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Mysterious particles spewing from Antarctica defy physics
24th January 2020 | | Earth, Tech, Weird

Our best model of particle physics is bursting at the seams as it struggles to contain all the weirdness in the universe. Now, it seems more likely than ever that it might pop, thanks to a series of strange events in Antarctica. .

Fossilized Footprints Show Neanderthals Climbing An Active Volcano
24th January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Local people called them “Ciampate del Diavolo” or the devil’s trail, as only a supernatural entity could leave its footprints in apparent solid rocks.

Mummy returns: Voice of 3,000-year-old Egyptian priest brought to life
24th January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Scientists have fulfilled a mummified Egyptian priest’s wish for life after death – by replicating his voice with artificial vocal cords.

23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

A chance encounter has led to the discovery of a small sandstone cave in the middle of the Sinai in Egypt. The cave is colorfully decorated with paintings of people and donkeys, some of which date back to 10,000 BCE.

The world’s oldest asteroid strike in Western Australia may have triggered a global thaw
23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Earth

Our new study puts a precise age on the cataclysmic impact – showing Yarrabubba is the oldest known crater and dating it at the right time to trigger the end of an ancient glacial period and the warming of the entire planet.

First ancient genomes from West Africa reveal complexity of human ancestry
23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

The ancient DNA of four children who lived thousands of years ago in western Cameroon has unearthed many more questions than answers.

Thousands of ancient Aboriginal sites probably damaged in Australian fires
23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Indigenous communities and archaeologists fear thousands of historic Aboriginal sites and artefacts have been damaged — or destroyed — by fires that have ravaged Australia

Ancient Proteins Reveal 6,000-year-old Ring Was Made From Deer Antler or Bone
23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The discovery is latest success in a method that’s revolutionizing archaeology and paleontology.

23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Scientists have revealed tin ingots from more than 3,000 years ago found in Israel. They have established that ancient tin ingots found in Israel actually came from what is now modern-day Britain.

Deep Antarctic drilling will reveal climate secrets trapped in 1.5 million-year-old ice
23rd January 2020 | Ancient, Earth

An ambitious mission to drill into the Antarctic ice sheet to extract some of the oldest ice on the planet will provide vital clues about a mysterious shift in the behaviour of our planet’s climate.

Maps Are Biased Against Animals
23rd January 2020 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Protecting the ecosystems we share starts with acknowledging that humans aren’t the only species with pathways and landmarks.

17,000 years old artefacts found in Gunung Pulai, Baling
23rd January 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

The National Heritage Department has found more than 100 prehistoric Paleolithic artefacts estimated at 17,000 years old in several caves in Gunung Pulai, Baling.

Moon ‘shrooms? Fungi eyed to help build lunar bases and Mars outposts
22nd January 2020 | | Earth, Space, Tech

NASA researchers are investigating the potential of mycelia — the mass of nutrient-absorbing, widely branching underground threads that make up much of a fungus’s bulk — to help construct outposts on the moon and Mars.

Ancient Australian Crystals Unlock History of Earth’s First Magnetic Field
22nd January 2020 | | Ancient, Earth

Tiny crystals in Australia are helping scientists unlock the ancient history of our planet’s first magnetic field, which disappeared hundreds of millions of years ago.

Psychedelics Can Be Used to Treat PTSD, Finds Yet Another Clinical Trial
22nd January 2020 | | Humans, Misc.

New research presented by the Medical University of South Carolina’s Dr Michael Mithoefer says that psychedelics like MDMA and psilocybin mushrooms can be used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Out of Deep-Sea Mud, a Strange Blob May Hold Secrets to the Origins of Complex Life
22nd January 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

A microbe found in the muddy depths of the Pacific Ocean doesn’t look like much other than a blob with tentacles. But this unassuming little organism may hold the secrets to how the first multicellular life-forms evolved, according to new research.

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