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Bottom-of-the-barrel UK tabloid The Daily Express describes me — somewhat ungrammatically — as a “former journalist turned pseudo scientists” in the linked article (which otherwise provides a fairly accurate account of the concerns of astronomer Bill Napier). QUOTE: “In September former journalist turned pseudo scientists Graham Hancock published book Magicians of the Gods which warned a 20-mile long fragment of a larger comet was still in the solar system and could strike Earth in just 15 years. His book claimed that it was part of a bigger comet that struck between 11,600 and 12,800 years ago, wiping out civilisations.” END QUOTE


Meanwhile, more space rock news here: http://earthsky.org/space/asteroid-2013-tx68-uncertain-trajectory-closest-earth-mar-5-2016

And here: http://scitechdaily.com/asteroid-2013-tx68-to-pass-earth-on-march-5/

More on Magicians of the Gods here: https://grahamhancock.com/magicians/

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  1. Dear Graham Hancock,
    congratulations to your persistence in research for our great predecessor civilisation. My own research tells me we have lost not only a single civilisation (with its theoretical lifetime of about 1118 years) but a full Species of twelve consecutive civilisations, living between 22 and 9 thousand years ago.
    Such a comment you have obtained here above from The Daily Express is for me just a sign once more that the mainstream research and its “slave-press” are increasingly aware, they days are gone very soon.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thanks Peter. Truly the more we learn about the past, the stranger it becomes.

  2. Daniel Archer says:

    Asteroids do not impact the Earth, they “burn up’, lose speed and break up, only a few fragments or leftover small core will hit the ground. The most danger are electrical explosions, just like happened with Chelyabinsk, the discharge shattered windows etc.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Hi Daniel — tell that to the dinosaurs! LoL. Of course some asteroids, the small ones, do airburst and break up in the atmosphere. But anything over a few tens of meters in diameter and some hard stuff is going to hit the earth. Have you researched the Chicxulub crater, now buried partially beneath the Yucatan and the Gulf of Mexico. It is more than 180 kilometers in diameter and was caused by direct impact of a bolide (either asteroid of comet) in the range of 6 miles in diameter.

  3. Jacob says:

    RE: “Asteroids do not impact the Earth, they “burn up’, lose speed and break up, only a few fragments or leftover small core will hit the ground.”

    Heh – might want to read up on Meteor Crater near Winslow (asteroids turn into meteors when then enter Earth’s atmosphere), Arizona, formed by a 150-160′ diameter object impacting the ground; the Chicxulub Crater (bye bye dinosaurs), formed ~60 million years ago by the ‘impact’ of a six mile wide (at least) rock in what is now the Gulf of Mexico; and the all-time winner? The Wilkes Land meteor in Antarctica, estimated to have been over 30 miles wide upon impact, uncovered by the GRACE satellite gravity detection experiments. The Wilkes Land impact is theorized to have been the source of the ‘great dying’ at the end of the Permian, it’s force so monumental that it likely initiated the breakup of the Gondwana supercontinent (like cracking an egg) and produced the antipodal Siberian traps, huge volcanic lava flows resulting from waves of seismic energy produced by the impact ‘ringing’ across the Earth’s crust and converging upon what is now the Siberian area.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Useful information Jacob. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jacob,

    In all cases the impactor (bolide size etc) is assumed to be.


  5. Richard says:

    . . . Given the amount of celestial rocks, boulders, and even mountains floating about in stellar space, I for one am glad some astronomers and multidisciplinary individuals and teams, from the scholarly ranks and non-PHD labeled groups, make it their business to investigate claims and counter claims about what falls from the skies – Now and in the past. They often know better that it doesn’t stop there, either. How convenient that would be for the paradigm and dogma stricken type-setting-batch bent on maintaining ignorance for profit and sensationalism. Thankfully, their words gone-with-the-wind. ‘Sooner than later I’d say and preferably downwind, too.

    “Magicians of The Gods,” in my humble opinion, is an excellent resource and multidisciplinary lesson, worthy of public and private libraries alike. The audio version works best for me as it gives an additional lesson in grammatical English – Something I’ve come to value greatly since my six year stay in England. The linguistic centers of the brain are one of the first areas of the brain affected by trauma and disrupted blood circulation flow. I know first hand.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts about Magicians of the Gods Richard. Very glad you found it good. I enjoyed recording the audio — it took a full week. First time I’ve done that, but we’re about to go again with a full audio of Fingerprints of the Gods, which I will also read.

