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Ancient fungi could help Canada’s future northern forests
10th July 2017 | | Earth

As Canada’s vast boreal and tundra ecosystems experience dramatic warming due to climate change, trees are rapidly spreading north. New research suggests some of these trees could be getting help from a surprising source: fungi that have lain dormant underground for thousands of years.

Biodegradable cleaning products and eco-friendly plastics from mushroom waste
10th July 2017 | | Earth, Tech

More than 50,000 tonnes of mushroom waste are generated in Europe each week, posing an environmental challenge for the main industries that market this product worldwide.

France considering a ban on all fossil fuel vehicles by 2040
8th July 2017 | | Earth

France is considering banning the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, the country’s environmental minister said Thursday, according to multiple reports. It’s unclear, however, whether this proposal is an official position of French President Emmanuel Macron’s new government, and if so, how it will be implemented

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An Entire Region of China Ran On 100% Renewable Energy For 7 Days
8th July 2017 | Earth

There’s been a lot of scepticism about whether renewable energy can produce all our future energy needs. So last week, a Chinese province went out of their way to show it was possible for the entire region to run solely on green energy.

A million bottles a minute: world’s plastic binge ‘as dangerous as climate change’
8th July 2017 | | Earth

A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change.

Antarctica’s ice-free areas to increase by up to a quarter by 2100, study says
8th July 2017 | | Earth

If greenhouse gas emissions aren’t reduced, ice-free areas are expected to surge by as much as 17,000 square kilometres

Huge Antarctic ice block poised to snap off
8th July 2017 | Earth

A chunk of ice bigger than the US state of Delaware is hanging by a thread from the West Antarctic ice shelf, satellite images revealed Wednesday.

When it finally calves from the Larsen C ice shelf, one of the biggest icebergs in recorded history will be set adrift—some 6,600 square kilometres (2,550 square miles) in total, according to the European Space Agency (ESA).

Will Giving The Ganges Human Rights Protect The Polluted River?
7th July 2017 | | Earth

Small cradles of chrysanthemums, illuminated by a single candle, flicker in the moonlight, bobbing along the fast-flowing Ganges River.

They are offerings. For hundreds of millions of Hindus around the world, the river is the goddess Ganga, or Mother Ganga, who descended to Earth from her home in the Milky Way.

The common insecticide poisoning our rivers and wetlands
7th July 2017 | Earth

Urban streams and wetlands play an important role in the proper functioning of our cities. They protect our houses from floods, provide green spaces for recreation, trap and breakdown pollutants and provide valuable habitats for many native plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians and birds.

How plants grow like human brains
7th July 2017 | Earth

Plants and brains are more alike than you might think: Salk scientists discovered that the mathematical rules governing how plants grow are similar to how brain cells sprout connections. The new work, published in Current Biology on July 6, 2017, and based on data from 3D laser scanning of plants, suggests there may be universal rules of logic governing branching growth across many biological systems.

France to ban all new oil and gas exploration in renewable energy drive
4th July 2017 | | Earth

France is to stop granting licences for oil and gas exploration as part of a transition towards environmentally-friendly energy being driven by Emmanuel Macron’s government.

China’s hydropower frenzy drowns sacred mountains
4th July 2017 | Earth

Towering walls of concrete entomb lush forests on mountainsides in southwest China as workers toil on the dry riverbed below to build the country’s latest mega-dam.

The colossal construction site in Sichuan province swallows three rivers, providing another display of China’s engineering prowess but also of the trauma it inflicts on people and nature along the way.

World’s Largest Wind Turbine Would Be Taller Than the Empire State Building
4th July 2017 | | Earth

Wind energy is soaring in the U.S.; the nation’s renewable energy capacity has more than tripled in the past nine years, and wind and solar power are largely responsible. Now businesses want to harness even more wind energy, at a cheaper price—and one of the best ways to lower cost is to build bigger turbines.

Three years to safeguard our climate
4th July 2017 | | Earth

In the past three years, global emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels have levelled after rising for decades. This is a sign that policies and investments in climate mitigation are starting to pay off. The United States, China and other nations are replacing coal with natural gas and boosting renewable energy sources. There is almost unanimous international agreement that the risks of abandoning the planet to climate change are too great to ignore.

China drone king turns to farming
3rd July 2017 | Earth, Tech

China drone-maker DJI is betting on flying machines that shoot pesticide instead of photos to fend off growing competition in the global remote-controlled aircraft market.

Beekeepers Sweeten Solar Sites With the ‘Tesla of Honey’
3rd July 2017 | Animal Life, Earth, Tech

The SolarWise garden in Ramsey, Minnesota, doesn’t look especially cutting edge as solar farms go. But in April, it quietly achieved a milestone: It became the first U.S. solar facility to host commercial beekeeping. The apiary is part of an effort to rethink how land for clean energy can be used to supply more than just kilowatts.

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