Embedded in this post is a link to a short video trailer for America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization. The book will be published in April.

More information on its contents: https://grahamhancock.com/america-before/
Special pre-order promotion from US publishers: https://read.macmillan.com/promo/americabeforepreorderpromo/
My events in the UK, the US & Canada for March through June: https://grahamhancock.com/events/.

I love to get out on the road and meet my readers face-to-face. Makes it all worthwhile!

4 thoughts on “Video trailer for America Before and full details of my forthcoming events”

  1. Matt maune says:

    Dear mr hancock
    One day I believe soon all u have said and postulated on will be brought to light in its full
    U are a visionary I only wish I could help in your search more than to by all your books
    Just know in 50 years u will be a hero and all the people that ridiculed u will then cling to your brilliance like a moth to a flame
    Thank u

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words Matt. Very much appreciated.

  2. Dan Davis says:

    Mr. Hancock,
    I can not wait for the book to come out. I have read several of your books and am deeply intrigued by what you have uncovered. Keep up the great work.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you Dan! Very kind of you.

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