  6. John C. says:

    Dear Mr. Hancock,

    Your unruffled responses to firestorm after firestorm of negativity has been an inspiration to me for years. Please rest assured that you have massive support from a thinking community, those that think, and use their imaginations and creativity instead of throwing stones. As I grow old I have come to appreciate the stamina of individuals like you more and more. Please hang in there. I think about what Richard Feynman reported that his father always told him, “What do you care what people think?”

    Anyway, God bless

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you John! I’m grateful for the solidarity. It’s difficult not to care what people think, so what I try to figure out is the motive for making a particular statement. If the motive is good, even if it hurts, then I put more weight on the attack than if the motive is obviously bad, or simply ugly troll behaviour which happens so often on the net!

  7. Ted Bissell says:

    Your work is an inspiration; I would guess not just for me; but for many others. I hope that you find fulfillment with it in spite of your detractors. I believe that you, Robert Bauval, Dr. Robert Schoch and others are bringing a new outlook and fresh ideas to the history of humankind on this planet that may be crucial understanding for our survival as a species in our future. This is in stark contrast to those who have opposed you (I do not like to name names; but I will…Zahi Hawass, for example) and the corrupt ‘Vatican of Egyptology’ brought to its knees before the truth. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you Ted. I like the phrase Vatican of Egyptology! Grateful for your support for my work.

  8. don says:

    Graham I tend to like your work but I read The Sign and the Seal and was extremely disappointed you would adopt such a theory about the Ark of the Covenant. Something you may wish to consider is picking up Dr. Heiser’s scholarly work on your work called “A Moses as High Priest and Sorcerer?” Again I do not wish to sound disrespectful, I just thought you might want to know what Hebrew scholars are saying. It’s 22 pages and full of thoughtful information that you might find helpful. Best wishes and I do really appreciate most of your work.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Hi Don, I stand by my take in The Sign and The Seal. Of course it is not the same take as Michael Heiser’s but it’s really up to the reader to make up his of her mind across the range of evidence. I respect Michael Heiser’s work, and he has addressed other subjects where I completely agree with him, but in this case we differ!

  9. Michael Ferguson says:

    From the express article… A 10-mile comet or asteroid which struck the Yukon peninsula in Mexico…

    Obviously a human author, as any reasonable robot article writer would not make such a stupid mistake… 🙂

  10. Brian says:

    Please read up on your astronomy and astro-physics before you exclaim your ‘facts’.

  11. Adam Vivian says:

    Thanks for this Graham. It is not normally my practice to pile on to spelling and grammar mistakes, but the “former journalist turned pseudo scientists” is hilarious. Equally hilarious is the assertion that the comet thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs hit the “Yukon peninsula” in Mexico.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Hi Adam. LoL I agree!

  12. Can’t wait to read your new book. I have all your other (factual) books. The only think I have to pick up on is that you have accepted the biggest deception which is that the earth is a spinning ball when all the evidence shows us that it is both stationary and flat. From the Michelson Morley experiments through the Bedford tests and many others. We are not spinning at 1000mph.we are not moving g at all. All pictures that you see of ‘satellites’ are cgi. Never a real photo. The vatican owns all telescopes including the Hubble and all supposed ‘images of space’ from them are concocted. For more info see The Atlantean Conspiracy by Eric Dubay. Now I am curious about the source of devastation 11000 years ago. If there is more land beyond the ice wall it could have come from that direction. Also new information from ancient sources about the Dark Rift (Milky Way)

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Hi Nancy, the earth is not flat. When there are so many much more important issues to investigate let us not waste time with deceptive flat-earth propaganda. Please read this for an antidote to the flat-earth virus: http://mathisencorollary.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/the-invisible-kraken-evidence-that.html

  13. Michael says:

    Dear Graham,

    I completely loved ‘Magicians’, which I awaited with great anticipation after reading ‘Fingerprints’. I am happy to report that you did not leave me disappointed, but rather mentally stimulated by its contents. Although I am confident that someone in your position has long ago mastered managing the objections of your detractors, I feel compelled to urge you not to allow the negativity of the closed-minded to affect you in your work. Just as we today look back and ask ourselves, “How did we ever believe that the world is flat?” I have faith that one day, our future generations will look back and chuckle at the inaccurate beliefs embedded in our minds today.

