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Mysterious asteroid the size of a dwarf planet is lurking in our solar system
2nd January 2021 | | Earth, Humans, Space

There’s a giant asteroid somewhere out in the solar system, and it hurled a big rock at Earth. The evidence for this mystery space rock comes from a diamond-studded meteor that exploded over Sudan in 2008.

Evidence for a massive paleo-tsunami at ancient Tel Dor, Israel
31st December 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Paleo-tsunami may be the reason previous archaeological surveys found no evidence for low-lying coastal villages in the area over a 4000 year period.

Woolly rhino from Ice Age unearthed in Russian Arctic
31st December 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

The remarkably preserved carcass of an Ice Age-era woolly rhino has been unearthed by locals in eastern Siberia, researchers have said.

In 1110, The Moon Vanished From The Sky. We May Finally Know Why
30th December 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Almost a millennium ago, a major upheaval occurred in Earth’s atmosphere: a giant cloud of sulphur-rich particles flowed throughout the stratosphere, turning skies dark for months or even years, before ultimately falling down to Earth.

Atlantic discovery: 12 new species ‘hiding in the deep’
28th December 2020 | | Animal Life, Earth

Almost five years of studying the deep Atlantic in unprecedented detail has revealed 12 species new to science.

Plants can be larks or night owls just like us
21st December 2020 | Earth, Humans

Plants have the same variation in body clocks as that found in humans, according to new research that explores the genes governing circadian rhythms in plants.

Even as Kids We Show a Mysterious, Possibly Innate Appreciation of Nature’s Shapes
21st December 2020 | | Earth, Humans

Like listening to music, something is calming about being outdoors, and it might have to do with how we see and perceive natural patterns.

10,800 Years Ago, Early Humans Planted Forest Islands in Amazonia’s Grasslands
21st December 2020 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Researchers say that these trees are evidence of early crop cultivation by ancient humans in Amazonia.

New Law Threatens to Gut the Brazilian Amazon
18th December 2020 | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

Brazil’s Congress is about to vote on a policy that would legalize mining and other industries in the rainforest, whilst denying indigenous people the right to object.

Ancient weather patterns in Europe
16th December 2020 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

A landmark study led by the University of Aberdeen has provided the clearest ever picture of ancient weather patterns in Europe—and could improve models used to predict how climate change will affect the Continent in future.

Earth spent 500 million years creating and eating dead continents
8th December 2020 | | Ancient, Earth

When Earth was just a wee young thing, it birthed many new continents — then it swallowed them all up, leaving just a few traces behind, a new study shows.

Hayabusa-2: Capsule with asteroid samples in ‘perfect’ shape
7th December 2020 | | Earth, Humans, Space

A capsule containing the first significant quantities of rock from an asteroid is in “perfect” shape, according to scientists.

Was Earth once a bit more like Venus?
30th November 2020 | Ancient, Earth

The degassing of early Earth’s magma ocean may have produced an atmosphere similar to that found on Venus today – rich in carbon dioxide and relatively poor in nitrogen – new research suggests.

Rethinking the origins of complex life
24th November 2020 | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Scientists from Australia, Germany, France and the US have shifted the timeline of the origin of complex life, overturning a discovery made a decade ago.

Dinosaurs were not in decline before the asteroid wiped them out
18th November 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

New research suggests that the dinosaurs were doing well, and in some cases even flourishing, before they were wiped out by an asteroid.

Triassic period ended with ‘lost’ mass extinction and a million-year rain storm, study claims
17th November 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Earth

Long ago, before the dawn of the age of dinosaurs, a heavy rain descended upon the supercontinent of Pangaea — and it kept raining for more than 1 million years.

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