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Giant sea scorpions were the underwater titans of prehistoric Australia
6th July 2020 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Let’s turn back time. Before extinction knocked dinosaurs off their pillar, before the “Great Dying” extinction wiped out 95% of all organisms—we had the Paleozoic Era.

11,000-year-old mine in underwater cave surprises archaeologists
4th July 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

The ancient site, preserved like a time capsule deep in a Mexican cave system, gives a rare glimpse into the lives and actions of some of the first residents of the Americas.

Image by Ryan Cantey (Wikki Commons)

Unearthing the ancient ‘pharaohs’ of the Emerald Isle
4th July 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

From elaborate burials to family affairs, new DNA analysis suggests that Irish kings may have had more in common with their Egyptian counterparts.

Greenland drilling campaign aims for bedrock to trace ice sheet’s last disappearance
4th July 2020 | | Ancient, Earth

The effort could shed light on the timing of the asteroid or comet impact that gouged the Hiawatha crater, a 31-kilometer scar hidden under the ice, sometime within the past 3 million years. Some scientists think the event was recent and the trigger for a bout of global cooling 13,000 years ago known as the “Younger Dryas.”

Aboriginal artifacts reveal first ancient underwater cultural sites in Australia
2nd July 2020 | Ancient, Humans

The first underwater Aboriginal archeological sites have been discovered off northwest Australia dating back thousands of years ago when the current seabed was dry land.

How the Consumption and Extinction of Giant Animals Changed Human Evolution
2nd July 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Some think Homo erectus and its ilk dined chiefly on plants like latter-day hunter-gatherers. Israeli archaeologists argue that if they did, it wasn’t by choice.

Thousands of ancient artefacts from Roman treasure to shipwreck bounty to be revealed by X-rays
2nd July 2020 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Thousands of artefacts encased in centuries of concrete-like deposits – ranging from Roman antiquities to the contents of a 280-year-old shipwreck – are to have their secrets revealed by a state-of-the-art X-ray system.

Dinosaurs wiped out by asteroid, not volcanoes, researchers say
30th June 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Space

A 66m-year-old murder mystery has finally been solved, researchers say, revealing an enormous asteroid struck the killer blow for the dinosaurs.

New technique finds first non-tobacco residue in ancient pipes
30th June 2020 | Ancient, Humans

Researchers at Washington State University have, through an examination of pipes from 1400 year-old archaeological sites, discovered that Native Americans in what is now Washington State weren’t just smoking tobacco.

Image Frome ”Rhus glabra” USDA photo (Wiki Commons)

Citizen scientist strikes gold and makes major 460-million-year-old fossil find
28th June 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Patrick Nelson did not know exactly what he was looking at, but he knew it was special.

Sledge dogs are closely related to 9,500-year-old ‘ancient dog’
28th June 2020 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Dogs play an important role in human life all over the world—whether as a family member or as a working animal. But where the dog comes from and how old various groups of dogs are is still a bit of a mystery.

Was there a Viking Age in Norway — 2000 years before the Vikings?
28th June 2020 | Ancient, Humans

In recent years, archaeologists who study Norway during the Bronze Age have discovered a great deal of new information. Some now have a completely different perspective on this period.

The chicken first crossed the road in Southeast Asia, ‘landmark’ gene study finds
26th June 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life

It is the world’s most common farm animal as well as humanity’s largest single source of animal protein. Some 24 billion strong, it outnumbers all other birds by an order of magnitude. Yet for 2 centuries, biologists have struggled to explain how the chicken became the chicken.

How DNA revealed the woolly mammoth’s fate – and what it teaches us today
26th June 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Dr Beth Shapiro is a paleo-geneticist who uses genomics techniques to understand how species became extinct to help conservation efforts today. By extracting DNA from a frozen lake on an Alaskan island, her team uncovered the secret of how its population of woolly mammoths died out.

Image from Flickr (Wiki Commons)

Exquisite 2300-Year-Old Scythian Woman’s Boot Preserved in the Frozen Ground of the Altai Mountains
26th June 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

In the age of fast fashion, when planned obsolescence, cheap materials, and shoddy construction have become the norm, how startling to encounter a stylish women’s boot that’s truly built to last.

Exclusive: Skull from perplexing ritual site reconstructed
25th June 2020 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

He’s physically imposing, somewhere in his 50s, with a wiry grey beard disappearing into his wild boar cloak. His broad chest is dabbed with chalk, and his pale blue eyes are narrowed, as if he’s spotting something in the distance. Dubbed “Ludvig,“ he lived in northern Europe some 8,000 years ago.

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