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Skull found in China could re-write ‘out of Africa’ theory of human evolution
20th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

The beginning of modern humans could be a far more complex, spread out thing than we ever thought before.

Archaeologists find mysterious, 4,000-year-old dog sacrifices in Russia
20th November 2017 | Ancient, Humans

Ancient structure full of charred dog bones points to a ritual related to werewolf myths.

6,000-year-old monument offers a glimpse of Britain’s neolithic Game of Thrones
20th November 2017 | Ancient, Humans

The site is an Early Neolithic long barrow known as “Cat’s Brain” and is likely to date to around 3,800BC.

3,000-Year-Old Castle Built by Mysterious Civilization Found at The Bottom of a Lake in Turkey
20th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Marine archaeologists made a superb find at the bottom of Turkey’s largest lake – a very well-preserved castle dating back 3,000 years. It was likely built by the mysterious Urartian civilization which inhabited the surrounds of Lake Van during the Iron Age.

Ancient Skeletons Could Finally Reveal Origins of The Dead Sea Scrolls
20th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

An analysis of more than 30 newly discovered graves could give us our best clue yet on how the Dead Sea Scrolls were ushered into modern history.

Did David and Solomon’s United Monarchy Exist? Vast Ancient Mining Operation May Hold Answers
20th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeology has provided precious little evidence for the biblical account of a powerful Judaic kingdom 3,000 years ago, but the sheer extent of copper mining in Timna, when Egypt was in a state of collapse, is otherwise hard to explain.

Indigenous women: The pillars of First Peoples’ communities
20th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

The #NAIDOC2018 theme celebrates the essential role that Indigenous women have played, and continue to play, as active and significant role models at the community, local, state and national levels.

New Discovery Raises Hope for Human Colonization of the Moon
19th November 2017 | Humans, Space, Tech

In October 2017, Japan’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer probe discovered a massive underground cave on the Moon. The space, which is 100 meters (328 feet) wide and 50 kilometers (31 miles) long, is being touted as a potential location for a lunar station.

High Times in Ancient China: 2,700-Year-Old Marijuana Stash Found in Shaman Grave
19th November 2017 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

A team of archaeologists, led by Hongen Jiang from the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, found nearly two pounds of a dried plant that was still untouched after “hiding” for thousands of years underground.

How a DNA revolution has decoded the origins of our humanity
19th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Mapping the genomes of our ancestors has allowed scientists to uncover secrets and discover new mysteries in our evolution.

When did Australia’s human history begin?
19th November 2017 | Ancient, Humans

The discovery of old dates at Madjedbebe does not make the history of the site any more or less significant. It simply reminds us that science, like history, is an ongoing inquiry. All it takes is a new piece of evidence to turn on its head what we thought we knew. Science is a journey and knowledge is ever evolving.

Paleolithic ruins suggest Mousterian culture in China
19th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Paleolithic stone tools in the Mousterian style have been found in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, despite the culture generally being associated with Neanderthals from the Old Stone Age in Europe, Central and West Asia, and Northeast Africa.

This 8,000-Year-Old Rock Art Is The Earliest Depiction of Domesticated Dogs
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Prehistoric rock art found in Saudi Arabia shows humans hunting with dogs on leashes – and it looks like those pictures could be at least 8,000 years old, making them the earliest art depicting dogs.

Study Settles Prehistoric Puzzle, Finds Carbon Dioxide Link To Global Warming 22 Million Years Ago
17th November 2017 | Ancient, Earth

Fossil leaves from Africa have resolved a prehistoric climate puzzle — and also confirm the link between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming.

Next generation astronomical survey to map the entire sky
17th November 2017 | Space, Tech

The next generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-V), directed by Juna Kollmeier of the Carnegie Institution for Science, will move forward with mapping the entire sky following a $16 million grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

We just sent a message to try to talk to aliens on another world
17th November 2017 | | Space, Tech, Weird

Astronomers have sent a radio message to a neighbouring star system – one of the closest known to contain a potentially habitable planet – and it’s nearby enough that we could receive a reply in less than 25 years.

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