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Crushed Crystal Reveals Spookier Entanglement State
31st August 2017 | | Space

Like pairs of spinning dancers that suddenly form a quartet, the magnetic “spins” of electrons can become entangled in groups of four, new research reveals. The new quantum state called a plaquette singlet solves a longstanding question about quantum mechanics, the mysterious laws that govern the behavior of tiny subatomic particles.

NASA’s New Webb Space Telescope in Hurricane Harvey’s Path
31st August 2017 | | Earth, Space

As the stalled tropical storm that was once Hurricane Harvey continues to drench Houston, Texas, turning streets into muddy rivers, NASA workers are keeping watch over a giant $8.6 billion space telescope at the edge of the city.  The James Webb Space Telescope is currently sitting inside a massive, sealed cryogenic chamber at the Johnson Space Center, as floodwaters rise, and here’s how they are protecting it.

NASA’s Clockwork Venus Rover Inspired by 2,300 year old Antikythera Mechanism
31st August 2017 | | Ancient, Space

NASA is turning to a mysterious 2,300-year-old ancient device, referred to as the first ever computer on Earth, the Antikythera Mechanism, to construct a Rover which would survive the extreme environment on Venus.

Was Orion the Heavenly Overlord of Stonehenge?
30th August 2017 | | Ancient, Space

Lengthy but fascinating article detailing its author’s premise regarding interpretation of new discoveries of Stonehenge:  that symbols of cosmic skygod Orion, overlord of Stonehenge, and his scythe remain on Salisbury Plain. The Celtic festival of Lughnassadh provided means for the people to participate in one of the important events in the cycle of life, events deemed vital enough to be forever carved symbolically as artifacts coverings the Stonehenge Sacred Landscape. The Stonehenge Palisade is but one of many. Whether it was built over 6 meters (20 ft.) tall or finished to the grade of the adjoining ground surface, the symbolism is clear.

The Voyager Golden Record Experience
30th August 2017 | | Space

In 1977, NASA’s twin Voyager space probes ventured into space carrying an audio message on golden discs.  The records were designed to be played at 16.67 rpm—half the usual speed of a typical phonograph record—trading audio fidelity for extended length. For the approximately two hours of sounds, the committee selected vocal greetings in 55 Earth languages; sounds such as thunder and machinery; and music from around the world.  As Dr. Carl Sagan himself observed, “The spacecraft will be encountered and the record played only if there are advanced spacefaring civilizations in interstellar space. But the launching of this bottle into the cosmic ocean says something very hopeful about life on this planet.”  Article contains an interactive link to listen to the recording.

Armenia’s Byurakan Observatory
29th August 2017 | | Space

In the small Armenian village of Byurakan, against the backdrop of Mount Aragats, one of the country’s highest spots, several silver domes can be seen shining in the sun. These domes cover the Byurakan Observatory, a premier astronomical center which was established during the Soviet era.  Armenia has a long history of astronomical study dating back several thousand years, and the observatory played a crucial part bringing it into the realm of modern science and study.

Saturn with a Side of Bacon
28th August 2017 | Humans, Space

Take a peek inside the Cassini spacecraft team’s beloved tradition of Friday breakfast together, going strong since 2006. For more than a decade, members of the Cassini team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) have turned the most important meal of the day into a tradition of friendship, conversation and delectable delights. Now as the mission counts down its final days during Cassini’s grand finale, the beloved breakfasts continue to bring together a crew of people who have spent nearly two decades working together.

Florida Thriftshop Bargain-hunters Pay $1.20 for Rare NASA Flight Suits Valued at $20,000
26th August 2017 | | Space

Two Florida college students launched from summer bargain shopping at a Titusville, Florida, thriftshop closeout sale straight into the stuff of NASA collectors’ legend when they paid 20 cents each for five rare NASA flight suits that experts say could be valued at $5,000 each or more at auction.  The pair claim the blue NASA flight suits, along with one white control suit, were in the bottom of a plastic bin tucked under some forgotten winter sweaters in a back corner of the store.  The students are currently enrolled in local colleges studying astrophysics and aeronautical engineering.  Titusville is located on the “Space Coast” of Florida and is home to Kennedy Space Center.  According to NASA officials, the suits seem to be genuine from Space Shuttle personnel circa 1983 to 1986.

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