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Mount Everest’s famous Hillary Step destroyed, mountaineers confirm
27th May 2017 | | Earth

A famous feature of Mount Everest has collapsed, potentially making the world’s highest peak even more dangerous to climbers.

Lean-burn physiology gives Sherpas peak-performance
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Nepalese Sherpas have a physiology that uses oxygen more efficiently than those used to the atmosphere at sea level.

Our brains prefer invented visual information to the real thing
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Seeing shouldn’t always be believing. We all have blind spots in our vision, but we don’t notice them because our brains fill the gaps with made-up information. Now subtle tests show that we trust this “fake vision” more than the real thing.

Scientists Have an Experiment to See If the Human Mind Is Bound to the Physical World
27th May 2017 | Humans

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and interesting phenomena in quantum physics is what Einstein referred to as a “spooky action at a distance” — also known as quantum entanglement. This quantum effect is behind what makes quantum computers work, as quantum bits (qubits) generally rely on entanglement to process data and information.

Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Mushrooms are the safest of all the drugs people take recreationally, according to this year’s Global Drug Survey.

People taking mushrooms in 2016 needed medical treatment less than for MDMA, LSD and cocaine, while one of the riskiest drugs was synthetic cannabis

‘Extreme’ Binge Drinking Is on the Rise in the US
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Millions of Americans say they engage in extreme binge drinking — or downing at least eight to 10 drinks containing alcohol on a single occasion — and the behavior appears to be on the rise in the U.S., according to a new report.

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Lifting your spirits doesn’t require many reps
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Engaging in light or moderate physical activity such as taking a walk or going for a bike ride is the best way for normally inactive people to beat the blues and improve their sense of well-being, according to a new study. Researchers say that in this study there was no additional emotional benefit gained from working out aggressively.

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Swallowable gastric balloon could help the obese lose weight without surgery
27th May 2017 | | Humans, Tech

Although not a replacement for bariatric surgery, temporary balloon could be used as early intervention or for those who do not want, or cannot have, surgery

Understanding the architecture of our ‘second brain’
27th May 2017 | | Humans

Scientists have made an important step in understanding the organization of nerve cells embedded within the gut that control its function — a discovery that could give insight into the origin of common gastrointestinal diseases, including irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation.

Scientists are spelunking for cave gunk to fight superbugs
27th May 2017 | | Animal Life, Earth, Tech

Caves are dark, dank, isolated, and home to very few plants or animals. At first glance they might seem devoid of life. But caves are full of microscopic creatures, bacteria and fungi at home in the gloom. These microbes, scientists are discovering, may be an untapped reservoir of new medicines to fight antibiotic-resistant germs.

Ebola Survivor’s Antibodies Stop All Strains of the Virus, Study Finds
27th May 2017 | | Tech

The Ebola virus launches an all-out barrage against the body, often killing victims within a week or two. It plays a nasty trick on the immune system, infiltrating cellular components normally used to sort and digest food and waste, known as endosomes and lysosomes.

Human blood stem cells grown in the lab for the first time
27th May 2017 | | Tech

The stem cells that produce our blood have been created in the lab for the first time. These could one day be used to treat people who have blood diseases and leukaemia with their own cells, rather than bone marrow transplants from a donor. They could also be used to create blood for transfusions.

CRISPR kills HIV and eats Zika ‘like Pac-man’. Its next target? Cancer
27th May 2017 | | Tech

HIV has no cure. It’s not quite the implacable scourge it was throughout the 1980s and 1990s, thanks to education, prophylactics, and drugs like PrEP. But still, no cure.

How scientists turned a flag into a loudspeaker
27th May 2017 | Tech

A paper-thin, flexible device created at Michigan State University not only can generate energy from human motion, it can act as a loudspeaker and microphone as well

Scientists construct a stable one-dimensional metallic material
27th May 2017 | Tech

Researchers have developed the world’s thinnest metallic nanowire, which could be used to miniaturise many of the electronic components we use every day.

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Weird energy beam seems to travel five times the speed of light
26th May 2017 | | Space

Please welcome to the stage a master illusionist. An energy beam that stabs out of galaxy M87 like a toothpick in a cocktail olive is pulling off the ultimate magic trick: seeming to move faster than the speed of light.

Almost five times faster, in fact, as measured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

A message from an alien race? New Australian radio telescope finds mysterious ‘fast radio burst’ just four days after being switched on
26th May 2017 | | Space

Just four days after it began its search, the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder telescope has detected a set of rare radio waves known as ‘fast radio bursts’ coming from the constellation Leo.

These elusive signals last just a few milliseconds, and are thought to originate billions of light-years away – but, scientists don’t yet know what causes them.

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