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This 8,000-Year-Old Rock Art Is The Earliest Depiction of Domesticated Dogs
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Animal Life, Humans

Prehistoric rock art found in Saudi Arabia shows humans hunting with dogs on leashes – and it looks like those pictures could be at least 8,000 years old, making them the earliest art depicting dogs.

Study Settles Prehistoric Puzzle, Finds Carbon Dioxide Link To Global Warming 22 Million Years Ago
17th November 2017 | Ancient, Earth

Fossil leaves from Africa have resolved a prehistoric climate puzzle — and also confirm the link between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global warming.

Next generation astronomical survey to map the entire sky
17th November 2017 | Space, Tech

The next generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-V), directed by Juna Kollmeier of the Carnegie Institution for Science, will move forward with mapping the entire sky following a $16 million grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

We just sent a message to try to talk to aliens on another world
17th November 2017 | | Space, Tech, Weird

Astronomers have sent a radio message to a neighbouring star system – one of the closest known to contain a potentially habitable planet – and it’s nearby enough that we could receive a reply in less than 25 years.

Ancient barley took high road to China, changed to summer crop in Tibet
17th November 2017 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

First domesticated 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, wheat and barley took vastly different routes to China, with barley switching from a winter to both a winter and summer crop during a thousand-year detour along the southern Tibetan Plateau.

Four Huge Meteors Were Visible Around the U.S. and Europe
17th November 2017 | | Earth, Humans, Space

Tuesday night saw four separate giant rocks flash across the sky in various locations around the world, as both America and Europe were visited by enormous fiery visitors that lit up the night like fireworks.

A temple for Isis dating back to Ancient Egypt era unearthed
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

An official mission of archaeological experts unearthed the foundations of a temple for Isis in Tell Atrib located in Banha city, the capital of Qalyubia Governorate.

Origami in Orbit: Ancient Art Inspires Efficient Spacecraft
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Space, Tech

The ancient art of origami has inspired designs for numerous pieces of hardware on NASA missions, allowing scientists to pack more technology into smaller space-bound packages.

A story of rupture and resilience: When did Australia’s human history begin?
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

This article seeks to move beyond the view of ancient Australia as a timeless and traditional foundation story to explore the ways in which scientists and humanists are engaging with the deep past as a transformative human history.

Rottnest Island’s Aboriginal prisoners are Australia’s forgotten patriots, elder says
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

It is time for Australia to face the truth about hundreds of Aboriginal prisoners who died on Rottnest Island in the 19th century and are buried in unmarked graves, a leading Aboriginal academic says.

Human evolution was uneven and punctuated, suggests new research
17th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

A new study in Heliyon suggests that Neanderthals survived at least 3,000 years longer in Spain than we thought.

16th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

Just miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, 50,000 objects will be displayed throughout the museum in total, and 30,000 have never been seen before.

Ancient Skull from China May Rewrite Origin of Humans
16th November 2017 | Ancient, Humans

A hominin skull found in China may be proof that a separate branch of Homo sapiens sprouted in Asia with no connection to the known startup in Africa. Not only that, this skull is older than all known Homo sapiens fossils.

16th November 2017 | | Ancient, Space

A new analysis of a meteorite called Bunburra Rockhole has revealed that the rock originated from a previously unknown parent asteroid.

How taming cows and horses sparked inequality across the ancient world
16th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans

The researchers found that inequality tended to gradually increase as societies transitioned from hunting and gathering to farming, supporting long-held hypotheses about how agriculture intensified social hierarchies.

16th November 2017 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

A rare mutation found in an Amish population in Indiana may shed new light on how to fight back against aging, researchers have found.

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