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Curiosity finds evidence of ancient megaflood on Mars
24th November 2020 | Ancient, Space

Mars may be incredibly dry and dusty today, but evidence continues to pile up that it was once a very watery world. Now the Curiosity rover has found signs of an ancient flood of biblical proportions, most likely kicked off by a climate-changing asteroid impact.

Image from (Wiki Commons)

Ancient Egyptian temple reveals previously unknown star constellations
22nd November 2020 | | Ancient, Humans, Space

The restoration of a soot-filled ancient Egyptian temple has revealed the previously unknown names of ancient Egyptian constellations, according to experts in Germany and Egypt.

Astronomers discover new ‘fossil galaxy’ buried deep within the Milky Way
22nd November 2020 | Ancient, Space, Weird

Scientists working with data from the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys’ Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) have discovered a “fossil galaxy” hidden in the depths of our own Milky Way.

STEVE is smearing green ‘streaks’ across the sky, and nobody knows why
20th November 2020 | | Space, Weird

The mysterious, aurora-like phenomenon called STEVE just got a little weirder.

Humanity must build technology to ‘destroy large incoming asteroid’, says Richard Dawkins
19th November 2020 | | Humans, Misc., Space, Tech

Evolutionary biology says it is our ‘responsibility’ to ward off such a threat.

Does the human brain resemble the Universe?
17th November 2020 | | Humans, Space

In their paper published in Frontiers of Physics, Franco Vazza (astrophysicist at the University of Bologna) and Alberto Feletti (neurosurgeon at the University of Verona) investigated the similarities between two of the most challenging and complex systems in nature: the cosmic network of galaxies and the network of neuronal cells in the human brain.

Orbits of ancient stars prompt rethink on Milky Way evolution
16th November 2020 | Ancient, Humans, Space

Theories on how the Milky Way formed are set to be rewritten following discoveries about the behavior of some of its oldest stars.

Rock of ages: how asteroid dust may reveal secrets of life on Earth
16th November 2020 | | Space, Tech

A six-year mission will soon bring back a few grains of soil that could explain how water arrived on our planet.

Apophis asteroid might be more likely to strike Earth in 2068 than thought
15th November 2020 | Humans, Space

David Tholen, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii, recently reported on the status of asteroid Apophis during a virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences.

Scientists spot a ‘kilonova’ flash so bright they can barely explain it
13th November 2020 | | Space, Weird

Scientists may have caught the blinding flash of two dense neutron stars colliding to form a strange magnetic star.

The universe is getting hot, hot, hot, a new study suggests
11th November 2020 | Ancient, Humans, Space

The study, published Oct. 13 in the Astrophysical Journal, probed the thermal history of the universe over the last 10 billion years.

Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa probably glows in the dark
11th November 2020 | | Space, Weird

The icy Jupiter moon Europa is an astrobiological beacon, quite literally glowing in the deep darkness far from the sun, a new study suggests.

An asteroid trailing after Mars could actually be the stolen twin of our moon
9th November 2020 | | Space

The asteroid in question, called (101429) 1998 VF31, is part of a group of trojan asteroids sharing the orbit of Mars.

6th November 2020 | | Space, Weird

Mysterious, intense blasts of radio energy have been detected from within our own galaxy, astronomers have said.

Image from Spacetelescope (Wiki Commons)

How many alien civilizations are out there? A new galactic survey holds a clue.
5th November 2020 | | Humans, Space

Here’s a good sign for alien hunters: More than 300 million worlds with similar conditions to Earth are scattered throughout the Milky Way galaxy.

Image from (Wiki Commons)

When to see November’s meteor showers and an eclipse
5th November 2020 | | Humans, Space

According to EarthSky, the South and North Taurid meteor showers are due to appear this month, followed by a Leonid meteor shower and a penumbral lunar eclipse.

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