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Using Marijuana to Get High Dates Back Millennia
15th June 2019 | | Ancient, Earth

The estimated levels of THC in these samples were higher than wild cannabis would normally produce, suggesting intentional cultivation of the plant for its psychoactive powers.

12th June 2019 | | Earth, Space

Nasa has warned about the dangers of asteroids in the future – but not this one.

Ancient asteroid crater located off coast of Scotland
12th June 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Space object about a mile wide believed to have crashed into Earth around 1.2bn years ago.

Ancient DNA from Roman and medieval grape seeds reveal ancestry of wine making
12th June 2019 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

A grape variety still used in wine production in France today can be traced back 900 years to just one ancestral plant, scientists have discovered.

Medical Marijuana Gets Backing From Church of England, FT Says
12th June 2019 | | Earth, Humans

Even religious bodies are seeing the light when it comes to cannabis. The Church of England will relax a self-imposed ban and consider investments in medical marijuana.

Ancient Plants Shake Up Scientists’ Understanding of Evolution
12th June 2019 | | Ancient, Earth

An ancient, cosmopolitan lineage of plants is shaking up scientists’ understanding of how quickly species evolve in temperate ecosystems and why.

Why humans (or something very similar) may have been destined to walk the Earth
11th June 2019 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth, Humans

What would happen if the hands of time were turned back to an arbitrary point in our evolutionary history and we restarted the clock?

Ancient molecules reveal surprising details on origins of ‘bizarre’ sloths
11th June 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

The studies suggest a land bridge connected the West Indies with South America 30 million years ago, allowing the slow-moving animals to reach the islands.

Astronomers Warn About Possible Lethal Meteor Shower in June
5th June 2019 | | Earth, Space

Astronomers are now closely monitoring the upcoming Beta Taurids shower after data analysis showed that this year’s event will bring the swarm of meteors closest to Earth.

In hot pursuit of dinosaurs: Tracking extinct species on ancient Earth via biogeography
4th June 2019 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Identifying the movements of extinct species from millions of years ago can provide insights into ancient migration routes, interaction between species, and the movement of continents.

Cave debris may be the oldest known example of people eating starch
4th June 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Charred material found in South Africa suggests humans digested starch long before farming.

Ancient People Watched a Volcano Erupt. This May Be Their Illustration of It.
4th June 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

After a treacherous volcanic eruption during the Bronze Age, curious humans and their canine companions hiked closer to the volcano, where they left footprints in the fine-grained volcanic ash.

Illinois moves closer to becoming next state to legalize marijuana
31st May 2019 | Earth, Humans

The state’s Senate on Wednesday passed legislation on a 38-17 vote that would allow adults to buy and possess small amounts of marijuana.

Cosmic Lightning Storms Sparked Humanity’s Rise To Two-Legged Domination
31st May 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans, Space

Proto-humans’ decision to start walking on two legs is what took us from living in the trees to designing space rockets and it may all have started with a fantastical series of events.

Scientists Find Possible Traces of ‘Lost’ Stone Age Settlement Beneath the North Sea
30th May 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Deep beneath the North Sea, scientists have discovered a fossilized forest that could hold traces of prehistoric early humans who lived there around 10,000 years ago, before the land slipped beneath the waves a few thousand years later.

This Seawater Is 20,000 Years Old, and Has Remained Untouched Since the Last Ice Age
29th May 2019 | | Ancient, Earth

This could provide the first direct look at how the ocean reacted to the geophysical swings of the last ice age, leading to improved climate models to help understand our own changing world.

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