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Whose art is it? Line between cultural appropriation and appreciation not always clear
2nd November 2017 | yakimaherald.com | Humans, Misc.

When does a white artist have the moral authority to borrow a black art form? To tell a Latino story? To celebrate an indigenous culture without being of that culture? To profit from it? And, most central to the issue: Where is the line between appreciation and appropriation?

The Best Archaeology-Themed Jack O’ Lanterns
31st October 2017 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

Article in Forbes features an image gallery representing a variety of ancient times, places, and cultures that archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians have carved into jack o’ lanterns for Halloween. There is also a link to similar pumpkin carving stencil designs released by the Getty Museum featuring ancient Greek pottery forms.

The Frustrating Quest to Define Consciousness
28th October 2017 scienceline.org | Humans, Misc., Tech

Nevermind determining whether or not a robot can be conscious, we can’t even decide what the word means.

Science Has a Negativity Problem
28th October 2017 scienceline.org | Humans, Misc.

Exciting new discoveries in Science get all the attention, often leaving equally important negative results in the dust ~ and fixing the problem is easier said than done.

One-of-a-Kind Banded Agate Geode-Inspired Jigsaw Puzzles
27th October 2017 mymodernmet.com | Earth, Misc., Tech

Design studio Nervous System has released two new varieties of fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzles focusing on the organic beauty of Earth’s banded agates. In this case, Art copies Nature, and no two puzzles are alike.

Experimental Version of ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Can Only Be Read When Heat is Applied
26th October 2017 mymodernmet.com | Humans, Misc., Tech

A Holland-based laboratory has created a heat-sensitive edition of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.  The lab-made pages of the 1953 novel, which is ironically about bookburning, are covered in what appears to be a soot-black, screenprinted layer.  Readable text is only revealed when a high temperature is applied.

An Autumn Bounty of Citizen Science
22nd October 2017 blogs.discovermagazine.com | Humans, Misc.

Help scientists document nature and health changes near you to study and predict future trends. Discover Magazine’s editors selected five projects to get you started. Find more citizen science projects on SciStarter’s Project Finder.

Cannabis, the Holy Grail and the Secrets of the Knights Templar
16th October 2017 | cannabisculture.com | Ancient, Misc.

It has long been suggested that there was considerable “cultural exchanges” between the Islamic cannabis cult, the Hashishins or “Assassins” and the controversial heroes/anti-heroes of the Crusade era, the Knights Templar. Such a connection could explain many of the so-called crimes of heresy that the Templars were accused of.

First Vegan Mylk Man Doorstep Delivery Service Launches in UK
15th October 2017 | collective-evolution.com | Humans, Misc.

Mylk Man offers home delivery of a wide range of different vegan mylks in the UK, ranging from classics like almond and cashew to more diverse flavours such as sweet chai, turmeric, and pistachio. Just like the classic old school milkman, you simply leave your empty glass bottles outside your doorstep for the mylk men to collect and leave fresh ones.

Luxury Resort in Mexico Blends Mayan Culture with Modern Sophistication
11th October 2017 | dallasnews.com | Misc.

If you’ve spent any time exploring Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, you know the irresistible draw of its Mayan ruins, colonial cities and Caribbean waters. The region boasts some of the world’s top stretches of whitewashed coastline and sandy fishing villages. This resort also offers cultural gems of traditional cuisine, sweatlodges, and shamanic ceremonies.

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