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Winston Churchill’s views on aliens revealed in lost essay
18th February 2017 | | Ancient, Space, Weird

A newly unearthed essay by Winston Churchill reveals he was open to the possibility of life on other planets.

Churchill’s interest in science is well-known: he was the first British prime minister to employ a science adviser, Frederick Lindemann, and met regularly with scientists such as Sir Bernard Lovell, a pioneer of radio astronomy.

A Danish astronaut has captured the best-ever images of rare blue flashes
16th February 2017 | Earth, Space, Weird

Scientists don’t know much about the mysterious, powerful electric discharges that sometimes occur in the upper levels of the atmosphere in conjunction with thunderstorms. The first photograph of the phenomenon—which can occur as high as about 90km above the surface of the Earth and are known variously as sprites, pixies, elves, or jets—was only taken from Earth in 1989.

Is there a lost city in Antarctica? Mysterious dome ‘building’ may have been created by an ancient civilisation, bizarre theory claims
3rd February 2017 | | Ancient, Weird

An image of a ‘dome’ in Antarctica has sparked claims there was once a civilisation living in the frozen continent.

The picture, which is said to be from Google Earth, shows an oval-shaped structure that is believed be 400 foot (121 metres) across.

A ‘cluster of UFOs’ was filmed hovering over the border between the US and Mexico
3rd February 2017 | | Weird

Creepy footage showing ‘a fleet of UFOs’ hovering over the border between the USA and Mexico has mysteriously disappeared from the internet.

The 14 minute-long film showed a group of seven or eight lights dancing above a border control post in Tijuana, Mexico.


Lots of corpse flowers bloomed in 2016 and nobody knows why
28th January 2017 | | Weird

The corpse flower takes ten years to build up enough energy to bloom, but mysteriously, dozens of them bloomed within weeks of each other in 2016

Plants Have an “Ear” for Music
27th January 2017 | Earth, Weird

[Dan Carlson] maintained that “green music”—sounds akin to, or recorded from, those found in nature, like birds singing or crickets stridulating—possesses frequencies that boost plant growth and yield rates. He claimed that when exposed to synthesized birdsong, a plant’s stomata—the mouth-like pores on the underside of leaves that absorb water and nutrients and expel oxygen—widen.

The secret of Namibia’s ‘fairy circles’ may be explained at last
25th January 2017 | | Earth, Weird

The marks on the ground in the Namib desert resemble a vast sheet of polka dots, or to the less romantic observer, perhaps a bad case of chickenpox.

In local myths, the bare, red circles fringed with grass are footprints of the gods, or patches of land once poisoned by the breath of a subterranean dragon.

As Above, So Below—a Brain and Sky Coincidence
23rd January 2017 | | Earth, Humans, Weird

An electromagnetic parallel exists between our brains and our atmosphere.

Hermes Trismegistus, thought to be an an ancient Egyptian philosopher, wrote “That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below…” The phrase has been summarized as “As above, so below.

Extraordinary images show ‘light pillars’ dancing above houses after sunshine and snow combine to create rare effect
17th January 2017 | | Earth, Weird

Extraordinary images captured in Canada have shown rare light pillars beaming up to the sky above the houses after a combination of sunshine and snow.

The pillars are caused when temperatures plummet so low that water molecules in the air freeze but remain stationary in vertical shafts.

Chilean navy declassifies inexplicable UFO footage after 2yr investigation
13th January 2017 | | Weird

The report from an alleged UFO sighting by the Chilean military over two years ago has just been declassified and the internet is abuzz with speculation – this is one mystery that has experts completely stumped.

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The Strange Case of the Minnesota Iceman
11th January 2017 | Ancient, Weird

The modern-day corpse of a human-like hominid, preserved in a block of ice, encountered by researchers in the 1960s, you say? Surely the zoological discovery of the century!

China Claims It’s Made the Impossible EmDrive Possible
11th January 2017 | Space, Tech, Weird

Rumor has it that the Chinese are testing that fabulous Sangraal of spacecraft propulsion—the EmDrive.

But the Chinese have been known to make some pretty fantastic, and insupportable claims; and there’s so far not a shred of evidence that the EmDrive actually works.

Sweden’s Queen Silvia says palace is haunted by ghosts
8th January 2017 | | Weird

Queen Silvia of Sweden believes her royal palace is haunted, according to a documentary to be aired on Swedish public television on Thursday.

She said she shares 17th-century Drottningholm Palace, with “small friends … ghosts”.

Are aliens hidden in ancient religious artwork? Bizarre theory claims that signs of early visits from ET can be found in old paintings
2nd January 2017 | | Ancient, Weird

Conspiracy theorists claim that ancient artwork could hide signs that aliens have visited the human race.

Several centuries-old paintings, cave drawings and tapestries contain symbols and shapes that resemble UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Inexplicable UFO captured on radar over air base – claims former RAF Lieutenant
2nd January 2017 | | Weird

The incident happened while Malcolm Williams was working in air traffic control at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire, on a night shift, just before Christmas in either 1994 or 1995

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On the trail of Bigfoot in an Upper Peninsula Michigan forest
2nd January 2017 | | Weird

A tall, thin sapling had been bent into an arch over the path, high above everyone’s heads. Its tip was wedged in the underbrush, holding it down. This, Meyer said, might be a sign. Bigfoots, he explained, often leave signals to each other using sticks or trees. Arches are common.

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