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We probably don’t descend from Australopithecus sediba
23rd May 2019 | Ancient, Humans

There’s less than a 1% chance Australopithecus sediba led to the genus Homo.

How Seed Saving Is Repairing a Painful Past for Native Americans
23rd May 2019 | Earth, Humans

For Native Americans, it is spiritually meaningful because they believe that seeds are living, breathing beings from whom they are descended.

Ancient Egyptians Built This 4-Towered Fortress More Than 2,600 Years Ago
23rd May 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered the ruins of an ancient fortress dating to the 26th Dynasty, the last dynasty in which native Egyptians ruled before the Persians conquered the country in 525 B.C.

Tortoises rule on this isolated island
23rd May 2019 | | Animal Life, Earth

A photographer discovers a primordial paradise where he’s just part of the ecosystem.

Spooky mind reading technology
23rd May 2019 | | Humans, Tech
Technology to read people’s minds may appear like something right out of science fiction, but it’s something which is becoming a reality.
The Photographer Fighting Visual Clichés of Africa
23rd May 2019 | | Humans

Aïda Muluneh’s vibrant images explore Ethiopian identity, and her photo festival aspires to shape a new vision of the continent.

King Tut Wore Ancient, Meteor-Blasted Yellow Glass
22nd May 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Space

This natural glass, found across thousands of square kilometers in western Egypt, is thought to have originated from one of two events: either a meteorite impact on the surface of Earth or an airburst.

Humans and Neanderthals Evolved from a Mystery Common Ancestor, Huge Analysis Suggests
22nd May 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

This new estimate is much older than previous estimates, too.

Cannabis plant evolved super high
22nd May 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Analysis of ancient pollen suggests cannabis evolved 3 kilometres above sea level on the Tibetan Plateau. This is only a few hundred kilometres from a cave that researchers recently announced was once home to the ancient Denisovans.

Wandering Earth: rocket scientist explains how we could move our planet
17th May 2019 | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

In 5 billion years, the sun will run out of fuel and expand. A more immediate threat is a global warming apocalypse. Moving the Earth to a wider orbit could be a solution, and it is possible in theory.

High finance: Mr Nice ‘cannabis lifestyle’ shop opens in London
17th May 2019 | | Humans

Store named after celebrity dealer Howard Marks sells legal products such as CBD oil.

Will the rich escape climate apocalypse?
17th May 2019 | Humans

The billionaire class are preparing for doomsday. Only problem is, the rest of us aren’t invited.

Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Big Oil, Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest
17th May 2019 | | Earth, Humans

After a long legal battle, the Waorani people have successfully protected half a million acres of their ancestral territory in the Amazon rainforest from being mined for oil drilling by huge oil corporations.

Curtin planetary scientist unravels mystery of Egyptian desert glass
16th May 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Space

A researcher has solved a 100-year-old riddle by discovering that glass found in the Egyptian desert was created by a meteorite impact. These findings have implications for understanding the threat posed by asteroids.

Machu Picchu: Fury over plans for new multi-billion pound airport next to ancient Inca citadel
16th May 2019 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Archaeologists and historians fear development will cause ‘irreparable damage’ to world heritage site and surrounding Sacred Valley.

Fossil teeth push the human-Neandertal split back to about 1 million years ago
16th May 2019 | | Ancient, Humans

A new study estimates the age of these hominids’ last common ancestor.

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