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How to clear the oil spills of the Amazon rainforest
18th March 2020 | | Animal Life, Earth, Humans

For decades, pits of waste crude oil have dotted the Amazon rainforest in northern Ecuador. Now people are using resilient plants, fungi and bacteria to try to clean them up.

This Mysterious Ancient Structure Was Made of Mammoth Bones
18th March 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Ice Age hunter-gatherers, foraging the bone-chilling, unforgiving steppes of what today is Russia, somehow completed a remarkable construction project: a 40-foot-wide, circular structure made from the skulls, skeletons and tusks of more than 60 woolly mammoths. The reason remains a mystery to archaeologists.

Could Psychedelics Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?
18th March 2020 | | Humans, Misc.

Being Patient spoke with Dr. Albert Garcia-Romeu about the link between psychedelics and brain health, and what it might mean for Alzheimer’s research.

Ancient mantis-man petroglyph discovered in Iran
16th March 2020 | Ancient, Humans

A unique rock carving found in the Teymareh rock art site (Khomein county) in Central Iran with six limbs has been described as part man, part mantis

Scientists discover pulsating remains of a star in an eclipsing double star system
16th March 2020 | Ancient, Space

Scientists from the University of Sheffield have discovered a pulsating ancient star in a double star system, which will allow them to access important information on the history of how stars like our Sun evolve and eventually die.

Here’s what the supergiant star Betelgeuse will look like when it goes supernova
16th March 2020 | | Space

In a new study, researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have modeled the stellar explosions that occur when pulsating supergiants like Betelgeuse die, showing the expected brightness of these supernovas, according to a statement from the university.

Roger Phillips: ‘Fungi will have a role in ridding the world of plastic
16th March 2020 | | Earth, Humans, Misc.

Britain’s original forager on his eight decades of adventures in wild food and why mushrooms were once associated with witchcraft.

15th March 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

Researchers have uncovered a 3,400-year-old ballcourt in the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico, casting new light on the origins and evolution of a famous ballgame which was played across ancient Central America.

The exotic inferno planet where it ‘rains iron’
15th March 2020 | | Space, Weird

Astronomers have observed a distant planet where it probably rains iron. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but this is the nature of some of the extreme worlds we’re now discovering.

These microbial communities have learned to live at Earth’s most extreme reaches
14th March 2020 | | Earth, Humans, Tech

At the bottom of the Indian Ocean, in one of the deepest layers of Earth’s crust ever explored, researchers are finding life. An analysis of rock samples from Atlantis Bank, part of a seafloor mountain where deep crustal rock is exposed close to the surface, has revealed microbes adapted to life within nutrient-poor, hairline fractures in the earth.

Prehistoric hyenas and humans share migration patterns
14th March 2020 | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

New research into the evolutionary history and prehistoric migrations of hyenas reveals surprising similarities between hyenas and prehistoric humans. The results from the University of Copenhagen and University of Potsdam also indicate that humans had a detrimental effect on hyena populations about 100,000 years ago.

Gorillas and humans treat their territory the same way, study finds
14th March 2020 | | Animal Life, Humans

The study is the first one to demonstrate that gorillas are territorial in nature, unlike previous assumptions. At the same time, the findings suggest that these primates can recognise “ownership” of specific regions in a very human-like manner, and will attempt to avoid contact with other groups while travelling close to the centre of neighbouring ranges in order to avoid conflict.

‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries
14th March 2020 | | Ancient, Humans

On the fourth floor of the Museum of the Bible, a sweeping permanent exhibit tells the story of how the ancient scripture became the world’s most popular book.

Smallest dinosaur found ‘trapped in amber’
14th March 2020 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Scientists have discovered what they say is the smallest known dinosaur. The new species has been described by one team member as the “weirdest fossil” she has ever worked on.

Earth’s mantle, not its core, may have generated planet’s early magnetic field
12th March 2020 | Ancient, Earth

New research lends credence to an unorthodox retelling of the story of early Earth that was first proposed by a geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California.

Something strange is going on with the North Star
12th March 2020 | | Space, Weird

People have watched the North Star for centuries. The bright star, also known as Polaris, is almost directly above Earth’s North Pole and serves as a landmark in the sky for travelers without a compass.

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