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Extraterrestrial Stone Found in Egypt May Be First Evidence on Earth of Rare Supernova
19th May 2022 | | Ancient, Space

‘Standard candle’ (or type Ia) supernova explosions are some of the most energetic events in the Universe, happening when a dense white dwarf star subsumes another star. Now, scientists think they’re found the first evidence on Earth of such a supernova.

Milky Way photographer of the year 2022 – in pictures
19th May 2022 | | Humans, Space

The Milky Way season ranges from February to October in the northern hemisphere and from January to November in the southern hemisphere

First complex ecosystems formed in Ediacaran – millions of years earlier than thought
18th May 2022 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

New research coming out of the University of Cambridge, UK, suggests that complex ecosystems emerged earlier than we thought, in a period of Earth’s history called the Ediacaran.

Ancient Tooth Once Belonged to The Mysterious Denisovans, Scientists Think
18th May 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Deep in the forests of Laos, in a cave in the Annamite Mountains, lay a single child’s tooth. That tooth – an unassuming molar – could be from a mysterious species of human we know little about, and of which few remains are known to exist.

Found: Largest known Native American cave art, hidden in plain sight
18th May 2022 | Ancient, Humans

A recent advance in 3D imaging techniques helped spark the biggest ever discovery of North American cave art

The study of nonhuman intelligence could be missing major insights
17th May 2022 | Animal Life, Humans, Tech

From machines to animals, there are many kinds of possible minds.

Tomb of ancient Egyptian dignitary who read top secret documents discovered
17th May 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

A team of archaeologists in Egypt has discovered the 4,300-year-old tomb of a man named Mehtjetju, an official who claimed that he had access to “secret” royal documents.

‘Homo sapiens is too arrogant: Call us Homo faber, the toolmaker’
17th May 2022 | Ancient, Humans

We need to dispel the arrogant and misguided idea that modern humans are superior to earlier human species.

Potentially Alive 830-Million-Year-Old Organisms Found Trapped in Ancient Rock
16th May 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

An incredible discovery has just revealed a potential new source for understanding life on ancient Earth.

Underground city unearthed in Turkey may have been refuge for early Christians
16th May 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists in southeastern Turkey have unearthed a vast underground city that was built almost 2,000 years ago.

Ancient Genes Reveal Early Farmers’ Origins as More Complicated Than We Thought
16th May 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Once thought to have originated and spread culturally from a single population in what’s now the Middle East, farming drastically changed our world and continues to do so to this day, for both better and worse.

Black hole: First picture of Milky Way monster
13th May 2022 | | Humans, Space

This is the gargantuan black hole that lives at the centre of our galaxy, pictured for the very first time. Known as Sagittarius A*, the object is a staggering four million times the mass of our Sun.

Europe’s first psychedelic drug trial firm to open in London
13th May 2022 | | Humans, Misc.

Startup Clerkenwell Health hopes to help make UK a world leader in psychedelics research.

Giant sinkhole with a forest inside found in China
13th May 2022 | | Earth, Humans, Weird

The sinkhole is 630 feet (192 meters) deep, according to the Xinhua news agency, deep enough to just swallow St. Louis’ Gateway Arch.

Why seeing the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole is such a big deal
13th May 2022 | Humans, Space, Weird

The astrophysics community is abuzz. On May 12 at noon, the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration will hold a news conference at which a major announcement will be made.

Several Mysterious Human-Made Pits Have Been Revealed Near Stonehenge
13th May 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

Stonehenge has been intensively studied for centuries. Yet even now, we are still discovering new aspects of the famous site. An archaeological ‘biopsy’ of the surrounding landscape has revealed a hidden network of large pits encircling the stone structure.

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