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Prehistoric find shines light on Neolithic life
5th February 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

The discovery of a Neolithic era settlement is helping shed new light on how people lived on the shores of Lough Foyle some 5,000 years ago.


The moon has a hidden tide that pulls on Earth’s magnetosphere, new study reveal
5th February 2023 | | Earth, Humans, Space

The moon exerts a previously unknown tidal force on the “plasma ocean” surrounding Earth’s upper atmosphere, creating fluctuations that are similar to the tides in the oceans, a new study suggests.

Remapping the superhighways traveled by the first Australians reveals a 10,000-year journey through the continent by Flinders University
5th February 2023 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

New, sophisticated models combined recent improvements in demography and models of wayfinding based on geographic inference to show the scale of the challenges faced by the ancestors of Indigenous people making their mass migration across the supercontinent more than 60,000 years ago.

Scientists Discover a Weird New Form of Ice That May Change How We Think About Water
5th February 2023 | | Earth, Weird

Scientists rattling normal frozen water around in a jar of ultracold steel balls have discovered a previously unknown form of ice, closer to liquid water than any other ice yet.

Scientist Accidentally Discovers The Oldest Brain of Any Vertebrate
2nd February 2023 | | Ancient, Animal Life

Paleontologist Matt Friedman was surprised to discover a remarkably detailed 319-million-year-old fish brain fossil while testing out micro-CT scans for a broader project.

Did the Seeds of Life Ride to Earth Inside an Asteroid?
2nd February 2023 | | Ancient, Earth, Space, Tech

Biological amino acids could have celestial or terrestrial roots. An experiment simulated their formation in deep space—but the mystery isn’t solved yet.

Image from: ESO (Wikki Commons)

New ancient ‘marine crocodile’ discovered on UK’s Jurassic Coast one of the oldest specimens of its type ever found
2nd February 2023 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

A new study has uncovered a new thalattosuchian—an ancient ‘sister’ of modern-day crocodiles’ ancestors.

Egyptian mummies covered in gold are rare, and we may have just found the oldest
2nd February 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

An ancient Egyptian mummy is the oldest covered with gold, but it’s not the oldest ancient Egyptian mummy on record….The oldest embalmed mummy in Egypt predates the pharaohs; the remains of a man who was placed in a fetal pose about 6,000 years ago.

No, the Big Bang theory is not ‘broken.’ Here’s how we know.
1st February 2023 | Ancient, Space, Tech

Now, there’s more research to back up the Big Bang. Recently, researchers took a more careful look at the data and determined that the distant galaxies discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope are, indeed, perfectly compatible with our modern understanding of cosmology.

Newly discovered green comet comes close to Earth Published
1st February 2023 | | Ancient, Humans, Space

A newly discovered comet will make its closest approach to our planet on Wednesday.Astronomers say the object’s journey toward us took around 50,000 years.


Cryptic lost Canaanite language decoded on ‘Rosetta Stone’-like tablets
31st January 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

Two ancient clay tablets discovered in Iraq and covered from top to bottom in cuneiform writing contain details of a “lost” Canaanite language that has remarkable similarities with ancient Hebrew.

Large number of animal skulls found in Neanderthal cave
31st January 2023 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

A team of researchers affiliated with a host of institutions across Spain, working with one colleague from Portugal and another from Austria, has discovered a large number of animal skulls placed by Neanderthals in Spanish cave more than 40,000 years ago

The Mysterious Asymmetry of Jupiter’s Asteroids May Finally Be Explained
31st January 2023 | | Humans, Space

Jupiter isn’t alone along its orbital path around the Sun. Two giant swarms of asteroids have been snared in the gravitational interaction between the gas giant and our star, leading and trailing Jupiter as it treads its cosmic measure.

1.2-Million-Year-Old Obsidian Axe Factory Found In Ethiopia
26th January 2023 | | Ancient, Humans, Weird

Forged in magma and capable of producing the sharpest blades on Earth, obsidian is without a doubt one of the most badass materials ever imagined… The jet-black volcanic glass is also extremely delicate and dangerous to work with and was not mastered by humans until the latter part of the Stone Age… or so we thought.

Earliest human remains discovered in northern Britain
25th January 2023 | Ancient, Humans

An international team led by archaeologists at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has discovered the earliest human remains ever found in northern Britain.

The James Webb Telescope detected the coldest ice in the known universe – and it contains the building blocks of life
25th January 2023 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Space

The James Webb Space Telescope’s latest observations of icy molecules will help scientists understand how habitable planets form.

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