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Ireland to legalise cannabis for specific medical conditions
15th February 2017 | theguardian.com | Misc.

Ireland is set to legalise the use of cannabis for treating specific medical conditions, after a report commissioned by the government said the drug could be given to some patients with certain illnesses.

Republicans move to sell off 3.3m acres of national land, sparking rallies
3rd February 2017 | theguardian.com | Animal Life, Earth, Misc.

Now that Republicans have quietly drawn a path to give away much of Americans’ public land, US representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah has introduced what the Wilderness Society is calling “step two” in the GOP’s plan to offload federal property.

For $149 a Month, the Doctor Will See You as Often as You Want
1st February 2017 | technologyreview.com | Misc., Tech

Imagine if your doctor’s office was more like an Apple Store mashed up with a fancy gym: a modern white-and-wood aesthetic, replete with fancy gadgets and gleaming touch screens, for which you paid a monthly fee to visit as often as you wished.

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich
30th January 2017 | newyorker.com | Misc.

Some of the wealthiest people in America—in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond—are getting ready for the crackup of civilization

Extra letters added to life’s genetic code
29th January 2017 | bbc.com | Animal Life, Misc.

Scientists have created bacteria that thrive using an expanded “genetic alphabet”.

The blueprint for all life forms on Earth is written in a code consisting of four “letters”: A, T, C and G, which pair up in the DNA double helix.

Police Restart Propaganda Campaign Against Standing Rock Water Protectors
27th January 2017 observer.com | Misc.

When the United States Army Corps of Engineers announced on December 4, 2016, that it would not grant the easement that would allow construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota—threatening the drinking water supply for the Standing Rock Sioux reservation—water protectors were wary that the victory was only temporary.

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Scientists Finally Explain a 2,000-Year Old Water Phenomenon
27th January 2017 futurism.com | Ancient, Misc.

More than 2,000 years ago, Aristotle wondered how hot water froze faster than cold water – Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes observed the same phenomenon.

Recently, a team of scientists took on the question, and concluded the secret could lie in the strange properties formed by the bonds between hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water molecules.

Project aims to grow a ‘city of trees’
25th January 2017 | bbc.com | Earth, Misc.

A project aims to plant three million trees – one for every man, woman and child – in Greater Manchester over the next 25 years.

Those behind City of Trees hopes the effort will not only green the region but improve our understanding of the benefits trees provide to society.

Plans for world’s first ‘floating city’ unveiled: Radical designs could be built in the Pacific Ocean in 2019
23rd January 2017 | dailymail.co.uk | Earth, Misc., Tech

The world’s first floating city is set to appear in the Pacific Ocean off the island of Tahiti.

The government of French Polynesia has signed a deal with Seasteading Institute to begin construction work in just two years.

It may seem like an ambitious plan, by the group believes semi-independent cities would be the perfect place to try new modes of government and agricultural method.

88-year-old Saskatoon man makes thousands of socks for shelters
15th January 2017 | cbc.ca | Misc., Tech

It started as a dare.

Bob Rutherford’s friend didn’t believe the Saskatoon man could make a cheap knitting machine that worked really, really fast.

That’s when Rutherford got to work.

The center of North America is a town called Center, and it’s totally a coincidence. Really
10th January 2017 | popsci.com | Misc.

Two towns in North Dakota claim to sit at the geographical center of North America. They’re both wrong. And if it wasn’t for one drunken evening, we’d never even have known.

Alt: Bull’s-Eye: Geographer Pinpoints Center of North America

Finland launches universal basic income pilot of 560 Euros a month
5th January 2017 | independent.co.uk | Humans, Misc., Tech

Finland has become the first country in Europe to pay its unemployed citizens a basic monthly income, in a radical pilot project aimed at reducing poverty and joblessness, while also cutting national spending and bureaucracy.

Two thousand people will receive 560 euros (£480) every month for two years, without having to report whether they are seeking employment or how they are spending the money.

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This Could Explain the Second State of Liquid Water
1st January 2017 futurism.com | Misc.

The second state of liquid water could be a result of its unusual molecular structure, which takes the shape of an arrow with an oxygen tip flanked by two hydrogen atoms.

Whatever the reason for liquid water’s second state, its discovery shows that even something as ubiquitous as water is not without its mystery.

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With A Leap Second, 2016 Promises To Linger Just A Little Bit Longer
31st December 2016 | npr.org | Misc.

Here’s a timely reminder for all you would-be revelers out there: Be careful with your countdowns this New Year’s Eve. There will be a little extra time to bask in the glow of a retreating 2016 — or curse its name, as the case may be.

Whatever your inclination may be, one thing is certain: Before the year is out, the world’s foremost authority on time will be adding one more second to the clock.

Hallucinogenic plant ayahuasca gains foothold in US
30th December 2016 | yahoo.com | Humans, Misc.

Dominique was hooked on cocaine and smoked two packs of cigarettes a day until she stumbled onto ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic concoction that she says has changed her life.

The French-American woman, who lives in Los Angeles and did not want her real name used, is among thousands of people across the United States who are increasingly turning to the powerful psychedelic brew from the Amazon to overcome addiction, depression or psychological trauma.

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EU says UK surveillance laws are illegal and not ‘justified within a democratic society’
24th December 2016 | theverge.com | Misc., Tech

The European Union has ruled that the “general and and indiscriminate” collection of computer data by governments is only permitted when used to fight serious crime. The decision, handed down today by the European Court of Justice, directly challenges the UK’s recently passed surveillance legislation

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Now a Schedule 1 drug: CBD hemp oil
24th December 2016 | foxnews.com | Misc.

A cannabidiol hemp oil that Leafly says is used by “hundreds of thousands of patients” in the US for a variety of medical purposes, including to help relieve seizures, has been designated a Schedule 1 drug by the DEA

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