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Extraterrestrial Stone Found in Egypt May Be First Evidence on Earth of Rare Supernova

‘Standard candle’ (or type Ia) supernova explosions are some of the most energetic events in the Universe, happening when a dense white dwarf star subsumes another star. Now, scientists think they’re found the first evidence on Earth of such a supernova.

Milky Way photographer of the year 2022 – in pictures

The Milky Way season ranges from February to October in the northern hemisphere and from January to November in the southern hemisphere

First complex ecosystems formed in Ediacaran – millions of years earlier than thought

New research coming out of the University of Cambridge, UK, suggests that complex ecosystems emerged earlier than we thought, in a period of Earth’s history called the Ediacaran.

Ancient Tooth Once Belonged to The Mysterious Denisovans, Scientists Think

Deep in the forests of Laos, in a cave in the Annamite Mountains, lay a single child’s tooth. That tooth – an unassuming molar – could be from a mysterious species of human we know little about, and of which few remains are known to exist.

Found: Largest known Native American cave art, hidden in plain sight

A recent advance in 3D imaging techniques helped spark the biggest ever discovery of North American cave art