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Inequality grew as ancient people domesticated animals
15th December 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

An analysis of 63 archeological sites across North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa links increasing wealth inequality and the rise of animal domestication.

Chemists Find New Evidence That Life Might Have Started in Space
14th December 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans, Space

There’s an increasingly confident group of researchers that think life emerged in space, and evidence published in the Journal of Chemical Physics on Tuesday provides support for their daring hypothesis.

Skye High Impact: Geologists in Scotland Discover a 60-Million-Year-Old Meteorite Strike
14th December 2017 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Geologists exploring volcanic rocks on Scotland’s Isle of Skye found something out-of-this-world instead: ejecta from a previously unknown, 60 million-year-old meteorite impact.

512-Year-Old Shark, Believed To Be Oldest Living Vertebrate, Found In North Atlantic
14th December 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Researchers have found an ancient shark in North Atlantic, believed to be 512 years old, which could be the oldest living vertebrate in the world.

Face of Ancient Queen Revealed for First Time
14th December 2017 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Centuries after a noblewoman lived and died in Peru, scientists have reconstructed her face in stunning 3-D.

Scientists want to explore the Great Pyramid of Giza with … a micro-blimp?
14th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Researchers are currently developing a blimp-like exploration robot, designed to squeeze through a tiny 1.5-inch hole, before unfolding and inflating itself to look around.

‘Ram Setu’ exists, is man-made, claims promo on US TV channel
14th December 2017 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

The spotlight is back on the mythological ‘Ram Setu’ between India and Sri Lanka, after a show on the Science Channel in the US hinted that such a structure may actually exist outside of mythology.

New Research Says There’s a Genetic Limit to How Long We Can Live
14th December 2017 | Humans, Tech
A new paper published by a team of multidisciplinary researchers claim that humankind has reached a peak in physical development and lifespan. The limit is a product of genetic constraints, combined with environmental conditions.
Ancient mummy found to have bone cancer
14th December 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The mummified man, nicknamed “Hen” lived around 2,000 years ago, but he was just recently given a full CT scan at the Crouse Hospital in Syracuse.

Why are palaeontologists suing Trump?
13th December 2017 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Proposed radical cuts to US National Monuments threaten America’s unique fossil heritage – but the palaeontologists are fighting back.

Usain Bolt, Mo Farah and Sir David Attenborough picked out in new star constellations
13th December 2017 | | Humans, Space, Weird

Astronomy experts have picked out a new set of constellations representing stars of sport, literature and science to encourage more youngsters to look up at the night sky.

Engineers create plants that glow
13th December 2017 | Earth, Humans, Tech

Imagine that instead of switching on a lamp when it gets dark, you could read by the light of a glowing plant on your desk.

Giant ancient penguin was human-size
13th December 2017 | Ancient, Animal Life

The Paleocene penguin was no cute Chilly Willy, according to skeletal remains discovered in New Zealand and discussed Tuesday in the journal, ‘Nature Communications’.

Dracula ticks in amber tell ancient blood-sucking tale
13th December 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Weird

Parasites similar to modern ticks have been found inside pieces of amber from Myanmar dating back 99 million years. One is entangled with a dinosaur feather, another is swollen with blood, and two were in a dinosaur nest.

Watching this newborn island erode could tell us a lot about Mars
12th December 2017 | | Ancient, Space

Finding similar erosion patterns on Mars’ volcanoes could help researchers understand whether the eruptions occurred in an ocean that’s now vanished.

Something Really Fascinating Happens When You Give Plants Anaesthetic
12th December 2017 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans, Tech

It isn’t only humans and animals that are affected by anaesthetics – plants are, too.

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