    I would like to extend the most sincere and heart felt “thank you” to you, Santha, and your dedication to pushing the mental boundaries of our species forward. Here’s to hoping that someday soon, the amnesia affecting us will fade like the morning fog.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you Michael. So glad you found Magicians good, and you are absolutely right about the need not to get dragged down by the negativity of the closed-minded and the ill-willed! Thanks for recognising Santha’s role in all this as well. I’d have got nothing worthwhile done without her.

  14. Kristine1978 says:

    The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.
    – JFK

    It is theorized among elite educated peoples, that early on in our solar systems history Mars lost a portion of its atmosphere very quickly which caused it’s oceans to evaporate, the water then formed a cloud which collided with the earth. Over time this caused the earth to shift on it’s axis where it began to wobble slightly changing its orbit around the sun and leading to the glacial-interglacial cycle.

    The Glacial-interglacial cycle made earth into the perfect planet for the evolution of sentient life. Evolution is driven when environmental conditions are so harsh a species must adapt to survive. Primates adapted to live in trees to avoid predators. During a glacial period, the earth becomes colder and drier, leaving some species of monkeys to fend for them selves on the ground which led to increased intelligence which led to the first sentient beings. Historically humans have referred to these people as The Star People not because they were from the stars but because of their knowledge of the stars. It is theorized that these people having evolved at an earlier period when the glacial-interglacial cycle was still erratic, they would have been fair skinned due to the need for vitamin D. It is also theorized that because of the conditions of their evolution, when the glacial-interglacial cycle became more stable, allowing for longer interglacial (warmer) periods these people would have been unable to live in areas on the planet that had dense vegetation due to allergies ( currently being a considered theory for the Neanderthals as well). Meanwhile, more hominid species had began to arrive on the scene such as Neanderthal, Denisovan, Homo Floresiensis and Homo-sapiens. It is believed that these firs peoples then inter bread with homo-sapiens (Black Africans who evolved in warmer conditions leading to the dark pigmented skin) which led to a new race currently being referred to by anthropologist as the Paracus peoples who have larger slightly elongated skulls. It is also theorized that it was the Paracus peoples who build the megalithic structures around the globe using not advanced technology but advanced biology and consciousness (sounds far fetched, but I will explain the details of this scientifically further on in this posting)

    During this period Homo-sapiens began moving out of Africa and began interbreeding with the other hominine species they encountered eventually leading to western Europeans, the Mediterranean peoples and the peoples in china and through out the Americas. This gets us caught up now to our current Interglacial period we call the Holocene. It is during the early years of this period that we see the domination of the Sumerian peoples who claim in their own writings, to have received their advanced knowledge from Star people as well as being their descendants. It is theorized that the Paracus peoples had advanced knowledge and for this the newer peoples began worshiping them as gods. The Paracus peoples eventually died out, and the Sumerians began warring with the Babylonians, and Assyrians which led some of the Sumerians to migrate out of the middle east and into Europe, we are taught to call them Celts but they were actually Sumerians (just depends on where you get to be educated at low society schools or elite society schools). In the middle east these early wars led to the eventual formation of the Jewish race and their religion.

    Now over time much of what we knew of these ancient peoples was lost to us right…wrong. The information of our past has been past down from one generation to the next being kept isolated among the leading classes of each era. It eventually fell into the hands of the Romans who during their decline formed the Holy Roman Empire now known as the Catholic Church where it was successfully concealed for around 1900 years. The Jewish peoples also kept this ancient knowledge which is why through out our history they have been subject to slavery and torture.

    Hitler during world war 2, discovered this knowledge which then fell into the hands of two nations, Russia and the USA. It was kept in high security branches of these governments in the USA it was the CIA who kept the information “safe” from the citizens of America.

    Now just what is this information? It’s not aliens, but scientific knowledge of the abilities of peoples who have high amounts of this DNA passed down from a more evolved species of peoples from our past. The knowledge of these abilities formed two secret government programs; the psychological interrogations program, and the now declassified project stargate.

