,and the Ra-sun,el the,or god…

  21. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    2033 is the date for Novus Ordo Seclorum( New Order Secured/ Certain) and Annuit Coeptis( Heavenly-Earthly Conception at set date,for Annuit has two meanings),and E Pluribus Unum Is Maxibus for many-galactic WOMB…The only other,possible date is 2074,in coded bibles,in Dresden Codex,in the Great Sphinx and used in the NUMBER PATTERN of the funeral of John Paul II, with 5 queens+4 kings and 73 world statesmen+ the dead Pope,together,74, as 5×4+74…Furthermore,20×74= 1480,Christos in greek gematria…One can find the same calendars in the Chinese terracotta army,or in the Summer-Winter Olympic Games( Athens of 1896 had 13 countries x 9 sport disciplines,as 117,the basic lunar calendar cycle,and cycle of two sunspots on the Sun…The demolished Twin Towers had each total of 117 floors,110 above and 7 below ground,and each stood on 117 steel columns imbedded into the Manhattan’s bedrock,etc…See Psalm 117…)…Winter games started 32 years later in Chamonix,opposite of Phoenix…From 911,2001,they count last 32 years to Novus Ordo Seclorum…Similar xalendars are in two chambered parliaments-amount of membeds,and end time with Al Kaida gematria is also in the EU € currency…The Genini-Apollo-and Apollo-Soyuz ” unification” in heavens carried similar calendar cycles…But general populace is arrogant and ignorant,easily lied and manipulated…So with the history andnorigins ofbour civilisation in the previous,destroyed one,and perhaps,many others before that!

  22. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    The Codex Mendoza holds as Seven Constellations,total of 117 single stars,and as Nine Constellations as 135 single stars..The Central Column depicts the Trinity Galactic alignment of 42 single stars( 6+5 in the T-tav,plus 9+11 in the Jar-Pot WOMB,plus 9+2 in our Sun of 11 year cycles…117+135= 252 squared feet of Pakal’s tomb…2,520 years of Israel…And 135 years is Judgenment number asnis 84…Judea went 135 years later to the Babylonian captivity,after Samaria…Psalm 118 is central chapter,and 118:8 is central verse…Psalm 117,shortest chapter,and 119,longest…Song of Sol-om-on has 117 verses,and Pentateuch has 5,852 verses,or 117 jubilees of 50 years… Pentatruvh+4 Gospels= biblical Ennead…5,852 verses – 3,778 verses in 4 Gospels= 2074!!!But Gospel of Mark has 3 endings,giving 3 possible/ alternative dates…

  23. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    The Abjad- Initial codes in Qur’an( Recitation? 2nd meaning is Hill/ Mountain of Heavens), plus amount of the 29 suras-chapers gives two alternative dates: 2025 and 2033 in lunar calendar,las 5,785 and 5,794 A.M… It has total of 84 codes andnit contain 13 arabic alphabet letters! Well known numbers in ASTRONOMICAL CYCLES AND CALENDARS!!! China has 8+4 and 8+5 ” sacred mountains”,Buddhist and Taoist…And who knows Tao( Tav?) Path of Heavens and I’ ching book of changes,knows what it is about!

  24. Jaroslav Kukla says:

    Dear Graham,compare the Vulture stela 43 to Pakal’s LID with scorpio on her chest,for she ( Milky Way) wear skirt,and above,atop is the MUAN BIRD…Compare it further to the T-tav shaped funeral silk of Lady Tao ” from” Ma-wang-dui!!!And search for the date-number on the LID,9,745! To Pakal’s tomb leads on the outside calendrical,69 steps,from top down: 9, solar cycle and lunar 9×13),plus the Lid-1 step,plus 65 downward,totalling 135! 9 stepped ” Palace-pyramid of Dying Sun”( Inscription) x 3 platfoms x 5 starcases= 135…65 Bak’tuns,as Great Lunar Year…69 steps is number of procreation/ resurrection/ rebirth…In 3 synoptic Gospels,when is Christ dyingnon the Cross,from 6th to 9th hour darkness covers the land( 69) and then,Jesus is resurrected! Codex Mendoza starts by Cancer constellation,of number 69,so is Dashur in Egypt…From Pentagon,69° to nw is Arlington Nat.Cemetery( Potter’s Field) where the Dragon-Serpent ” heroes” of Ama-ruca awaits their resurrection/ rebirth! Pit number 3 in China’s terracotta army calendars,is in the shape of phallus( canon) with 68 high ranking officers+ the Yellow emperor is together,69…In total,there are 3 general,5 colors of cavalry and armies…Pit number one is also calendrical,surrounded by 527 bowmen,protecting the main army…The White pyramid is 526 feet tall…Inside,Milky Way in Y shape atop from white oearls,with Dark rift of darknpearls and black hole big pearl…On the floor,with mercury filled Y shaped river andnin confluence is a yonic cave,with tripple coffin of the emperor on the river,trying to enter the yonic cave…As many of pearls,as words in the Pentateuch!!!

  25. Sheldon Dumont says:

    I was at Chapters bookstore on the weekend hoping to pick-up your new book…apparently not out until later this month, darn. Though standing in the middle of the store I was unsure where to look for it; world history, science, archeology? Nope, all of Graham Hancock’s books are found in New Age, safely quarantined with all of the other books that don’t adhere to dogma. At least they’re in good company with Radin, Sheldrake, Fadiman, etc… Which started me wondering, in what year do we finally see a Hancock book in World History or Archeology? I hope I live long enough to see it.

