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The 2-Million-Year-Old Human Family Tree
28th March 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

A 2022 attempt at creating a sweeping family tree for the human race, and at least three others, reached back 2 million years, long before Homo sapiens are believed to have originated in Africa 200,000 years ago.

New clues to the behavioral variability of Neanderthal hunting parties
28th March 2023 | Ancient, Humans

A paper published in the journal Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences undertakes a spatial analysis of the faunal remains and lithic tools for the Neanderthal occupation of level F at the Navalmaíllo Rock Shelter site (Pinilla del Valle, Madrid), which is about 76,000 years old.

Oldest Ichthyosaur Known to Science Discovered on Remote Arctic Island
28th March 2023 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Bones found on the remote Arctic island of Spitsbergen suggest the ancient marine reptiles known as ichthyosaurs roamed Earth’s oceans for much longer than we thought.

Chia seedlings verify Alan Turing’s ideas about patterns in nature
27th March 2023 | | Earth, Humans

Chia seeds sprouted in trays have experimentally confirmed a mathematical model proposed by computer scientist and polymath Alan Turing decades ago. The model describes how patterns might emerge in desert vegetation, leopard spots and zebra stripes.

It Turns Out Mushrooms Have a Language—And We’re Just Figuring Out How to Decipher It
27th March 2023 | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

It’s easy to see why most folks think of mushrooms as some type of weird plant, popping out from under the soil when it rains and found in the vegetable aisle of the grocery store…

Mathematicians have finally discovered an elusive ‘einstein’ tile
24th March 2023 | | Humans, Misc.

A 13-sided shape known as “the hat” has mathematicians tipping their caps. It’s the first true example of an “einstein,” a single shape that forms a special tiling of a plane: Like bathroom floor tile, it can cover an entire surface with no gaps or overlaps but only with a pattern that never repeats.

Scientists may have uncovered the oldest evidence of a meteor hitting Earth ever
24th March 2023 | | Ancient, Earth

Scientists in Australia have unearthed 3.48 billion-year-old rock fragments that may be the earliest evidence of a meteorite crashing into Earth.

The ‘Stonehenge calendar’ shown to be a modern construct
24th March 2023 | Ancient, Humans

Over the years, several theories have been put forward about Stonehenge’s meaning and function. Today, however, archaeologists have a rather clear picture of this monument as a “place for the ancestors,” located within a complex ancient landscape which included several other elements. See the study here.

Octopus Farming Is Deeply Disturbing. A Professor Explains Why.
24th March 2023 | | Animal Life, Humans

Scientists at Dartmouth College in the US have studied how octopuses experience reality in a specialist lab…They question the appropriateness of this for a species that has a sophisticated capacity for processing information, rudimentary tool use, complex visual pathways and, not least, the capacity for pain.

Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple
24th March 2023 | | Ancient, Humans

A spectacular series of relief paintings on the ceiling of an ancient Egyptian temple depict 12 signs of the zodiac, and you might be surprised to recognize some of them.

Advanced brain imaging study hints at how DMT psychedelic alters perception of reality
21st March 2023 | Humans, Misc.

In a study at Imperial College London, detailed brain imaging data from 20 healthy volunteers revealed how the potent psychedelic compound DMT (dimethyltryptamine) alters brain function.

Risk of Giant Asteroids Hitting Earth Could Be Worse Than We Realized
21st March 2023 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Space

Our planet hides its scars well. It’s a shame, actually, as evidence of previous asteroid strikes might help us better plan for the next catastrophic impact. In fact, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center chief scientist, James Garvin, thinks we might have been misreading traces of some of the more serious asteroid strikes that have occurred within the past million years

Study hints at the promise of non-hallucinogenic LSD for treating mood disorders
20th March 2023 | Humans, Misc.

Researchers have recently conducted a study exploring the potential of a non-hallucinogenic version of LSD for treating mood disorders. Their findings, published in Cell Reports, suggest that non-hallucinogenic LSD could have positive effects of mood, while also reducing the need for medical supervision while taking the drug.

Equinox: Definition, facts & what happens during one
20th March 2023 | | Earth, Humans

Equinoxes occur twice a year, with daylight and darkness being about the same length in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. This phenomenon’s name comes from the Latin words “aequus” (equal) and “nox” (night). In 2023, the spring equinox occurs at 5:24 p.m. EDT (21:24 UTC) on March 20. The autumn, or fall, equinox will happen at 2:50 a.m. EDT on Sept. 23, 2023.

Genomic study of ancient humans sheds light on human evolution on the Tibetan Plateau
18th March 2023 | Ancient, Humans

Our understanding of their origins and history on the plateau is patchy. DNA sampling from ancient humans has been limited to a thin slice of the southwestern plateau in the Himalayas. Now a study has filled this gap by sequencing the genomes of 89 ancient humans dating back to 5100 BP.

A moon-forming cataclysm could have also triggered Earth’s plate tectonics
18th March 2023 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Vestiges of a moon-forming cataclysm could have kick-started plate tectonics on Earth. See research here.

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