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  • Was an Eclipse Over Ancient Amarna the Beginning of its End?

    The ancient Egyptian civilization was wedded to the Sun, and yet extant records only ever mention the solar aspect as the giver and sustainer of life that shines brightly for all eternity. Sterling astronomers, the Egyptians, unlike the Mayans, never left us details of the times when the sun-god Ra briefly vanished from the sky at daytime. The lack of chronicles of eclipses by the inveterate and meticulous “sky watchers” is utterly baffling. But why would a rare occurrence such as a solar eclipse fail to find mention in their religious and cosmological texts?

  • Los Angeles Times is Requesting Eclipse Horror Stories

    The Los Angeles Times newspaper is asking folks to share their solar eclipse-related tales of woe… because, they say, misery loves company.

  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy, Explains Fashion’s Obsession with Space

    Numerous fashion designers are currently trending futuristic designs to emulate NASA and space-related themed fabrics.  Bill Nye the Science Guy has a less bleak read on why fashion is suddenly looking to space again:  “Space brings out the best in people, because it’s inherently optimistic,” he said. “You’re dipping your toes in the cosmic ocean. We’re exploring, and when you explore, you’re going to have an adventure. That’s what fashion is all about.”