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  • Indigenous ‘Thunderbird Strike’ Videogame Lets You Destroy Black Snake Oil Pipelines and Restore Buffalo

    The symbolism of the thunderbird and the snake are prevalent in Anishinaabe culture and others. According to one version of the story, thunderbirds were a clan of people who were asked to return to the waters because the lightning from their eyes would kill others.  In this new videogame from Native American developers, you control a big greenish-blue thunderbird—hand-drawn and animated in a traditional woodland style—that flies around the screen and charges up electricity. Players then use its thunder to restore the local wolf, caribou, and buffalo populations, and also destroy vehicles and pipeline construction sites that threaten the environment.

  • Younger Dryas Ice Stream Retreats Under a Cold Climate

    An article published in Nature Communications shows that a warmer ocean surface in Baffin Bay triggered the Jakobshavn Isbræ ice stream retreat in Greenland during this cold period known as the Younger Dryas period occurred 12,900-11,700 years ago after the last ice age.

  • Last Common Ancestor of Humans and Apes was the Size of a Gibbon

    New research suggests that the last common ancestor of apes ~ including great apes and humans ~ was much smaller than previously thought, about the size of a gibbon. The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, are fundamental to understanding the evolution of the human family tree.