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The weird space that lies outside our Solar System
11th September 2020 | | Humans, Space, Tech

The mysterious dark vacuum of interstellar space is finally being revealed by two intrepid spacecraft that have become the first human-made objects to leave our Solar System.

Grains of dust revise Solar System history
8th September 2020 | Ancient, Space

Asteroids that formed far out in the Solar System appear to contain dust grains that themselves condensed from the infant Solar System’s protoplanetary disc much closer to the Sun, scientists say.

‘Super bacteria’ survive for three years outside space station
8th September 2020 | | Space, Tech

Scientists who attached a strain of bacteria to the outside of the International Space Station have been stunned to find it survived for three years, in open space.

Image from NASA (Wiki Commons)

Are aliens hiding in plain sight?
7th September 2020 | | Humans, Space

Several missions this year are seeking out life on the red planet. But would we recognise extraterrestrials if we found them?

Cosmic signal rattles Earth after 7 billion years
3rd September 2020 | | Ancient, Space

Imagine the energy of eight Suns released in an instant. This is the gravitational “shockwave” that spread out from the biggest merger yet observed between two black holes.

Meteorite crater discovered while drilling for gold in outback WA estimated to be 100 million years old
3rd September 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Geologists say they have discovered a large meteorite crater in outback Western Australia, which could be up to five times bigger than the famous Wolfe Creek Crater in the state’s remote north.

This week’s full moon happens only once every 3 years
1st September 2020 | | Humans, Space

September’s full moon sets the stage for a Halloween blue moon.

Rainbow meteorite discovered in Costa Rica may hold building blocks of life
25th August 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

A small, soft space rock smacked into Costa Rica on April 23, 2019. And it may have carried building blocks for life.

Osiris-Rex mission on course for asteroid sample collection
21st August 2020 | | Ancient, Space, Tech

Asteroids are ancient celestial objects that date from the formation of the solar system. They can therefore reveal the conditions in which our planet formed.

Interstellar visitor ‘Oumuamua could still be alien technology, new study hints
20th August 2020 | | Space, Tech

‘Oumuamua — a mysterious, interstellar object that crashed through our solar system two years ago — might in fact be alien technology. That’s because an alternative, non-alien explanation might be fatally flawed, as a new study argues.

Asteroid flyby: How Earth’s gravity changed record-breaking space rock’s path forever
20th August 2020 | | Space

Early Sunday morning (Aug. 16), the car-sized 2020 QG zoomed just 1,830 miles (2,950 kilometers) above the Indian Ocean, making the closest known flyby by an asteroid that didn’t end up slamming into our planet.

Pentagon to set up new unit to investigate UFOs
17th August 2020 | Humans, Space, Tech

The Pentagon said Friday it was setting up a new task force under the US Navy to investigate UFO sightings.

The bizarre dimming of bright star Betelgeuse caused by giant stellar eruption
15th August 2020 | | Ancient, Space

Betelgeuse’s odd recent dimming was caused by a huge cloud of material that the supergiant star blasted into space, a new study suggests.

Dwarf planet Ceres is an ‘ocean world’ with sea water beneath surface, mission finds
12th August 2020 | | Space, Tech

The dwarf planet Ceres – long believed to be a barren space rock – is an ocean world with reservoirs of seawater beneath its surface, the results of a major exploration mission showed on Monday.

Mysterious ‘fast radio burst’ detected closer to Earth than ever before
10th August 2020 | | Ancient, Space

Thirty thousand years ago, a dead star on the other side of the Milky Way belched out a powerful mixture of radio and X-ray energy

Early Mars was covered in ice sheets, not flowing rivers: study
4th August 2020 | Ancient, Space

A large number of the valley networks scarring Mars’s surface were carved by water melting beneath glacial ice, not by free-flowing rivers as previously thought, according to new UBC research published today in Nature Geoscience.

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