My appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday 15 November with Randall Carlson can be viewed here:

Amongst other matters, Randall and I raised issues in this podcast concerning the Younger Dryas comet impacts 12,800 years ago, and the implications for the rediscovery of Earth’s lost civilization of the investigations now underway by the scientists of the Comet Research Group. Please check out and please support the Comet Research Group’s crowdfunding campaign, which I kicked off with a personal donation when it was launched on the morning of Monday 14 November. I am happy to see that many others have also already supported the campaign, so please join us! Anything you can give, no matter how small, makes a difference because when we get together we are strong. The message that needs to be sent from this campaign is that even though the dominator agencies of our society say NO we the people  say YES and in large enough numbers to make our voices heard: You will find all relevant links and further information on this page:

My new book Magicians of the Gods (the sequel to Fingerprints of the Gods) contains the fullest exposition of the implications of the Younger Dryas cataclysm for our understanding of the lost human past:

Events coming up:

18 through 20 November I am speaking in Denver, Colorado, alongside a host of other presenters. Full details here:

25 and 26 November I am speaking in Toronto, Canada


28 November I am speaking at the National Arts Club, New York (event possibly fully booked already but spaces may open):

29 November, I present again in New York City. Please join me at the Middle Collegiate Church, 12 2nd Ave between 6th and 7th St, New York, NY 10003 where I will give a full-length presentation on the latest developments in my lost civilization research and will then be on stage for an in depth conversation, and audience participation with the legendary John Anthony West:

21 January 2017 I am speaking in Stockholm, Sweden, full details here:

For subsequent events in other locations, updated regularly, please see: In addition to events already listed on the page I know I will be offering a big event in London in March 2017, and I will be on a speaking tour around Australia provisionally planned for September or October 2017. The page will be updated with the full details of these and other upcoming events as soon as we have them.

30 thoughts on “Reaching out – the Joe Rogan Experience & beyond. Follow-up & further events”

  1. stuart fuins says:

    Awesome Graham thank you <3

    1. Matthew Cotton says:

      Any chance you can some to Chicago sometime soon? I am not an archaeologist, I am a like you. Your books have sparked a passion within me I cannot explain. Perhaps it’s the next level of consciousness that you so often speak about. My name is Matt Cotton. I live in Indiana. One day I inspire to help move the ideas and thoughts you have created forward into the world. I wish i had the money to take my wife, Heather, and Father, Tom on your upcoming cruise but unfortunately I do not. Your hard work and dedication to humanity and our past has inspired something within me i cannot explain in words. It truly touches my soul. Never in my life have i had a wish ( adults are not supposed to have such child like wishes) but after reading your books I hope one day to meet you. Per your request I have donated to the Comet Research Group and will continue to do everything I can to advance the your message of our true past.

      These words cannot thank you enough. I know that Gautama Buddha is looking down on you with great approval and grace for your example ot us all.

      Matthew Cotton
      [email protected]

  2. Tracey Brew-Foster says:

    I am so looking forward to watching you on youtube. Thankyou in advance. Lotsa Lurrve Tracey xxxxxx

  3. mrvco says:

    Great news. I discovered you and your work on JRE and am now a big fan.

  4. Parker Mills says:

    Would love to see you in Vancouver

  5. Douglas Rosestone says:

    Here on West coast no Joe Rogan live stream going on. Something is wrong.

  6. Andrew says:

    I know it’s a little out of the way, but is there a chance you’ll be visiting Australia in the coming year?

  7. Werner Grundl says:

    I watched the show today on Joe Rogan and when the picture of the landscape was shown and the depps of the flood wave of the melting ice was mentioned (1000 feet), the show went out and can not be found. I do not appreciate this kind of information control.

  8. Richard says:

    . . . Thank you for the update. . . While you’re in Sweden you might consider checking out an ancient stone formation at or near Anundshog, Sweden, if time and resources allow. It’s said to be a stone ship near a burial mound. At least, that is the historical story said to be associated with these sites, an early custom found in the Scandinavian region, Northern Germany, and the Baltic’s.

