AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic (1986)

by Graham Hancock and Enver Carim

AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic

by Graham Hancock

AIDS: The Deadly Epidemic

AIDS is sending shock-waves through the modern world, threatening the very structure of our society. Spreading fast and bringing prolonged suffering and almost certain death toits victims, AIDS is changing not only sexual behaviour but many other aspects of human relationships. It is affecting people’s choice of friends and placing heavy strains on trust and loyalty. Traditional support systems are breaking down – some doctors are refusing to treat AIDS patients, children have been ostracised at school. Society is beginning to treat its most vulnerable members as lepers.

This book sets out the social implications and worldwide impact of the disease. The authors, an experienced investigative team, have researched exensively in the UK, USA, Europe, Africa and Australasia. Using the latest medical findings, they also explain in layman’s terms exactly what AIDS is, the various ways it can be transmitted, why everyone is a potential victim (it is not only a homosexual disease, nor is it only sexually transmitted), how to recognize the symptoms and how to protect yourself.