  26. William Grant says:

    Hi , im William Grant, huge fan and i cannot wait to see you in montreal.. to be able to have a picture with you would be a most magnificent moment for me. Cheers

  27. Timm says:

    HI Graham,

    I’m very much enjoying your videos and will be purchasing your books soon.

    I have a thought for you to consider. Given the great of knowledge the Ancients possessed with astronomy, would it have been possible for them to have KNOWN that there was a large comet or asteroid impact coming during the years circa 10,500 BC? Knowing only little about astronomy myself, I understand that the systems and planets follow a relative known path year after year and that comets tend to be an anomaly in that system and untraceable… Though there are comets (Hailey’s) that follow a known path. Do you think the people from 20KYA or 36KYA were able to predict the impact of 10,500BC and therefore created these megaliths and sites well before hand knowing that stone would be the most likely medium to survive such a cataclysm?

  28. A. B. says:

    I’d like to know why the Toronto event is priced higher than the other Canadian events in Vancouver and Montreal? Is it going to be different in lenght, content or what is the reason?

  29. John Jarboe says:

    Sir, you have answered many questions/issues that have been on my mind. I live in southern Indiana and I am a prehistoric history buff and rock hound. We have a Paleo site in Alton Indiana. For some reason the site radio dates to 12,000 years ago. Many Paleo sites in the Midwest date to the same time frame. Alton site was inhabited by many groups for at least 8,000 years. The Paleo layer has at least one foot of lifeless earth above it. The next six to seven feet of earth shows signs of human encampment in every inch of dirt. I assumed a flash of xrays altered the Paleo refuge from an impact of extreme force. I also prospect the Ohio river for gold. I noticed the hematite and magnetite coming out of the river has been super heated and appears as sphericals under a microscope. Your theories to me are very factual by the evidence that can be found here in the Ohio river valley. You have enlightened me. Thank you

  30. Leroy Stepp says:

    I hope I get to catch one of your US speeches. I’ve mostly watched your speeches on YouTube and read Fingerprints. I have my first grandchild now just a few days old. I’m not sure what book will be his first but I can tell you who his first author will be. Mr Graham Hancock. I may buy the newest America Before and my boy Grayson and I read it for his first book. But anyway hope I catch a show and love the work. Thanks

  31. Sam Ingersoll says:

    So excited to read this Graham! Thank you for continuing to write great books!

  32. RYAN PM says:

    Cant wait. Got to find a way to get to portland/ beaverton on monday. its a hike (2hrs 1way) but would be well worth it. Ive owned 2 of your books and lent them out. Surprise, i didnt get them back. Ive even bought as gifts.

  33. Ward says:

    Thankyou for all that you do to uncover the truth. Following your work since my Uni days after reading ‘Fingerprints’ in 1995, that one book altered my own perspective on ‘the truth’ we are told and my own path. Any chance of you doing future talks in Singapore?

  34. Paul says:

    Graham. Just a quick note of thanks to you and Santha for your tireless work. Your books have created many strands of reading for me leading me to other authors. I have been reading your work since the early 90s. You have been an inspiration for a large potion of my life.

    To all those who read your books, there is something special about Graham’s words and I truly treasure my books, but do check out the audiobooks, it is something to have the author read his work to you.

    All the best.

  35. Ronald Beaumont says:

    Perusing my just-arrived copy of America Before I see the words “stunning conclusion” and “culmination” on the dust jacket description, referring to GH’s quarter-century-long quest. We can only hope this doesn’t actually mean what it says and that the author’s dedication referring to “more amazing adventures” means exactly what it says!

  36. Amun RA king says:

    Kingdom of lord BLACK CHRIS messiah child of ELMO king of king Guide Amen

  37. Scott Clawson says:

    Graham, saw your recent JRE interview. Well done. Have you seen any calendar evidence in your research that would support or contradict the expanding earth hypothesis? Please don’t fret over your cancer vision; while you have been piecing together humanities history, Cliff High has been documenting his successful battle of cancer using vitamins, c60 and dandelion root tea.

  38. Robert "Mac" McCormick says:

    Mr. Hancock: Saw an older interview on LondonReal, and appreciate your statements about Colorado. I’m fourth generation ranching background; Vietnam; criminal defense and immigration lawyer; aspiring writer. I view your work in the context of my experience: We are allies in a common struggle to stave off destruction by the parasites who “lead us.”

    Don’t ranch cattle anymore; but I have raised buffalo. Now, I raise CBD hemp.

    Colorado is a state of mind, created on the frontier of a benevolent and exacting land. Dramatic landscape shaped the Colorado character, self-reliant to fault, that demands to enjoy the gift of being. It’s the Vaquero in our blood. Es la frontera. Por la vida. Es la frontera.

  39. James warner says:


    Thoth said he wrote records on an emerald tablet, Could it be possible that the Earth is the emerald tablet and the records are hidden in the geometry of those structures? Numbers never change. It is a universal language transcending even time.

    Any thoughts?

    James Warner. Ft Wayne, IN

  40. Becki Plymouth says:

    This is a great trailer for the book! I will be sharing this around. Had the pleasure of meeting you at your recent Bath book signing, what a truly fascinating talk as always – I cannot wait to start ‘America Before’ and learn more about our forgotten past…so important…so intriguing, thank you for all of the important work and research you have and are continuing to do Graham!

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