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Fossil ‘balls’ are 1 billion years old and could be Earth’s oldest known multicellular life
7th May 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

Scientists have discovered a rare evolutionary “missing link” dating to the earliest chapter of life on Earth. It’s a microscopic, ball-shaped fossil that bridges the gap between the very first living creatures — single-celled organisms — and more complex multicellular life.

Physicists describe new type of aurora
7th May 2021 | Earth, Humans, Space

For millennia, humans in the high latitudes have been enthralled by auroras—the northern and southern lights. Yet even after all that time, it appears the ethereal, dancing ribbons of light above Earth still hold some secrets.

Early humans used fire to permanently change the landscape tens of thousands of years ago in Stone Age Africa
7th May 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Fields of rust-colored soil, spindly cassava, small farms and villages dot the landscape. Dust and smoke blur the mountains visible beyond massive Lake Malawi. Here in tropical Africa, you can’t escape the signs of human presence. How far back in time would you need to go in this place to discover an entirely natural environment?

Can a genetic test predict your response to psychedelic drugs?
7th May 2021 | Humans, Misc.

Vancouver-based company Halugen has recently launched a genetic test that purportedly screens for genetic variants influencing how a person may respond to certain psychedelic drugs. But some researchers are skeptical there is any evidence to suggest genetic screening can predict how a person will response to psychedelics.

Archaeologists uncover oldest human burial in Africa
6th May 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

‘Quite spectacular’ discovery shows three-year-old child was carefully laid to rest nearly 80,000 years ago.

Shocking Discovery Reveals The Amazon Has ‘Flipped’ to Become a Major Emitter
5th May 2021 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

The Brazilian Amazon released nearly 20 percent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the last decade than it absorbed, according to a stunning report that shows humanity can no longer depend on the world’s largest tropical forest to help absorb human-made carbon pollution.

A Psychedelic Drug Passes a Big Test for PTSD Treatment
5th May 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

In an important step toward medical approval, MDMA, the illegal drug popularly known as Ecstasy or Molly, was shown to bring relief to those suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder when paired with talk therapy.

Then and now: When silence descended over Victoria Falls
3rd May 2021 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

We reveal some of the ways that planet Earth has been changing against the backdrop of a warming world. Here, we look at the effects of global heating on Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world – and how Sub-Saharan Africa is learning to cope with the climate crisis.

First-known pregnant mummy discovered
3rd May 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Researchers have discovered the world’s first-known pregnant mummy, dating from the first century in Egypt. The find was unexpected, as inscriptions on the mummy’s coffin suggested the remains inside belonged to a male priest, according to a new study.

In Mexico, ancient Maya cave reveals mysterious painted hand prints
3rd May 2021 |

Dozens of black and red hand prints cover the walls of a cave in Mexico, believed to be associated with a coming-of-age ritual of the ancient Maya, according to an archeologist who has explored and studied the subterranean cavern.

Image from: Canon in 2D (Wiki Commons)

These mysterious stone structures in Saudi Arabia are older than the pyramids
3rd May 2021 | | Ancient, Humans

Thousands of monumental structures built from walls of rock in Saudi Arabia are older than Egypt’s pyramids and the ancient stone circles of Britain, researchers say – making them perhaps the earliest ritual landscape ever identified.

Discarded ostrich shells provide timeline for our early African ancestors
3rd May 2021 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Archeologists have learned a lot about our ancestors by rummaging through their garbage piles, which contain evidence of their diet and population levels as the local flora and fauna changed over time.

Modelling the ‘superhighways’ travelled by First Australians
29th April 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Indigenous Australians have long pointed out that their ancestors have lived on and cared for this continent since time immemorial. Hampered by entrenched misconceptions and outdated curricula, it’s only in recent decades – with discoveries like Mungo Man and Mungo Lady – that science has started to catch up.

Earth’s crust is way, way older than we thought
29th April 2021 | | Ancient, Earth

Earth’s continents have been leaking nutrients into the ocean for at least 3.7 billion years, new research suggests.

Was North America populated by ‘stepping stone’ migration across Bering Sea?
29th April 2021 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

For thousands of years during the last ice age, generations of maritime migrants paddled skin boats eastward across shallow ocean waters from Asia to present-day Alaska.

Non-hallucinogenic psychedelics: scientists close in on compound
29th April 2021 | | Humans, Misc.

Researchers have identified a psychedelic that doesn’t trigger hallucinations, a key discovery that could allow scientists to accelerate the development of easy-to-use treatments for mental health and neurological conditions.

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