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Nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions in Los Angeles County will be dismissed, district attorney says
14th February 2020 edition.cnn.com | Humans, Misc.

Nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions in Los Angeles County will be dismissed thanks in part to state laws that paved the way for the action, the county district attorney said Thursday.

14th February 2020 | projectcbd.org | Humans, Misc.

Humans love finding ways to alter their consciousness, and psychedelic plants have long provided a way to do so. Why do these plants produce intoxicating compounds?

More Than A Trip: Psychedelic Drugs Being Used To Help People Quit Smoking In Just One Dose
11th February 2020 baltimore.cbslocal.com | Humans, Misc.

When most people think of psychedelic drugs, they think of hippies in the sixties tripping on LSD or magic mushrooms. But at Johns Hopkins, fascinating research is being done using hallucinogens as medicine — and the results are promising, particularly when using psilocybin to treat addiction.

Movement to decriminalize ‘magic mushrooms’ gains steam
10th February 2020 | santacruzsentinel.com | Humans, Misc.

SANTA CRUZ — At first glance, it looked like an ordinary gardening workshop. On a table at the front of the room sat soil additives, humidity detectors and an oyster mushroom the size of a grapefruit.

The Experiments Revealing How Marijuana Could Treat Dementia
8th February 2020 | discovermagazine.com | Humans, Misc.

Slightly stoned mice show marijuana may fight age-related memory loss.

D.C. has chance to decriminalize ‘magic’ mushrooms
8th February 2020 | washingtontimes.com | Humans, Misc.

D.C. voters would have the opportunity in November to make the District the fourth U.S. city to decriminalize psychedelic, or “magic,” mushrooms if activists collect enough signatures for a ballot initiative.

5-MeO-DMT: The 20-Minute Psychoactive Toad Experience That’s Transforming Lives
3rd February 2020 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

This isn’t the psychedelic you remember from college. It isn’t an eight-hour marathon experience tripping through the woods like Alice. It’s fast-acting, short-duration — sometimes lasting as briefly as seven minutes — and is a rocket-ship ride into the center of the cosmos.

Psilocybin: The magic ingredient in psychedelic shrooms
31st January 2020 | livescience.com | Earth, Humans, Misc.

Reference article: Facts about psilocybin.

Santa Cruz Is Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms
31st January 2020 | vice.com | Humans, Misc.

On Tuesday night, the Santa Cruz City Council unanimously voted to decriminalize a wide range of psychedelics. The resolution would make “the personal use and personal possession of Entheogenic Plants and Fungi,” like magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, one of the lowest priorities for police in the city.

Could psychedelics help us resolve the climate crisis?
29th January 2020 theconversation.com | Humans, Misc.

A study, published in a reputable, peer-reviewed international journal, makes a bold claim about the potential of psychedelics – not only for improving mental health, but also, remarkably, as a key to overcoming inaction in the face of the climate crisis.

Saved By Psychedelics: After Traditional Methods Fail, Ayahuasca Heals A Deep Emotional Trauma
28th January 2020 | forbes.com | Humans, Misc.

It was night two of a grueling four-night ayahuasca retreat when Amber Wick says she had visions of pulling her own beating heart from her chest and holding it in her bare hands.

Psychedelics Can Be Used to Treat PTSD, Finds Yet Another Clinical Trial
22nd January 2020 | vice.com | Humans, Misc.

New research presented by the Medical University of South Carolina’s Dr Michael Mithoefer says that psychedelics like MDMA and psilocybin mushrooms can be used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Company Gets Trademark For The Word ‘Psilocybin,’ Frustrating Decriminalization Advocates
22nd January 2020 | marijuanamoment.net | Humans, Misc.

As psychedelics reform efforts pick up across the U.S., there’s an increasing weariness among advocates about the potential corporatization that may follow.

New research confirms lingering mood benefit of psychedelics
21st January 2020 medicalxpress.com | Humans, Misc.

People who had recently used psychedelics such as psilocybin report a sustained improvement in mood and feeling closer to others after the high has worn off, shows a new Yale study published the week of Jan. 20.

Psychedelics have ‘extraordinarily potent’ anti-inflammatory power. Is there a place for them in mainstream medicine?
17th January 2020 geneticliteracyproject.org | Humans, Misc.

Research on psychedelics, which have been profoundly stigmatized, highly restricted, and tragically undeveloped for more than half a century, is stirring back to life….

Johns Hopkins Scientists Give Psychedelics the Serious Treatment
17th January 2020 | scientificamerican.com | Humans, Misc.

The first research center of its kind in the country is bringing renewed rigor to the investigation of the drugs’ therapeutic uses.

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