Graham Hancock's Upcoming Tours and Speaking Events

May 6-7, 2017, Vancouver, Canada

Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo
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The Nest, UBC, Vancouver, Canada

Over 50 national and international experts as well as 60 exhibitors will share about the therapeutic, medical, recreational and environmental benefits of Cannabis as Canada paves the way for other global leaders in Legalization.

May 19-21, 2017, Joshua Tree, CA, USA

Contact in the Desert
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An EPIC weekend of exploration into extraterrestrial life, ancient aliens, human origins, secret space program, crop circles, UFO sightings, contact experiences, interstellar living, and the “need to know”.

October 15 – 22, 2017, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Graham Hancock At The All-Inclusive Rythmia Resort
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In this thought provoking mini series, Graham will take you on his journey of historical research and discovery on content he’s curated and authored about humanity’s past and about our present predicament:

When future tours or events are planned, updates will appear here and be announced on the alternative news desk.

In the meantime please check out Graham’s YouTube channel to watch some of his presentations:

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