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Common Earth Draws on Ancient Wisdom to Save Planet
17th October 2019 | Earth, Humans

The Commonwealth has launched a regenerative climate change model called Common Earth, which marries the ancient wisdom of indigenous groups with emerging innovations, technologies and scientific approaches.

Medical Cannabis Could be the Key to Stopping a US-Style Opioid Crisis in the UK
14th October 2019 | | Earth, Humans

In American states where marijuana is legal for medical uses, prescriptions for opioids and anti-depressants have fallen 30 per cent. It’s time our health secretary woke up.

New Evidence Shows How Asteroid Dust Cloud May Have Sparked New Life on Earth 470m Years Ago
14th October 2019 | | Earth, Space, Tech

Isotope found in seabed sediment points to clash of solar bodies near Mars, study suggests.

Greta Thunberg Heads to Standing Rock to Support Indigenous Activists
10th October 2019 | Earth, Humans

On Sunday, Greta Thunberg joined Iron Eyes on a panel on the climate crisis hosted by the Lakota People’s Law Project at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where Iron Eyes lives.

Fracking Fears Grow for Rivers in Queensland’s Channel Country
10th October 2019 | | Earth, Humans

Labor pledged to reinstate ‘wild rivers’ protections, but is yet to follow through, angering Indigenous and environmental groups.

Mysterious Lights Over Chile That May Have Caused Fires Were Unnatural, Experts Say
4th October 2019 | Earth, Space

Further investigation by Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mining reports that there is no evidence that space rocks, or any other natural cause, could be attributed to the fires.

New Research Turns Tasmanian Aboriginal History on its Head. The Results Will Help Care for the Land
4th October 2019 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

The way Tasmanian Aboriginal people hunted, gathered and used fire influenced today’s plant and animal communities. This has big implications for conservation today.

Native American Tribes Support National Park Status For Cahokia Mounds
3rd October 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Cahokia Mounds protects more than 70 mounds built by the ancient Mississippians 1,000 years ago, but it has never received the recognition it deserves as one of the world’s most significant cultural sites.

Did a Large Meteorite Hit the Earth 12,800 Years Ago? Here’s New Evidence
3rd October 2019 | Earth, Space

New research sheds light on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis and what platinum can tell us about it.

How 3 Native American Tribes are Fighting to Protect Sacred Land from Logging, Oil Pipelines, and a Billion-Dollar Telescope
28th September 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

The biodiversity of many forests is preserved by native tribes. They say that logging, oil pipelines, and constructions threaten their sustainability.

Canberra Becomes First Aussie City to Make Cannabis Legal
26th September 2019 | | Earth, Humans

The private member’s bill from Labor backbencher Michael Pettersson allows Canberrans over 18 to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants.

Cannabis-Based Drug for Childhood Epilepsy Approved For Use in UK
25th September 2019 | | Earth, Humans

Plant-derived Epidyolex is first medicine of its kind to be given green light by regulators.

Asteroid Dust Helped Trigger Life on Earth 466 Million Years Ago, Say Scientists
25th September 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Space

Dust spawned by a gigantic collision in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 400 million years earlier triggered an ice age on Earth.

International Space Agencies Are Going to Smash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid
21st September 2019 | | Earth, Space, Tech

The reason: to test whether a spacecraft impact can deflect an asteroid’s trajectory, as a means to protect Earth from rogue space rocks.

Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs Was as Strong as 10 Billion Atomic Bombs
15th September 2019 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Space

Close examination of the rock layers revealed that the crater was already packed with debris within the first 24 hours, with an estimated 425 feet of material filling the gaping hole within that first day.

There’s a Lost Continent Hiding Beneath Europe
12th September 2019 | | Ancient, Earth

“Greater Adria” existed hundreds of millions of years ago after it broke off from the supercontinent Gondwana.

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