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Ancient news stories

No single birthplace of mankind, say scientists
12th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

Researchers say it is time to drop the idea that modern humans originated from a single population in a single location.

Mexico earthquake leads to discovery of ancient temple
12th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

The temple is nestled inside the Teopanzolco pyramid in Morelos state, 70km south of Mexico City. It is thought to date back to 1150 and to belong to the Tlahuica culture, one of the Aztec peoples living in central Mexico.

Ancient Romans May Have Hunted Whales to Oblivion in the Mediterranean
12th July 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life

Romans hunted gray and right whales to extinction in local waters, archaeologists postulate after studying mysterious bones in ancient Roman fish-salting factories in Gibraltar.

The study of neanderthals’ tartar reveals the widespread consumption of plants as a subsistence strategy
10th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

This research shows that the use of plants was a widespread, deeply-rooted subsistence strategy of the Neanderthals.

Two-headed ancient Egyptian mummy shown to public for 1st time
10th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

A mummy from ancient Egypt combining the heads of a girl and a crocodile was photographed for the first time. The mummy has been hidden from the public eye for more than a century.

Polish Archaeologists Find Medieval ‘Witch’ Skeleton
10th July 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The skeleton had holes drilled in her bones so she couldn’t rise from the dead. In Poland, women accused of witchcraft were reportedly typically the lovers or wives of wealthy members of society.

Roman-Era Clay Tablet With Verses From Homer’s Odyssey Unearthed In Ancient Olympia
10th July 2018 | Ancient, Humans

Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient tablet engraved with 13 verses of the Odyssey in the ancient city of Olympia, southern Greece, in what could be the earliest record of the epic poem.

Scientists in Argentina discover ‘first giant’ dinosaur, pushing evolution of gigantism back 30 million years
10th July 2018 | | Ancient, Animal Life

The find, published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, has prompted paleontologists to rethink the evolution of dinosaurs.

The Stonehenge dead tell their stories
9th July 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The skeletons were all excavated in in 2015, but the long, slow process of investigating them has only now been completed.

Swiss Archaeologists’ Refrigerator Theory Gets a Cool Result
9th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

The theory could help experts understand the enigmatic pits that have long baffled investigators.

Discoveries by archaeology team give new clues on life in ancient Jewish village
9th July 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The discoveries indicate villagers flourished under early fifth century Christian rule, contradicting a widespread view that Jewish settlement in the region declined during that period.

Cross species transfer of genes has driven evolution
9th July 2018 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Far from just being the product of our parents, widespread transfer of genes between species has radically changed the genomes of today’s mammals, and been an important driver of evolution.

Fifty years ago, at Lake Mungo, the true scale of Aboriginal Australians’ epic story was revealed
9th July 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The 40,000-year-old “Mungo Lady” and the equally ancient remains of Mungo Man, found nearby in 1974, doubled scientific estimates of how long Aboriginal people had called Australia home.

3-million-year-old skeleton reveals the story of ancient toddlers’ lifestyles
6th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

Over 3 million years ago, our ancient ancestors and their toddlers were standing on two feet and walking upright, it has been revealed.

56-million-year-old fossils complicate long-held theories about mammalian body size
6th July 2018 | Ancient, Animal Life

The discovery of a new species of mammal in Alberta’s fossil record has shaken up some long-held beliefs about other species in its lineage.

Paleolithic stoneware found in northeast China
5th July 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Researchers have found stoneware that was made in the late period of the Old Stone Age dating back 10,000 to 20,000 years, meaning the area was long inhabited by people in ancient times.

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