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Ancient inscription reveals lost civilization in Turkey that may have defeated King Midas
26th February 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Last winter, a local farmer in southern Turkey stumbled upon a large stone half-submerged in an irrigation canal with mysterious inscriptions. The stone revealed the story of an ancient, lost civilization that may have defeated King Midas’ kingdom of Phrygia in the late eighth century B.C., according to new findings.

Mars lander reveals new details about the Red Planet’s strange magnetic field
26th February 2020 | | Space, Weird

The magnetic field in one zone on Mars is about 10 times stronger than scientists expected, and it’s changing rapidly.

Ancient DNA from Sardinia reveals 6,000 years of genetic history
26th February 2020 | Ancient, Humans

The research, published in Nature Communications, analyzed genome-wide DNA data for 70 individuals from more than 20 Sardinian archaeological sites spanning roughly 6,000 years from the Middle Neolithic through the Medieval period. No previous study has used genome-wide DNA extracted from ancient remains to look at the population history of Sardinia.

More humans than thought survived volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago, scientists find
26th February 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

More people survived one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions than previously thought, new research suggests.

Mars is a seismically active world, first results from NASA’s InSight lander reveal
25th February 2020 |

Mars may be cold and dry, but it’s far from dead. The first official science results from NASA’s quake-hunting InSight Mars lander just came out, and they reveal a regularly roiled world.

Modern technology reveals old secrets about the great, white Maya road
25th February 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Using lidar technology to peer through thick vegetation, researchers are learning more about the longest road from ancient Maya civilization

Billion-year-old green algae is an ancestor of all plants on Earth
25th February 2020 | | Ancient, Earth

Scientists have discovered the fossils of what may be the oldest green algae ever known. The newfound seaweed — called Proterocladus antiquus — lived about a billion years ago

Can Plant Medicine Help Us Find Greater Peace And Purpose In Our Lives?
25th February 2020 | | Humans, Misc.

What could something like plant medicine possibly have to do with leadership? It’s a fair question. The average person would likely consider these subjects to sit at opposite ends of some strange spectrum.

Ground-penetrating radar reveals corridor-like ‘void’ in the north wall of King Tut’s burial chamber
25th February 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

British Egyptologist Dr Nicholas Reeves breathed life into the tale of Tut’s concealed chambers five years ago. He had noticed anomalies in its plastered walls. A ground-penetrating radar scan appeared to confirm his hopes. Egypt’s enthusiastic antiquities minister asserted “90 per cent certainty” the rooms were there.

Farming gave us salmonella, ancient DNA suggests
25th February 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

A new study suggests early farmers in Eurasia brought a more deadly form of salmonella on themselves when they switched from a nomadic lifestyle of hunting and gathering to farming.

War Vets With Severe PTSD Find Solace Through Ayahuasca In Documentary ‘From Shock To Awe’
24th February 2020 | | Humans, Misc.

The documentary From Shock To Awe details the devastation those soldiers face when returning home from war with shattered lives and insufficient support. Following the transformational journey of two combat veterans suffering from severe post-traumatic stress syndrome as they abandon pharmaceuticals to seek relief through the mind-expanding world of psychedelics.

We will ‘fight to the death’ to save the Amazon rainforest
24th February 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is advancing at worrying levels. In January, the area lost was double that in the same month in 2019, according to official figures.

2,000 Native American remains, which sat at a university for 50 years, will soon go home
24th February 2020 | Humans

For decades, the remains of thousands of Native Americans have been resting at a university in Tennessee. But this spring, they will finally go home.

How to deflect an asteroid
24th February 2020 | Space, Tech

MIT engineers devise a decision map to identify the best mission type to deflect an incoming asteroid.

Listen to the oldest instrument in the world which was created 42,000 years ago
24th February 2020 | Ancient, Humans

After a discovery was made inside a cave in southern Germany, researchers identified what is believed to be the oldest-known musical instruments in the world.

Milky Way’s seasonal transition captured in gorgeous night sky photo
24th February 2020 | | Space

A starry night scene captured at the end of summer from the Dark Sky Alqueva reserve in Portugal shows the Milky Way’s galactic arc shimmering above a dead tree in Noudar Park.

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