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Land excavator discovers ancient Native American canoe in Belle Rose; nearly 1,500 years old
17th September 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

A boat used by the Chitimacha tribe who lived along the Atchafalaya Basin has been found and radiocarbon dated to between 430 and 622 AD.

So much for free speech
17th September 2018 | | Humans

It has come to this — a circle of Australian politicians bullying a 9-year-old girl. Such is the case of Harper Nielsen, a pupil who has done what we always claim we want our young students to do: She thought for herself, formed a view and acted on it.

Mayan altar hints at ancient intrigue
17th September 2018 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

An altar found at Guatemala’s La Corona site suggests the Mayan dynasty of Kaanul, known as the Snake Kings, acted like its namesake in slowly squeezing the rival kingdom of Tikal, archaeologists said.

Early cheese making may have helped lactose-intolerant farmers spread
17th September 2018 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans, Tech

Cheese may have helped fuel the spread of agriculture across Europe.

Scottish clan gets first chief in 337 years, after genealogist keeps promise to find the rightful heir
17th September 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

A millionaire landowner has been announced as the chief of Clan Buchanan which has been without a head since 1681 after the 15th chief John Buchanan died, leaving no male heir or arrangements for his title to be passed on.

Fasces, Fascism, and How the Alt-Right Continues to Appropriate Ancient Roman Symbols
17th September 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The use of fasces by alt-right groups is another attempt to commandeer the insignia of ancient Rome to connect their movements to the bygone power and legitimacy of the Roman empire.

Spectacular ice age wolf pup and caribou dug up in Canada
17th September 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life

It is extremely rare for fur, skin and muscle tissues to be preserved in the fossil record, but all three are present on these specimens, which have been radiocarbon-dated to more than 50,000 years old.

73,000-Year-Old Doodle May Be World’s Oldest Drawing
17th September 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

A flake of stone from a cave in South Africa has experts debating when humans developed distinctly modern pursuits.

Harper Nielsen: Australian schoolgirl’s national anthem protest
14th September 2018 | | Humans

Harper, whose parents said they were proud of her for showing incredible bravery, said she felt it was time to raise awareness and get people thinking.

Reviving Japan’s Ancient Ama Fisherwomen Culture
14th September 2018 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Ohno is part of an elite group of women known as ama uminchu, who for thousands of years have hunted for seafood and pearls in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

14th September 2018 | | Humans

Two Native American tribes have filed a lawsuit to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, previously approved by President Donald Trump.

14th September 2018 | Humans

The country’s largest Native American organization said on Tuesday that it strongly disagrees with the U.S. Department of the Interior’s decision to reverse the ruling on land being held in trust for the Cape Cod tribe.

Strange Binary Asteroid Shows Solar System Upheaval Happened Early
14th September 2018 | | Ancient, Space

Uranus and Neptune were pushed farther from the sun, ran into what later became the Kuiper Belt, kicked some of its objects inward and in doing so created Trojan asteroids.

North American Indigenous Peoples Used Turtle Shells as Symbolic Musical Instruments
14th September 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

According to a new study, turtles served as more than tasty treats for Native American tribes throughout North America; in fact, turtle shells were used as rattles and other musical instruments.

New find clears Madagascar’s first settlers of wiping out world’s largest bird
14th September 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Researchers report that ancient butchered bones show people made their home on the lush island of Madagascar 10,500 years ago, an astonishing 8 millennia earlier than once thought.

Mission to Slam Spacecraft Into Asteroid Has Begun Final Design and Construction
14th September 2018 | Space, Tech

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will head to a two-asteroid system, consisting of the 800-meter-across (half-mile) Didymos and the 160-meter (124-foot) body orbiting it and crash into the smaller asteroid in an attempt to deflect it.

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