    Dr. “Sam” Osmanagic, often under attack and scoffed at by some mainstream archaeologists, like you, said he had his aura tested out of curiosity while there. He’d been checking multiple energy sites worldwide and one of his stops was Sweden. He’s associated with the more familiar “Bosnian Pyramid” site which is interesting in itself from some of the energy readings he’s been able to acquire and record through instrumentation. Enjoy your tour

  9. Roy Shideler says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed all of the ninety three minutes I was able to pick up, I am frantically trying to find the remaining forty four minutes still floating around out there. I was listening on Rogan Board, YouTube video was not streaming. Any help is much appreciated.

  10. Roy Shideler says:

    Just a thought, we talk of shifting asteroids trajectory to avoid collision with Earth. Suppose our ancestors, or descendants, were at war with a alien race. Forget about “Death Stars” and such, the most cost effective way to destroy any aggressive adversary, it seems, would be to pick an asteroid and give it a nudge. Lets all change the course of the future and make more friends with our celestial neighbors. Just a thought.

  11. Dan P says:

    please find a way to come come and speak in the st. louis area, I’ve been dying to see you live and st. louis is home to many unexplainable very ancient sites, like the palace under ground the lemp brewery which unfortunately the best known entrance was bulldozed over to contstruct an interstate on ramp but there are a few secret entrances left. im not talking about the the “palace” build by the lemps but the one they found which had accommodations for beings around 3 meters tall, and there is still a sign bolted in to the wall at the old brewery that tells about it, as if they forgot to remove all evidence. and we cant forget the mounds in adjacent cahokia where arial photos show a pyramid complex where artifacts have been found with what appear to be hieroglyphs as well as some paleo Hebrew script on them. it’s just astonishing.

  12. Lee Ennis, E.A says:

    I’m visiting Minnesota in December. Where can I see soime of the sites mentioned?

  13. Dee Yoder says:

    I find every single speech you give fascinating and look forward to anything new you have to say. You are a brave and interesting person. Bless you for all your work and sacrifice. Never stop…

  14. Ade carter says:

    Randall Carlson mention he wanted to document further examples of the erosion features seen in the scablands to help with his reaserch and I think I can help, although it’s not in North America. The UK was subject to cover during the last ice age and though not quite to the full scale he has demonstrated it would be at least noteworthy to document other regions of washed out lands. In my local area the rhondda valleys of south Wales in particular the areas of the Bwlch mountain in particular the area just west of Cwmparc leading north to blaenCwm. If the area is viewed on google earth/maps the stereotypical scalloping of the bedrock (in this case the particularly hard pennant sandstones) hundreds of feet high can been seen stretching over several kilometres. I am not trained in geology but when the topic was covered in geography lessons in school the local area was discussed and we where told the slow grinding of the ice sheets created the topography then running water after the thaw did the rest. I accepted this as at the time I assumed they would not teach it if it where not correct but my own observations of the local area did not seem to fit this description. I would imagine two distinct layers if it where true, a flat upper layer ground by the glacier and the steep valleys cut in to it caused by running water which to a degree is true but this seemed to ignore what saw. If you where to climb to the top of the hills you can see the relatively flat and level horizon, the area ground flat by the ice sheets. But then ignoring the slag heaps left over the by the mining industry gentle slopes of what I imagine became the beginnings of the valleys can be seen. Then there is an abrupt change as you decend to steeper sided valleys with much more irregular widths clear evidence of faster erosion. Then just above base level a relatively flat valley floor made of glacial tils and the river cutting into this exposing solid bed rock or rounded boulder/pebble remains where the clays, Sands and silts have washed out. This view seems to indicate a more complex history here as well as that seen in northern American, with these other features as described by Randall it would the same processes played out here aswell. Its quite amazing to be able to see first hand evidence of the younger dryas catastrophe making us aware it was not a local issue in northern American but a truly global episode of violent change.

    1. Alun Davies says:

      I’ve only just watched this latest podcast on JRE and I’ve started to using Google earth to study(with an untrained eye) parts of North Wales. So far I’ve only looked at the vale of Clwyd. After listening to the podcast I do wonder if the melt water had an effect on our landscape here in Wales. I wish I knew what to look for. Best of luck!!

  15. King says:

    Excellent podcast on JRE!
    I just got your book, and, more importantly, I have some plausible, reasonable, counters to use in my conversations with the all too many friends of mine caught up in “ancient aliens”.

