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31st May 2023 | Humans, Misc.

Administering a single 25mg dose of psilocybin paired with psychological support has resulted in 57% of patients sustaining remission of depression, with 64% experiencing a robust clinical response 18 months later.

Study finds Neanderthals manufactured synthetic material with underground distillation
31st May 2023 | Ancient, Humans

Researchers at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and colleagues in Germany have taken a closer look at the birch tar used to affix Neanderthal tools and found a much more complex technique for creating the adhesive than previously considered. See the paper here.

Oldest evidence of plague in Britain found in 4,000-year-old human remains
31st May 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

Traces of Yersinia pestis bacteria were found in the teeth of people buried at bronze age sites in Cumbria and Somerset.

Stars could be invisible within 20 years as light pollution brightens night skies
30th May 2023 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

The increased use of light-emitting diodes is obscuring our view of the Milky Way as well as taking a toll on human and wildlife health.

153,000-year-old footprints from South Africa are the oldest Homo sapiens tracks on record
30th May 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

In an article published April 25 in the journal Ichnos, an international team of researchers used optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) to figure out when the impressions were made.

Archeologists Map Hidden Landscape Where The First Australians Emerged
30th May 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists have mapped a hidden landscape where Australia’s first people made inroads more than 60,000 years ago. The study was published in PLOS One.

Psychedelic substance 5-MeO-DMT induces long-lasting neural plasticity in mice
29th May 2023 | | Humans, Misc.

The psychedelic substances 5-MeO-DMT causes a long-lasting increase in the number of tiny protrusions called dendritic spines in the brain, according to new research published in Neuropsychopharmacology.

More than 5,000 new species found in ‘pristine’ deep-sea wilderness. But they could soon be wiped out.
25th May 2023 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans, Weird

More than 5,000 undescribed animal species have been discovered in the depths of a massive “pristine wilderness” in the Pacific Ocean, a new study shows. But researchers warn they could soon be wiped out by deep-sea mining.


Saddle unearthed in China may be oldest ever found
25th May 2023 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

An international team of archaeologists has found what may be the earliest known saddle at a dig site in China. In their paper published in the journal Archaeological Research in Asia, the group describes where the ancient saddle was found, its condition and how it was made.

Mushrooms Seem to Be Able to Regulate Their Own Temperature
25th May 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

New research reveals that mushrooms and other fungi can keep themselves cooler than their surroundings. The discovery could tell us more about these organisms’ evolution and how they might respond to continued global warming.

Betelgeuse Is Being Weird Again. What Gives?
23rd May 2023 | | Ancient, Space, Weird

Since what has come to be known as the Great Dimming that took place in the latter half of 2019 and early 2020, the red giant star Betelgeuse just will not stop with the wackiness.

Black holes might be defects in spacetime
23rd May 2023 | Space, Weird

A team of theoretical physicists have discovered a strange structure in space-time that to an outside observer would look exactly like a black hole, but upon closer inspection would be anything but: they would be defects in the very fabric of the universe. Read the paper here.

The psychedelic renaissance is at risk of missing the bigger picture
22nd May 2023 | | Humans, Misc.

What we lose when psychedelics are medicalized.

Understanding the neurobiology of psychedelics: Insights from brain network reconfigurations
22nd May 2023 | | Humans, Misc.

Scientists have identified specific patterns of brain network reconfigurations that occur when people take both classical and non-classical psychedelic drugs. Their findings, published in NeuroImage, shed new light on how psychedelics affect the brain and consciousness.

Humanity’s earliest recorded kiss occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 years ago, claims new study
22nd May 2023 | Ancient, Humans

Dr. Sophie Lund Rasmussen, who in a new article in the journal Science, draws on a range of written sources from the earliest Mesopotamian societies, kissing was already a well-established practice 4,500 years ago in the Middle East. And probably much earlier, moving the earliest documentation for kissing back 1,000 years compared to what was previously acknowledged in the scientific community.

Humans were using fire in Europe 50,000 years earlier than we thought – new research
22nd May 2023 | Ancient, Humans

A team has found evidence of the controlled use of fire by direct human ancestors – or hominins – at a site in Spain dating to 250,000 years ago. This pushes the earliest evidence of fire control in Europe back by 50,000 years. The findings have been published in Nature Scientific Reports.

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