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NASA Is Going Mythological With Asteroid Bennu
13th August 2019 | Space

The space agency has a craft orbiting the rock, designated Osiris Rex. A new map is presently being traced for the asteroid, and it will probably feature mythological bird names.

What Would Happen If A ‘City-Killer’ Asteroid Hits London? Scientists Discuss Grim Scenario
8th August 2019 | | Earth, Humans, Space

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and cosmochemist Natalie Starkey recently discussed what would happen if the asteroid that caused the Chelyabinsk impact event hit a heavily-populated city.

Astronomers uncover ‘invisible’ massive ancient galaxies
8th August 2019 | Space
The new prevalence of these galaxies, which are connected with supermassive black holes and dark matter, contradicts the current known models of the universe.
Asteroid’s surprise close approach illustrates need for more eyes on the sky
7th August 2019 | Earth, Space

Archival records from sky surveys show it had previously been observed but wasn’t recognised as a near-Earth asteroid.

The future of asteroid tracking
1st August 2019 | | Space, Tech

Scientists continue to find dangerous asteroids in Earth’s vicinity, but to fully capture the threat these nearby space rocks pose, they need tools that aren’t in operation now and may not be for years to come.

How Astronomers Missed the Massive Asteroid That Just Whizzed Past Earth
29th July 2019 | | Humans, Space, Tech

Astronomers in Brazil and the United States separately discovered 2019 OK a couple of days ago, but it’s surprise visit was only announced a couple of hours before it passed by.

Speeding up science on near-earth asteroids
20th July 2019 | | Space, Tech

Modeling the shape and movement of near-Earth asteroids is now up to 25 times faster thanks to new research.

NASA won’t launch a mission to hunt deadly asteroids
8th July 2019 | Space, Tech

NASA says it can’t afford to build a space telescope considered the fastest way to identify asteroids that might impact the Earth with terrible consequences.

Earth’s new early-warning meteor impact system is needed more than ever
6th July 2019 | | Space, Tech

Scientists fear a repeat of the 2013 strike in Russia and the devastating 1908 impact.

Space miners race to an asteroid worth quintillions
4th July 2019 | Humans, Space, Tech

Could 16 Psyche make every person on Earth a billionaire? The space mining race is heating up.

This was the moment a car-size asteroid exploded above Puerto Rico
1st July 2019 | | Earth, Space

In what it called a “breakthrough”, the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy declared it had detected Saturday’s relatively small incoming asteroid in advance in a press statement.

Queen’s Brian May Outlines Asteroid Deflection Mission
1st July 2019 | | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

A famous astrophysicist (and guitar player) tells all about an ambitious mission to save humanity from asteroids, should one ever threaten Earth.

We will rock you: the world prepares for Asteroid Day
28th June 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Space, Tech

Scientists, scholars, astrophysicists, engineers, students and academics will gather in 192 countries to be part of the official United Nations’ day of awareness and education.

An asteroid hit Earth right after being spotted by telescope this week
28th June 2019 | | Earth, Space

A small, harmless space rock turned into a fireball in our atmosphere. What’s unusual is that astronomers saw it beforehand.

Earth on course to pass through vast swarm of meteors
24th June 2019 | | Earth, Space

Exactly what will happen when our planet sweeps through the Taurid Complex is unknown, but astronomers are preparing to observe the contents of the cosmic debris.

Poll: Asteroid watch more urgent than Mars trip
21st June 2019 | Earth, Humans, Space

Americans prefer a space program that focuses on potential asteroid impacts, scientific research and using robots to explore the cosmos over sending humans back to the moon or on to Mars.

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