Beautiful and deeply touching story. Our much vaunted technological civilization behaves as though the Earth is just dead matter conveniently lying around for exploitation by humans, and as though all life on earth — except human life — is “unconscious”. What nonsense! Consciousness, sentience and spirit are everywhere, including in the animal and plant kingdoms, and our Earth and all life upon it is sacred. The Awa appear to know that, and in their knowing demonstrate themselves to be more fully evolved than the technological barbarians who presently claim to rule the planet:

7 thoughts on “Near-extinct Amazonian tribe so connected with nature they reportedly breastfeed animals”

  1. John McReynolds says:

    We need to leave this planet.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree, I want off this planet.

  3. bruceo says:

    And go where?

  4. Fellow Earthlings: I understand you want off this planet. You don’t wanna do that. Instead create a peaceful world in your consciousness, and keep on imaging it. We need to take back the world from the war criminals and psychopaths. This should be done through a non-violently revolution.
    1st step in ALL revolutions is : KNOWLEDGE ! When we the people reach a critical mass, then Revolution will be inevitably………….If you want to do SOMETHING but you don’t know where to start ?! Please join my community on Google+.

  5. Manuel says:

    To planet Gong!

  6. Jeff Van Dam says:

    So amazing. I saw a similar story in the Jungle episode of the ‘Human Planet’ series. The entire series is incredible.

  7. Richard says:

    “Consciousness, sentience and spirit are everywhere,”and I would add – Timeless! . . . A good indicator for surviving cataclysm after cataclysm or from one ice age to the next.

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