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A group of engineers just submitted this incredible proposal for Trump’s border ‘wall’ that’s actually a $15 billion hyperloop
18th April 2017 | businessinsider.com | Misc., Tech

The Trump administration is reviewing design bids for its proposed wall along the US-Mexico border. But not all plans are interpreting the word “wall” literally.

Alt: Trump Asks For “Border Wall” Designs. Engineers Create Hilarious (And Useful) Alternative

Narragansett Tribe seeks injunction to stop work on Providence Viaduct
10th April 2017 | providencejournal.com | Misc.

More than 100 acres in three areas in Washington County were to be transferred to the Narragansetts under a 2013 mitigation deal for the viaduct project. But more than four years after the deal was signed, the land transfer has yet to happen.

The U.N. Is Currently Meeting To Negotiate A Complete, Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons
8th April 2017 futurism.com | Misc.

Scientists have joined together to urge the UN to stigmatize nuclear weapons in the same manner as biological and chemical weapons. They believe a false alarm could soon trigger an all-out war, and that the UN is correct in considering a total ban.

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‘Doomsday’ Library Joins Seed Vault in Arctic Norway
8th April 2017 | livescience.com | Misc., Tech

The so-called doomsday seed vault located underground on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean has gained a neighbor, and the new vault, opened March 27, will act as a digital archive for the world’s data.

Policies believed to stabilize the financial system may actually do the opposite, study finds
8th April 2017 phys.org | Misc.

Researchers have found that some of the current financial policies aimed at increasing the stability of financial networks may actually be driving them toward instability. The problem arises because these policies typically focus on the stability of individual banks—but due to the complex nature of networks, what’s good for individual banks may not be good for the banking system as a whole.

Evidence Indicates That Universal Basic Income Improves Human Health
8th April 2017 futurism.com | Humans, Misc.

The immediate need for basic income in recognition of the effects of chronic stress and the importance of improving environments. Eliminating huge stressors like worrying about being able to afford food and shelter can do wonders for the potential of humanity.

Coronet acquires two books from Graham Hancock
29th March 2017 | thebookseller.com | Ancient, Misc.

Hodder & Stoughton imprint Coronet is publishing two further books from Graham Hancock, both focusing on the Americas: America Before and the fourth in the War God series.

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