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UK Government To Release “Secret Dossier” Of All British UFO Sightings After Election Next Month
25th May 2017 | | Weird

In a plot that sounds straight out of, if not Bond, then perhaps Kingsman (or even Jonny English), the British government is set to release previously unpublished information it holds on UFO sightings in the UK, once the general election is over in June

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Something Weird Is Happening to the ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star
24th May 2017 | | Weird

As far as weird stars go, few are as strange as KIC 8462852, nicknamed Tabby’s star. Tabby’s star randomly dims and brightens for apparently no reason, which led some astronomers in 2015 to hypothesize that some sort of ‘alien megastructure’ was orbiting the star, occasionally blocking the light. Other scientists proposed a large asteroid field or a swarm of comets instead, but we still don’t really know what’s going on.

All of that might be about to change.

Alt: Astronomers scramble as ‘alien megastructure’ star dims again
Alt: The weirdest star in space is acting weird again. Is it aliens?

The Song of Solitude: A Mysterious 52 Hertz Call From the Deep
24th May 2017 | Weird

Toward the end of the 1980s, and with the Cold War era coming to a close, a number of deep sea hydrophones (that is, underwater microphones) once used for spying were getting a new lease on life. Specifically, they were being repurposed by agencies like NOAA for use in oceanographic studies.

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Memories of Near Death Experiences are ‘More Real Than Real’
23rd May 2017 | | Humans, Weird

A new study of near-death experiences (NDEs) has given a scientific footing to the oft-reported effect of the experience feeling ‘more real than real’ (e.g. ‘‘My death experience is more real to me than life”; ‘‘It was more real than real: absolute reality”; ‘‘I have no doubt that this experience was real. It was vastly more real than anything we experience here”.)

The woman with a strange ‘second sight’
16th May 2017 | | Humans, Weird

It ranks among the most curious phenomena in cognitive neuroscience. A handful of people in the world have “blindsight”: they are blind, but their non-conscious brain can still sense their surroundings.

Man dreams in colour for first time during cancer radiotherapy
12th May 2017 | | Humans, Weird

A man has dreamed in colour for the first time after undergoing radiotherapy to treat a tumour on his eye.

The 59-year-old Australian previously dreamed exclusively in black and white. But when he received radiation therapy to the front and side of his head for four weeks, he began dreaming in vivid colour.

Have aliens lived on Earth before? Ancient ‘technological species’ may have existed on our planet billions of years before humans, scientist claims
30th April 2017 | | Ancient, Space, Weird

Professor Wright is an associate professor in astronomy and astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University.

In a new paper, titled ‘Prior Indigenous Technological Species’, Professor Wright suggests that ancient aliens could have lived on either Mars, Venus or even Earth.

Alt: Research paper
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Macy researchers out to prove bigfoot exists
26th April 2017 | Weird

a team of researchers has set out to solve the myths of the being they call Ci’tonga, an Omaha Indian name for what is commonly known as bigfoot or sasquatch.

Brothers Barry Webster Sr. and Derek Webster co-founded Rez Squatching Research seven years ago, setting out to prove the creature’s existence. Their discoveries and experiences in the woods on the Omaha Indian Reservation have convinced them that Ci’tonga is real.

What was that flashing light in San Diego? Video captures orb streaking through sky
16th April 2017 | | Weird

Residents in San Diego were treated to a surprise light show on Monday night.

Social media lit up in reaction to the bright, pulsing orb that streaked through the sky a little after 9 p.m.

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What Did the Ancients See? Unidentified Flying Objects that Made an Impact on Early History
16th April 2017 | | Ancient, Weird

The number of reported UFO sightings has hit an all time high in 2017. In the 112 years since the National UFO Reporting Center began keeping track, there have been 104,947 reported events (Monfort, 2017). The majority of sightings occur in the United States, though Canada, Australia, and the Nordic countries also have significant numbers of unidentified flying object sightings

‘Mystery hole’ found in Tonopah is raising questions
11th April 2017 | | Weird

Hector Thompson and his mom Michele discovered the “mystery hole” in the desert west of the Valley while they were out for a walk near their Tonopah home.

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Group to Research Mysterious Little People of Alaska
11th April 2017 | Weird

The Alaska Natives or indigenous peoples of Alaska tell some great stories about little people, Hairy Man, shape-shifting whales, unexplained lights, mysterious occurrences around sacred burial sites and much more. Those stories are have typically been passed down for generations among tribe members but not often shared between tribes and rarely with non-Natives. The versions of these tales heard outside the tribes are Westernized and often sensationalized.

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Study Finds 55% of Nurses Report Paranormal Experiences
1st April 2017 | Weird

The report will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a journal devoted to peer-reviewed scientific studies of paranormal and anomalous phenomena. According to authors Alejandro Parra and Paola Giménez Amarilla, 55% of the Argentinian nurses surveyed reported at least one instance of a paranormal or unexplained experience related to their duties

Brazilian President Michel Temer moves out of official residence because of ‘ghosts’
1st April 2017 | | Weird

The acting president of Brazil has reportedly moved out of his official residence because of “ghosts”.

Michel Temer, who has been running the country since Dilma Rousseff was impeached last year, told a Brazilian news magazine that he and his family were leaving the Alvorada Palace because they found it spooky.

More Unusual Light Curves from Kepler
1st April 2017 | Space, Weird

Twenty-three new objects have been added to the growing collection of stars observed to have unusual dips in their light curves. A recent study examines these stars and the potential causes of their strange behavior.

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Tasmanian tiger: ‘Sightings’ of extinct animal spark hunt in Australia
30th March 2017 | | Animal Life, Weird

Apparent sightings of the Tasmanian tiger in northern Australia have sparked a search for the long-extinct carnivore.

The wolf-like predators were the largest known carnivorous marsupial to have existed alongside human society, but the last known specimen died in a zoo on the island of Tasmania itself in 1936.

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