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Scientists may have discovered the oldest ever evidence of artwork from the Denisovans etched on bone fragments dating back 100,000 years
20th July 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The two bone fragments were unearthed from a dig site in northern China.

A Mysterious, Cross-Shaped Structure Is Buried Underground in Russia. It Could Be One of the World’s Oldest Churches.
20th July 2019 | | Earth, Humans

The unknown structure sits in a fortification in Derbent that dates to around A.D. 300.

Speeding up science on near-earth asteroids
20th July 2019 | | Space, Tech

Modeling the shape and movement of near-Earth asteroids is now up to 25 times faster thanks to new research.

See the world’s oldest emoji in this new archive of 650 ancient symbols
20th July 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

A new project aims to catalogue hundreds of ancient symbols, drawn from long-gone civilizations as well as present-day indigenous communities.

New archaeological layer discovered at L’Anse aux Meadows
20th July 2019 | Ancient, Humans

The story of the only undisputed Norse site in the Americas just got more complicated.

Southeast Asia was crowded with archaic human groups long before we turned up
19th July 2019 | Ancient, Humans

The ancestors of modern humans met and genetically mixed with a number of archaic human groups, including Neandertals and Denisovans, and several others for which we currently have no name.

A ‘game changer’: Vast, developed 9,000-year-old settlement found near Jerusalem
19th July 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Remains of Neolithic site near Motza, the largest ever discovered in Israel, show mix of agriculture, hunting, animal husbandry — a society at its peak, say archaeologists.

The First Archaeological Artefacts Found During the Search for Lost Prehistoric Settlements in the North Sea
16th July 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

It has long been suspected that the southern North Sea hides a vast landscape that once was home to thousands of people.

Essential poll: majority of Australians want Indigenous recognition and voice to parliament
15th July 2019 | | Humans

Support for advancing reconciliation is higher than support for Australia becoming a republic.

Support for legalising cannabis growing among British public, survey finds
15th July 2019 | | Humans

Poll shows policy-makers are ‘significantly behind’ tide of public opinion, says former Tory minister.

Fossils reveal special relationship between humans, monkeys 12,000 years ago
15th July 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

“What’s interesting is that as early as 12,000 years ago those Paleolithic people in Java already had the same concept of production of food that the Neolithic people would have later on.”

‘Bent’ pyramid: Egypt opens ancient oddity for tourism
15th July 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Pharoah Sneferu’s structure marks key step in Egyptian architecture, as builders had to change the angle when it started to crack.

Keeping Aboriginal culture and songlines alive in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges
15th July 2019 | | Humans

Art gallery is to help repair part of the Seven Sisters songline that runs through Australia and preserve it for the Stolen Generations and future generations.

Humans came to the Americas earlier than thought, study shows
15th July 2019 | Humans

A study by a Texas university places humans in the continent 2,000 years before than science has been maintaining.

Aborigines say Uluru is sacred. Tourists rushing to beat a hiking ban are trashing it.
15th July 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

With a ban on hiking the formation set for October, tourists are making a last-ditch pilgrimage to set foot on the rock before it’s illegal, creating human traffic jams.

The legalisation of recreational cannabis is weeding out teenaged users
15th July 2019 | | Humans

A new study has found that relatively permissive laws were associated with a 9% decrease in frequent cannabis use by high-school students in the US.

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