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Psychedelic use associated with lower odds of heart disease and diabetes, study finds
13th October 2021 | psypost.org | Humans, Misc.

People who have tried a psychedelic drug at least once in their lifetime have lower odds of heart disease and diabetes, according to new research published in Scientific Reports.

A better way to legalize marijuana
13th October 2021 | vox.com | Humans, Misc.

States are generally following the same model for marijuana legalization. They don’t have to.

Seattle Decriminalizes Possession and Cultivation Of Psychedelics
11th October 2021 doubleblindmag.com | Humans, Misc.

Seattle is now the largest city in the United States to decriminalize psychedelic plants and fungi.

Psychedelic ingredient in magic mushrooms makes music more emotional to our brain
7th October 2021 | sciencefocus.com | Humans, Misc.

Previous studies have also found that LSD, another psychedelic drug, can enhance the emotional responses triggered by music, so the team wanted to find out if psilocybin had a similar effect.

Psychedelics might reduce internalized shame and complex trauma symptoms in those with a history of childhood abuse
2nd October 2021 | psypost.org | Humans, Misc.

The use of psychedelic drugs is associated with lower levels of complex posttraumatic stress symptoms and internalized shame in adults who suffered maltreatment in childhood, according to new research published in the journal Chronic Stress.

Can Psychedelic Drugs Treat Physical Pain?
2nd October 2021 | Humans, Misc.

LSD and psilocybin increasingly show promise as mental health treatments. Now universities and companies are exploring their use in pain management

Italian Referendum To Decriminalize Marijuana, Psilocybin And Other Drug Plants Gets Half A Million Signatures
21st September 2021 | marijuanamoment.net | Humans, Misc.

Activists in Italy say they’ve gathered enough signatures to qualify a ballot measure that would decriminalize personal cultivation and use of not only marijuana but also psilocybin mushrooms and certain other psychoactive plants for personal use.

It’s still not fully understood how placebos work – but an alternative theory of consciousness could hold some clues
9th September 2021 theconversation.com | Humans, Misc.

The ability of the mind to generate the symptoms of illness is known as the “nocebo” effect. The nocebo effect is the unpopular twin brother of the placebo effect. Whereas the placebo effect alleviates pain and the symptoms of illness, the nocebo effect does the opposite: it generates pain and symptoms.

The worldview-changing drugs poised to go mainstream
9th September 2021 | bbc.com | Humans, Misc.

The growing legitimacy of psychedelics as therapies promises to transform how we view the extraordinary.

Most mental health patients support further research into the therapeutic potential of psilocybin, study finds
19th August 2021 | psypost.org | Humans, Misc.

People who use mental health services in Ireland generally have a favorable view of psychedelic research, according to a new study published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science. A little over half of those surveyed said they would be willing to try psilocybin therapy if their doctor recommended it.

Magic Mushroom Stores Are Open in Canada — But They’re Still Illegal
14th August 2021 | vice.com | Humans, Misc.

On a sparse stretch of Vancouver’s East Hastings Street, the Coca Leaf Cafe & Mushroom Dispensary stands out.


New Research Shows How Dopamine Plays a Key Role in Consciousness
13th August 2021 singularityhub.com | Humans, Misc.

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, we have now shown that conscious brain activity seems to be linked to the brain’s “pleasure chemical,” dopamine.

Study suggests cannabis can induce a psychedelic-like “oceanic” experience
9th August 2021 | psypost.org | Humans, Misc.

Psychedelic drugs such as psilocybin and LSD can induce an experience known as oceanic boundlessness, which is characterized by a feeling of oneness with the world and a sense of awe. New research, published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, provides some preliminary evidence that high doses of cannabis can also produce this type of altered state of consciousness.

Is medical cannabis really a magic bullet?
26th July 2021 | theguardian.com | Humans, Misc.

Research increasingly suggests that extracts from the plant are effective in treating pain, anxiety, epilepsy and more, but experts still preach caution around recreational use.

New study sheds light on how LSD’s entropic effects on the brain impact language production
26th July 2021 | psypost.org | Humans, Misc.

Language produced under the influence of the psychedelic drug lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) displays increased levels of entropy and reduced semantic coherence, according to new research published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. In other words, people tend to have more disorganized speech while under the effects of LSD and are more likely to jump from one topic to another.

When did humans start experimenting with alcohol and drugs?
19th July 2021 phys.org | Humans, Misc.

Humans constantly alter the world. We fire fields, turn forests into farms, and breed plants and animals. But humans don’t just reshape our external world—we engineer our internal worlds, and reshape our minds.

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