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Hippocrates and willow bark?
27th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

What you know about history of aspirin is probably wrong.

Red and black ink from Egyptian papyri unveil ancient writing practices
27th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

Scientists led by the ESRF, the European Synchrotron, Grenoble, France and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, have discovered the composition of red and black inks in ancient Egyptian papyri from circa 100-200 AD, leading to a number of hypotheses about writing practices.

Tools made by some of North America’s earliest inhabitants were made only during a 300-year period
26th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

There is much debate surrounding the age of the Clovis—a prehistoric culture named for stone tools found near Clovis, New Mexico in the early 1930s—who once occupied North America during the end of the last Ice Age.

Sacrificial llamas found buried in Peru shed light on Incan rituals
24th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

That the Inca sacrificed people to appease their gods is well known, but a discovery in Peru sheds new light on a far more common sacrificial practice: the ritual offering of highly prized and ornately decorated llamas.

Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters
22nd October 2020 | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Ancient Maya in the once-bustling city of Tikal built sophisticated water filters using natural materials they imported from miles away, according to the University of Cincinnati.

Turbulent environment set the stage for leaps in human evolution 320,000 years ago
22nd October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

People thrive all across the globe, at every temperature, altitude and landscape. How did human beings become so successful at adapting to whatever environment we wind up in?

New evidence found of the ritual significance of a classic Maya sweat bath in Guatemala
20th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Sweat baths have a long history of use in Mesoamerica. Commonly used by midwives in postpartum and perinatal care in contemporary Maya communities, these structures are viewed as grandmother figures, a pattern that can also be traced to earlier periods of history.

Egypt says another trove of ancient coffins found in Saqqara
20th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

Egyptian archaeologists have unearthed another trove of ancient coffins in a vast necropolis south of Cairo, authorities said Monday.

Image from Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Egypt – panoramio (10).jpg (Wiki Commons)

New dating results for two Lower Palaeolithic sites in France
20th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

“The initial purpose of this study was to refine the chronology of these two sites, which are amongst the oldest evidence of human presence in Western Europe, north of the 45°N latitude, before 500,000 years ago,”

Huge cat found etched into desert among Nazca Lines in Peru
19th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Feline geoglyph from 200-100BC emerges during work at Unesco world heritage site

Was Jesus a magician?
19th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Ancient art throughout the catacombs of Rome, painted on the walls and carved into stone coffins, shows Jesus as he multiplies loaves of bread, heals the sick and brings the dead back to life. These images are unified by one surprising element: In each of them, Jesus appears to brandish a wand.

Melting Alpine glaciers yield archaeologic troves, but clock ticking
19th October 2020 | Ancient, Humans

The group climbed the steep mountainside, clambering across an Alpine glacier, before finding what they were seeking: a crystal vein filled with the precious rocks needed to sculpt their tools.

The world’s earliest ‘babies’ were fish from Orkney
17th October 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life

The earliest “babies” known to science have been uncovered in the remains of a primitive fish found in Orkney.

Incredible details of 10,000-year-old trek revealed in fossil footprints
17th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

More than 10,000 years ago, a woman or young man—a toddler balanced on one hip—set out on a harried trip northward through what is now White Sands National Park, New Mexico.

The Enigma of Peru’s Nazca Lines, Giant Geoglyphs Etched in Desert Sand
15th October 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

The drawings depict birds, monkeys, killer whales and more. Theories about their ultimate purpose abound.

How rodents the size of bears arrived in the Caribbean
15th October 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

The islands of the Caribbean used to be home to a huge array of unusual animals, including a group of rodents that weighed up to 200 kilograms.

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