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New genetic research on remote Pacific islands yields surprising findings on world’s earliest seafarers
3rd July 2022 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

New genetic research from remote islands in the Pacific offers fresh insights into the ancestry and culture of the world’s earliest seafarers, including family structure, social customs, and the ancestral populations of the people living there today.

Image from: Image:Oceania ISO 3166-1.svg (Wiki Commons)

The Largest Alcohol Molecule Found in Space Yet May Be The Key to Star Formation
3rd July 2022 | | Space, Weird

There’s alcohol up in space. No, it’s not bottles of wine discarded by careless astronauts; rather, it’s in microscopic molecular form. Now researchers think they’ve discovered the largest alcohol molecule in space yet, in the form of propanol.

Great auks and seal-headed men: a window into ice age Provence
3rd July 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

The Cosquer cave near Marseille astonished the diver who discovered it with its ancient depictions of sea and land animals. Now it has been painstakingly recreated in the French port for all to enjoy

Explosion of life on Earth linked to heavy metal act at planet’s centre
3rd July 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Formation of solid iron core 550m years ago restored magnetic field and protected surface.

Scientists decipher, catalog the diverse origins of Earth’s minerals; will inform models of life’s history, help find new minerals,​ habitable planets, extraterrestrial life
2nd July 2022 | | Earth, Humans

An innovative new perspective on mineralogy, findings rank amongst the field’s most important in the last century.

Rise of the dinosaurs traced back to their adaptation to cold
2nd July 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Fossil hunters have traced the rise of the dinosaurs back to the freezing winters the beasts endured while roaming around the far north

Research into oldest known burial field in the Netherlands sheds new light on traditional gender roles
2nd July 2022 | Ancient, Humans

New archaeological research into grave goods and skeletal material from the oldest grave field in the Netherlands shows that male-female roles 7,000 years ago were less traditional than was thought.

Ancient kangaroo species from Papua New Guinea jumps into view
30th June 2022 | Ancient, Animal Life

The extinct animal is not as closely related to Australian roos as once thought.

New map of ancient trees an opportunity for conservation
30th June 2022 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

A new map shows there could be around two million trees with exceptional environmental and cultural value previously unrecorded in England. That’s ten times as many as currently on official records. This tree-map is sounding a rare note of optimism in the conservation world.

Mysterious artifacts hint at the ‘fairy world’ of ancient China
30th June 2022 | | Ancient, Humans

A bronze sculpture of a snake with a human head, along with a large number of other artifacts including finds made of bronze, jade and gold, have been discovered in a series of pits at the archaeological site Sanxingdui in Sichuan, China.

Dogs Could Have Joined Humans More Than Once, Ancient Wolf DNA Has Revealed
30th June 2022 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Ancient DNA, including that of wolves preserved in permafrost for tens of thousands of years, is shedding some light on how wild wolves became some of our best non-human friends.

How the music of an ancient rock painting was brought to life
30th June 2022 | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists spend a lot of time examining the remains of distant pasts, which includes the study of rock paintings. This is largely visual work – but sometimes we can “hear” the ancient past using acoustic methods.

Do we need a new theory of evolution?
29th June 2022 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

A new wave of scientists argues that mainstream evolutionary theory needs an urgent overhaul. Their opponents have dismissed them as misguided careerists – and the conflict may determine the future of biology.

World’s oldest trees reveal the largest solar storm in history
29th June 2022 | Animal Life, Earth, Humans, Space
While humanity reckons with many problems here on Earth — war, political turmoil, an ongoing pandemic, all alongside the energy, climate, and water crises — it’s important to remember just how relentless the Universe can be.
What If Neanderthals Created The World’s First Musical Instrument?
29th June 2022 | Ancient, Humans

A fifty-thousand-year-old bone flute changes perceptions of an ancestor and explains why music is a powerful force.

Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms
29th June 2022 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Using light-capturing proteins in living microbes, scientists have reconstructed what life was like for some of Earth’s earliest organisms. These efforts could help us recognize signs of life on other planets, whose atmospheres may more closely resemble our pre-oxygen planet.

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