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November 18-20, 2016, Denver, CO, USA

2016 Colorado Earth Keeper Star-Gate Conference
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Featuring : Graham Hancock, Giorgio Tsoukalos, William Henry, John Van Auken, James Tyberonn, Dr Robert Schoch, Scott Wolter, James Van Auken, JoAnn Parks & Max, Michele Nocerino & Sha Na Ra. … and More Amazing Bonus Speakers.


September 15-28, 2017, Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA TOUR with GRAHAM HANCOCK: On the trail of the lost Ark of the Covenant
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Introducing the most exciting tour to Ethiopia ever! Join Graham Hancock on an amazing journey in search of the Ark of the Covenant. It is the first and the only tour that aims to build on the revelations in The Sign and The Seal, the international bestseller that established Graham’s reputation as the world’s leading investigator of our hidden past. Now, 25 years after publishing The Sign and The Seal, you can join Graham in a breathtaking real-life adventure that will take us to Ethiopia’s places of power and ancient mystery guarding the most shattering historical secret of the last three thousand years – the whereabouts, and real nature, of the ‘lost’ Ark of the Covenant.

When future tours or events are planned, updates will appear here and be announced on the alternative news desk.

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