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Dinosaurs vs Robots: London’s Science Museum and Natural History Museum Twitter Banter
17th September 2017 | sciencealert.com | Misc., Tech

One brave Twitter user asked a daunting question for #AskaCurator Day, asking who would win in a staff battle between The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum in London. They both responded repeatedly and brought out their best artillery.  Article contains play-by-play with several tweets and images, and a link to the complete Twitter conversation.

Interactive Periodic Table has a Haiku for Each Element
9th September 2017 | sciencealert.com | Earth, Misc.

Science and Poetry can be perfect allies, as evidenced by the beauty of a new interactive periodic table where each element gets its own little haiku verse.  Many of the poems are superbly clever allusions to how each element operates in the natural world.

Nab Indy’s Whip or Doctor Who’s Panama Hat at Massive Hollywood Prop Auction in London
4th September 2017 io9.gizmodo.com | Misc.

At the end of this month, the Prop Store in London is holding a truly incredible prop auction. Pop culture memorabilia enthusiasts will get their chance to dress like the Seventh Doctor, wield Conan’s sword, and a whole lot more when over 600 items from Hollywood history go on sale. Article contains a link to view the auction contents in advance.

Texas Furniture Showroom Turns Itself into Emergency Hurricane Shelter
1st September 2017 | cnn.com | Humans, Misc.
Gallery Furniture owner, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, is known not only for his zany commercials but also his generosity. The store’s delivery trucks were taken out to make rescues in high floodwater and bring Texas folks back to the furniture showroom now doubling as an emergency storm shelter.  Sleeping soundly in the mattress room next to displaced evacuees are about 60 US Army National Guard troops, resting in between shifts. “The troops are sleeping on the best orthopedic mattresses on the market,” said one store employee, “and I’ll tell you what – those are some happy soldiers.”
The Case for Cosmic Pantheism ~ Facts So Romantic
29th August 2017 nautil.us | Misc.

Thought-provoking multiverse article written by an author and professor of Science and Religion from Wesleyan University.  Thinking about a pantheist multiverse prompts us to ask a host of psychological,  ethical, philosophical, and  even theological questions.  They may be controversial and unanswerable in any final sense. But for those who are interested in the history and future of science and religion, such questions should give rise to a far more productive conversation than the tiresome debate over the existence of a supernatural patriarch.

Miscellaneous news stories.