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We discovered the earliest prehistoric art is hand prints made by children
14th September 2021 | Ancient, Humans

In new research our international team have discovered ancient hand and footprints high on the Tibetan plateau made by children.

Travel through galaxies and the dark matter web in this stunning universe simulation
14th September 2021 | | Ancient, Space, Tech

A new simulation of the universe is a map and a time machine rolled up into one.

Modern snakes evolved from a few survivors of dino-killing asteroid
14th September 2021 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

A new study suggests that all living snakes evolved from a handful of species that survived the giant asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs and most other living things at the end of the Cretaceous

‘What I saw that night was real’: is it time to take aliens more seriously?
14th September 2021 | | Humans, Weird

The Pentagon has been quietly investigating unidentified flying objects since 2007. The fact that they think they might exist is good news to those who claim to have seen them.

Spectacular valleys and cliffs hidden beneath the North Sea
11th September 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

Like a bowl of spaghetti noodles spilled across the floor of the North Sea, a vast array of hidden tunnel valleys wind and meander across what was once an ice-covered landscape.

The World’s Oldest Known Forest Was Not Like We Imagined, New Study Shows
11th September 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

The fossilized web of a 385-million-year-old root network has scientists reimagining what the world’s first forests might once have looked like.

Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe
11th September 2021 | Ancient, Humans

Understanding the environmental conditions under which early humans dispersed out of Africa is important for understanding the factors that affected human evolution.

The lost generation of ancient trees
11th September 2021 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Inside some of our most magnificent trees, miniature worlds are at risk of extinction. The race is on to accelerate trees’ ageing process, so these intricate communities aren’t lost forever

Meet the Scientists Investigating a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid
9th September 2021 | | Ancient, Humans, Space

Right now, a spacecraft is carrying a very special delivery to Earth after a years-long voyage to a cosmic destination that can shed light on how life might have first emerged on our planet and how we can protect it from future cosmic hazards.

Image from: (Wiki Commons)

It’s still not fully understood how placebos work – but an alternative theory of consciousness could hold some clues
9th September 2021 | Humans, Misc.

The ability of the mind to generate the symptoms of illness is known as the “nocebo” effect. The nocebo effect is the unpopular twin brother of the placebo effect. Whereas the placebo effect alleviates pain and the symptoms of illness, the nocebo effect does the opposite: it generates pain and symptoms.

Late Neanderthals used complex tool-making techniques
9th September 2021 | Ancient, Humans

Neanderthals living in the Swabian Jura more than 45,000 years ago used sophisticated techniques with many different production strategies to make stone tools.

The worldview-changing drugs poised to go mainstream
9th September 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

The growing legitimacy of psychedelics as therapies promises to transform how we view the extraordinary.

Viruses may exist ‘elsewhere in the universe’, warns scientist
8th September 2021 | | Humans, Space

Prof Paul Davies suggests viruses may form vital part of ecosystems on other planets.

The strange race to track down a missing billion years
8th September 2021 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

A billion years have vanished from the geological record – and over 152 years after this was first discovered, scientists can’t agree on why.

Dark regions of the genome may drive the evolution of new species
7th September 2021 | | Animal Life, Humans

Genetic “dark matter” may drive the emergence of new species, new research finds.

‘Green Arabia’ was a crucial migration route for early humans
7th September 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

The new research establishes northern Arabia as a critical migration pathway in the storied history of our species

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