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Ross 128: Mystery Radio Signals Detected From Red Dwarf Star Just 11 Light-Years Away
19th July 2017 | | Space

Scientists have discovered mystery signals coming from a star 11 light-years away. The “very peculiar” pulses appear to be unique to the red dwarf, scientists say, with observations of similar nearby stars showing no similar behavior.

Alt: Very peculiar signals are coming from a nearby star, scientists at Arecibo Observatory say

Dark Matter Might Clump to Form Planets
19th July 2017 | Space

Dark stars may not just be for Grateful Dead fans anymore.

In a new paper uploaded to arXiv, Rutgers University astrophysics professor Matthew R. Buckley puts forth a truly wild hypothesis: It might be possible to build worlds out of dark matter.

There’s Growing Evidence That Pluto’s Largest Moon Had a Massive Ocean
19th July 2017 | Space

Pluto’s moon Charon is the best sidekick a dwarf planet could hope for: unwavering in its loyalty, content to be a minor character in somebody else’s narrative. But two years after the New Horizons flyby, the largest of Pluto’s five moons is finally getting some well-deserved time in the spotlight.

Robotic landers could start mining the moon as early as 2020
19th July 2017 | | Space, Tech

A permanent robotic mining outpost on the moon could be on the cards as early as 2020. The Florida-based company Moon Express has raised over $45 million in funding for three expeditions that will culminate in a mission to mine moon rocks and return them to Earth.

A NASA Funded Project Wants to Use Plasma Rockets to Get to Mars
19th July 2017 | Space

A company headed by one of the most decorated astronauts in history has proposed using nuclear-heated plasma to reach Mars. While it has been funded by NASA, is the idea viable? Elon Musk doesn’t think so

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Europe okays project to seek alien life
18th July 2017 | Space

Europe has approved the launch of a deep-space observatory to sniff out habitable planets in other star systems, along with any life forms they may host.

Life may be a guide to the evolution of the cosmos – here’s how
17th July 2017 | Space

Does humanity exist to serve some ultimate, transcendent purpose? Conventional scientific wisdom says no. As physicist Lawrence Krauss puts it in his latest book, our evolution on this planet is just a “cosmic accident”. If you believe otherwise, many would accuse you of suffering from some kind of religious delusion.

We’re Sending Another Probe to Mercury to Work Out Why The Planet’s Shrinking
17th July 2017 | | Space

The European Space Agency (ESA) and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have unveiled the probe they’re sending to study Mercury in 2018, tasked with figuring out why the smallest planet in the Solar System appears to be shrinking.

Surprise organic molecule detection paints complex picture of Saturnian moon
17th July 2017 | Space

Scientists reveal the first detection of a molecule from Enceladus with a ground-based telescope, with implications for the search for life.

Saturn’s moon Enceladus has piqued scientists’ interest since water-rich plumes were discovered gushing from around its south pole. The discovery was made by the Cassini spacecraft, which has since flown through the plumes and sampled organic compounds.

Uranus May Have Odd, Strobe-Like Magnetic Field
17th July 2017 | | Space

The planet Uranus just keeps getting weirder.

The icy gas world that strangely orbits the sun on its side may also have a wonky magnetic field that constantly flickers on and off, new research suggests.

Congress Close to Approving a New Space Army
16th July 2017 | Space

While fighting climate change and providing health care are both just too economically burdensome for America, members of the House believe there’s still enough cash to fund a space army that would fight off… the space enemies?

China tests self-sustaining space station in Beijing
16th July 2017 | | Space

Sealed behind the steel doors of two bunkers in a Beijing suburb, university students are trying to find out how it feels to live in a space station on another planet, recycling everything from plant cuttings to urine.

First Object Teleported from Earth to Orbit
15th July 2017 | | Space, Tech

Researchers in China have teleported a photon from the ground to a satellite orbiting more than 500 kilometers above

Teleportation has become a standard operation in quantum optics labs around the world. The technique relies on the strange phenomenon of entanglement. This occurs when two quantum objects, such as photons, form at the same instant and point in space and so share the same existence. In technical terms, they are described by the same wave function.

A 75,000-mile-wide hole has appeared on the sun – and experts warn it could knock out communications satellites and cause blackouts on Earth
15th July 2017 | | Space

The sunspot, dubbed AR2665, is 74,560 miles (120,000 kilometres) wide – big enough to be seen from Earth.

Experts have warned that the spot is large enough to produce ‘M-class’ solar flares, which can cause radio blackouts on Earth, knock out communications satellites and create radiation storms.

This gecko-inspired robot could help solve our space debris dilemma
11th July 2017 | | Space

t’s no secret that in our decades of space travel, we haven’t always cleaned up after ourselves. Space debris—like dead satellites, empty rocket fuel containers, and shrapnel from past collisions like the 2009 Russian satellite crash—is gradually building up in the Earth’s orbit.

Space farms will feed astronauts and earthlings
11th July 2017 | Space

Canadian researchers are leading an effort to grow crops in space, paving the way for humanity to live on other worlds and push the frontiers on Earth.

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