    The human being is more than just a biological computer, we are possessive of not five but six sensory perception devices, the sixth is still being studied within scientific communities as we have yet to discover the substantive nature of this aspect of our being, and we call it today our consciousness (in years past it has been referred to as our souls). Think of it as the ether of our being. Early on in scientific studies of our universe, scientists did not know what all the black stuff was between the planets and stars, Newton named this the ether of outer space.

    Now back to Sumeria, much of the art we have remaining depicts people standing near a tree like structure holding a pine cone at the top. The pine cone represents the pineal gland and the tree is the rest of the endocrine system. This is known as the tree of life through out religious circles, the one we were not allowed to approach.

    The knowledge of the endocrine system is that it functions to keep our biology clean by filtering toxins out of the system. People who have dirty endocrine systems cannot realize the full functions of their conscious being. Many people have the ability to remote project a portion of their consciousness away from their bodies and view things that are distant from their physical body. This is what was being researched in Project Stargate they called it remote viewing and sought a way to weaponize these abilities in people who could then be used as spies. The other abilities that go along with this (as long as one has the proper training) is the ability to project then entangle with someone else’s biology at which point that person (if unaware) can be piloted by the other persons consciousness. It uses the same principle as quantum entanglement; this knowledge is giving scientists insight into the substantive nature of consciousness.

    The well known conspiracy theorist David Ike has brought these abilities to light, though his science is somewhat off. He places a large amount of pressure on the Rothschild family for being the head of a group known as the Illuminati. Here he is wrong. The Catholic Church is the head of the Illuminati and this group is set up like a pyramid scheme matriculating into many of our governments around the globe. With this knowledge and being possessive of the DNA that allows for these abilities one can be quite powerful over a sleeping and unaware people. The arrogance of members of these ruling “elites” is of such a nature that they are willing to damage our planet with pollutants just to maintain their positions within the elite societies. Theirs is a win win situation. Due to global pollution, and the rise of crop fail percents we will not be able to sustain the lives of 7 billion people. The elites of the USA see this a wonderful opportunity to cleans the gene pool of those they perceive as less than them. And in that they mean you.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Thank you Kristine for this long and detailed post. Some very interesting thoughts here.

  15. Thomas McCay says:

    Actually, that description is accurate, is it not? A former journalist who has become a promoter of pseudo science is exactly what you are. That is not even a criticism. It is an accurate if incomplete description. If you find it offensive you might want to spend some time in self reflection because it is accurate. You do not promote a scientific view of anything. You make your living promoting pseudo science and fantasy versions of the past. That is OK, perfectly legitimate in a free country, people have a right to believe and promote just about anything. However, it is not science that you are promoting or involved in.

    1. Graham Hancock says:

      Hi Thomas, and thank you for your contribution here. However, I’m no more a “pseudo-scientist” (or “pseudo-archaeologist”, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah) than a dolphin is a pseudo fish. I may look look like a scientist or an archaeologist sometimes, just as a dolphin looks like a fish, and I may be found in some of the same places as scientists or archaeologists, just as dolphins are found in some of the same places of fish, but dolphins are not fish and I am not and don’t claim to be either a scientist or an archaeologist, simply a writer and a thinker presenting may own take on the past. Some people resonate with what I see in the past, and some don’t. Only time will tell whether I am broadly right or broadly wrong in my view that there is a lost advanced civilization in the deep background of humanity. As a matter of interest, have you read any of my books? If so which? In particular why don’t you do something constructive, positive and worthwhile and read my new book “Magicians of the Gods” and do a specific critique of the actual content of the book, with particular emphasis on what you judge to be “pseudo science” within it. You will be welcome to post that critique here.

  16. Pez says:


    so i’ve been studying some weird subjects, away from this one, which I am so enthralled by, I have watched all your videos and interviews on the matter..

    my issue is I have been brought on to a possible link between astreroids impacting our earth, possibly this year, and its correlation with how certain people within the hollywood community, linked to pedogate, have been in somewhat dis-array with their public appearances, IE, tom hanks.. I know this is very out there…even for me. But I know your the man to go to on this subject.. And I love my mother deeply and friends..so i ask you this , do you think it is possible their our things even within your hemisphere, that could be hidden from your mind to do with asteroids? big love graham, you are a personal hero of mine and led to me exploring my conciousness! x

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