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  • World’s First Geologic Map Was Far Ahead of Its Time

    A map drawn on papyrus more than 3,000 years ago helped spur the search for mineral wealth in modern Egypt.

    More than 3,000 years ago, a government official took a roll of papyrus and sketched out the features of a valley in the Eastern Desert with such detail and accuracy that the document is considered to be the earliest geologic map in history.

  • Mummified Egyptian Was Just As Sedentary And Carb-Hungry As Modern Men

    The 2,200-year-old mummy of an Egyptian man who spent a lot of time sitting and eating carbs went on display at 3the Israel Museum in Jerusalem on Tuesday and will be open to the public beginning Wednesday.

    Alex, as he is called by the researchers who study him, was a 5-foot-6-inch Egyptian priest who spent most of his time sitting, according to his osteoporosis-weakened skeleton, which has shrunk to just over 5 feet over the more than two millennia he spent embalmed

  • Mummies Found in Chile Did Not Let Harsh Life Conditions Get Them Down

    Despite apparent episodes of food shortage, disease, violence, and severe weather conditions, it seems that, at least for some people, life in Chile between 500-1500 years ago was not that stressful. Lower than expected cortisol levels found in mummies’ hair have led researchers to suggest that some of the pre-Hispanic natives actually weren’t too anxious.