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World’s first magic mushroom nasal spray for PTSD and depression
5th December 2019 | | Humans, Misc.

A ‘magic mushroom’ nasal spray has been designed to make microdosing easier for people trying to treat their PTSD or depression.

New Zealand cannabis legalisation bill to be launched
5th December 2019 | | Humans, Misc.

New Zealand has announced it will be holding a voter referendum next year on the legalisation of cannabis.

Cataclysm, Mass Extinctions, and the Consequent Myths
5th December 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

None of the mainstream theories which attempt to account for these great extinctions are entirely satisfactory.

Early humans domesticated themselves, new genetic evidence suggests
5th December 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

When humans started to tame dogs, cats, sheep, and cattle, they may have continued a tradition that started with a completely different animal: us.

Mysterious ring galaxy continues to puzzle astronomers
5th December 2019

Of all the galaxies observed by astronomers, barely any are as strange or geometrically unique as Hoag’s Object.

Evidence of an Alien Planet Spotted Around a White Dwarf, a Cosmic First
4th December 2019 | | Space, Tech

For the first time ever, astronomers have spotted evidence of an exoplanet circling a superdense stellar corpse known as a white dwarf, a new study reports.

Sun-bombing spacecraft uncovers secrets of the solar wind
4th December 2019 | | Space, Tech

A spacecraft buzzing past the Sun has caught the best-ever glimpse of the birthplace of the solar wind — the stream of energized particles that floods outwards from the star.

Forbidden planets: Understanding alien worlds once thought impossible
4th December 2019 | | Space

When astronomers discovered the first exoplanet around a normal star 2 decades ago, there was joy—and bewilderment.

Astronomers See Stars Slinging Comets at Earth for the First Time
4th December 2019 | | Space

Stars and comets make unlikely dance partners. Their gravitational partnership is one that astronomers have long suspected but have never seen — until now.

Clinical trials: FDA marks psilocybin for depression treatment
3rd December 2019 | | Humans, Misc.

A non-profit medical research centre, the Usona Institute, has received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of psilocybin for major depressive disorder (MDD).

Denisovans, A Mysterious Kind Of Ancient Humans, Are Traced To Tibet
3rd December 2019 | Ancient, Humans

The jawbone of a little-known form of ancient human has been discovered in western China. Scientists say these people lived as long as 150,000 years ago, and they were part of a group called Denisovans.

Stonehenge: DNA reveals origin of builders
3rd December 2019 | Ancient, Humans

The ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean before reaching Britain, a study has shown.

Study: Humans and Climate Change Drove Australian Megafauna to Extinction
3rd December 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Ancient Australia’s super-sized animals, the megafauna, became extinct about 42,000 years ago, but the role of humans in their demise has been debated for decades.

Mummified Pup Died in Siberia 18,000 Years Ago … And Might Be a Wolf (or Something Else)
3rd December 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

A young pup that spent 18,000 years buried in Siberian permafrost looks remarkably lifelike and pettable — for a freeze-dried mummy.

3rd December 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

An ancient and mysterious tomb has been shown from space in an image taken with NASA’s Terra satellite.

Europe Officially Signs on for Asteroid-Smashing Effort
3rd December 2019 | | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

Europe has confirmed its participation in humanity’s first full-on planetary-defense demo.

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