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GIGENET supports the creators. Those who work long hours and push the limits because they are driven to bring something new into this world. It is the creators who both inspire and challenge our imaginations. It is the creators who breathe life into our dreams and find ways of conceptualizing the impossible.

We thank Graham Hancock for his contributions both to the public discourse with his non-fiction and in keeping us thoroughly entertained with his fiction.

He is a pioneer in bringing archaeology to the masses with a narrative that is both daring and insightful. His work continues to influence the next generation of anthropologists, archaeologists, as well as the adventurous and curious at heart.

Graham Hancock has many fans at GigeNET, and we strive every day to make sure that this site runs at peak performance. We owe it not only to our customer but his audience as well.

To us, Graham is not a customer, but a partner and we are fully invested in doing our part to making sure he continues being a success. GigeNET provides this level of service for all of our customers and why we continue to be their Hosting Partner for Life.

We help the creators of the world like Graham Hancock focus on what they love. We do this because supporting our customers and maintaining their systems is focusing on what we LOVE.