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‘Mathematically perfect’ star system being investigated for potential alien technology
29th February 2024 | | Humans, Space, Weird

Late last year, astronomers discovered a fascinating star system only 100 light-years away from us. Its six sub-Neptune planets circle very close to their host star in mathematically perfect orbits, piquing the interest of scientists searching for alien technology or technosignatures, which they argue would offer compelling evidence of advanced life beyond Earth.

How 40Hz sensory gamma rhythm stimulation clears amyloid in Alzheimer’s mice
29th February 2024 | Humans, Misc.

Studies at MIT and elsewhere are producing mounting evidence that light flickering and sound clicking at the gamma brain rhythm frequency of 40 Hz can reduce Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progression and treat symptoms in human volunteers as well as lab mice. See the new study in Nature.

Diversity of thought and data enrich archaeology
27th February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

Our understanding of the human past is changing rapidly, and this does not come from new evidence alone. We are seeing an increasing diversity of perspectives among archaeologists, and they are asking new and important questions. But the field still has a long way to go.

Image by: Downtowngal (Wiki Commons)

New study reveals MDMA’s unique influence on positive social feedback
27th February 2024 | | Humans, Misc.

New research published in Journal of Psychopharmacology provides evidence that the drug MDMA may have the unique ability to enhance emotional responses to positive (but not negative) social interactions. This insight sheds light on the potential of MDMA to influence social perception, opening new avenues for understanding and potentially treating conditions characterized by impaired social processing.

Bones Reveal Bog Man’s Secret Life Before His Violent End in a Foreign Land
27th February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

Now, the team has unlocked the life history of this ill-fated man, combining modern and traditional archeological methods to read the story written in his bones. The research was published in PLOS ONE.

Bizarre ‘Russian doll stars’ predicted with Einstein’s general relativity equations
26th February 2024 | | Space, Weird

A new solution to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity suggests hypothetical gravitational stars that look like black holes could be nested within one another.

Tiny Doses of LSD Boost Unique Signals in The Human Brain
26th February 2024 | | Humans, Misc.

Even small doses of LSD could have therapeutic benefits for mental health and task performance, a new study shows.

Germany legalises cannabis, but makes it hard to buy
26th February 2024 | | Humans, Misc.

The German parliament has backed a new law to allow the recreational use of cannabis. Under the law, over-18s in Germany will be allowed to possess substantial amounts of cannabis, but strict rules will make it difficult to buy the drug.

UK government can never accept idea nature has rights, delegate tells UN
23rd February 2024 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

The dismissal of a concept that has already been recognised in UN declarations and is a fundamental belief of many Indigenous communities was described by critics as shameful, contradictory and undemocratic.

New study reveals how common ayahuasca-induced death experiences are and their link to personal transformation
23rd February 2024 | | Earth, Humans, Misc.

Two studies of ayahuasca ceremony participants found that at least 50% of these individuals had an ayahuasca-induced personal death experience. These experiences were associated with an increased sense that consciousness will continue after death and increased concerns for the environment. The paper was published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Strange Metal From Beyond Our World Found in Ancient Treasure Stash
23rd February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

The discovery, led by now-retired head of conservation at the National Archeological Museum Spain, Salvador Rovira-Llorens, suggests that metalworking technology and techniques were far more advanced than we thought in Iberia more than 3,000 years ago.

The Fourth World: An Encounter with Hopi Prophecy
22nd February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

Words of wisdom from Hopi elder Paul Sifki.

Neanderthals’ usage of complex adhesives reveals higher cognitive abilities, scientists discover
22nd February 2024 | Ancient, Humans

Neanderthals created stone tools held together by a multi-component adhesive, a team of scientists has discovered. Its findings, which are the earliest evidence of a complex adhesive in Europe, suggest these predecessors to modern humans had a higher level of cognition and cultural development than previously thought. See the study here.

ADHD may have been an evolutionary advantage, research suggests
21st February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

Traits common to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as distractibility or impulsivity, might have been an evolutionary advantage for our ancestors by improving their tactics when foraging for food. See the study here. 

Why is a mushroom growing on a frog? Scientists don’t know, but it sure looks weird
21st February 2024 | | Animal Life, Weird

First ever documented evidence of a fungus, suspected to be a Mycena species, growing on the body of a seemingly healthy frog

Ancient language found on 2,100-year-old bronze hand may be related to Basque
21st February 2024 | | Ancient, Humans

In a new study published Tuesday (Feb. 20) in the journal Antiquity, researchers revealed that the inscription is the oldest and longest ever found in a Vasconic language, a group of languages that includes modern Basque.

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