  16. Frederica Russell says:

    So far I’ve listened to the podcast 3 times! Love it!!

  17. Jimmy B says:

    I hope you plan on revisiting the northeast U.S. again soon. Unfortunately, work is preventing me from driving the six hours to NYC to see your presentation with John Anthony West. I was relatively devastated to find out that your weekend in Toronto was sold out by the time I became aware of it (especially since Toronto is so much closer to Buffalo than NYC!).

    Thank you for your work. I am certain that history will regard your movement as a contemporary equivalent to the 17th century enlightenment. I hope to help carry on the effort that your camp has so boldly established over the past few decades. Keep up the good fight.

  18. Brandon Z says:

    Amazing podcast to listen to!!! Just read an intresting article today about finding a pyrimid in the Antarctica that appears to be made of blocks. Is there any truth to this or do you have any knowledge on this? From what I read it was discoverd from google earth and has a bit of conspiracy behind it haha

  19. Luke T says:

    Great podcast, went out and bought your book here in Australia, only to find it in the “New Age Spirituality” section on the shelf next to Witchcraft and Wicca books. Verbally said “F***” them. It might be heresy but at least there are sources.” and bought it anyway.

  20. Christopher Jones says:

    I just watched your presentation in Arkansas online and I was impressed at how you were pulling archeological, astronomical, geographical, and climatological history together into a logical series of events. Given that human technological progress in the last 100 years has given us insight into legends of the past to the point where we may recreate winged genetic wonders or centaur like hybrids, it seems likely that humans have cycled in and out of ages of wonders many times. Worldwide calamities or decimating wars are always a risk to progress.
    I agree with you on visiting aliens. I think it more likely that remnants or colonies of past advanced civilizations have colonized the oceans, space, or subterranean areas and could cloak their activities in some fashion. I am impressed with your progress, take heed of your warning about Tauried bolides, and envy your travels and endeavors to explain important mysteries relating to the pst and present.

  21. Christopher Jones says:

    I also wanted to mention that it seems a coincidence that blue eyes also appeared in the genetic record of humans about the same time as the catastrophic destruction 11,000-12800 BP. Many of the wise leaders and gods of the past seem to be described as being fair haired or blue eyed. Even Buddha had blue eyes as one of many important characteristics.

  22. P O T says:

    An excellent episode.

  23. Bill Given says:

    Mr. Hancock, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sending me your ayahuasca retreat fact sheet. My email is [email protected]. All my best.

  24. helixmind says:

    Could magnetic north actually be remaining evidence of a Younger Dryas impact?

  25. Kasia says:

    Dear Graham, I enjoyed watching you and Randell on JRE. I listened to fingerprints…. now onto magicians. If you guys are ever in POCONOS PA let us know 🙂

  26. Enzo says:

    Dear Graham, just wondering if you have any other dates set in u.k next year apart from London.. . Really wanted to come to one of your lectures for years. You did one in Bath but unfortunately I missed it.
    I’m a huge fan of your work and also the work of robert bauval and John Anthony West! Absolutely inspirational!
    Could please please let us know of any tour dates you might have in the uk next year?

    Kind regards

    Enzo (Cornwall)

  27. P Felix says:

    I would be most interested in reading about any attempted synthesis between the impact data you’ve unearthed (no pun intended) re Younger Dryas and Hapgood’s displacement ideas. I was first exposed to the displacement concept with Alan Eckert’s “The HAB Theory” and have since turned up about every bit of data on it possible. Though your impact revelations seems to put a big question mark on Hapgood I can’t help but feel there’s some basic validity to Hapgood that could use better exposure. The Flem-Ath’s did a wonderful job with Hapgood in the factual theatre (as opposed to Eckert’s fictional theatre) but I feel the subject could still use some expansion and exploration. If your next book has room for that, that would be a wonderful thing. If not, perhaps yet another book addressing Hapgood? With all the connections you have with the geological community now, that shouldn’t be unworkable.

    Either way, thank you for your work to date. Whether or not history ultimately treats you kindly you deserve respect for your obvious intellectual honesty – a thing all too rare in many overly-specialized scientific endeavors nowadays.

  28. Dale says:

    Is there a large (or high-resolution) chart anywhere showing the YD events, but also showing the other events of the era in high granularity?

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