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Revolutionary camera allows scientists to predict evolution of ancient stars
10th April 2019 | Ancient, Space, Tech

For the first time scientists have been able to prove a decades old theory on stars thanks to a revolutionary high-speed camera.

A ‘Self-Driving’ Spacecraft May Help Save Earth from Asteroid Collisions
8th April 2019 | | Earth, Space, Tech

Europe’s next asteroid mission, which could launch in 2023, will rely on the same kind of navigation technology as self-driving cars.

A Giant 1,115-Foot Asteroid Just Skimmed Past Earth On Its Closest-Ever Approach
28th March 2019 | | Earth, Space

The asteroid is estimated to be twice as big as the Pyramid of Khufu in Giza and will return for another visit 16 years from now.

‘Unseen’ Meteor That Exploded Over Bering Sea Caught on Camera After All
25th March 2019 | | Space, Tech

Two instruments on NASA’s Terra satellite caught images of the fireball explosion on Dec. 18, 2018.

NASA’s Surprise Discovery on Bennu Just Changed What We Know About Asteroids
20th March 2019 | | Space, Tech

The NASA spacecraft analysing the asteroid has observed it shooting out plumes of dust that surround it in a dusty haze – a phenomenon we’ve never seen in an asteroid before.

US detects huge meteor explosion
18th March 2019 | | Earth, Space

A huge fireball exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere in December, according to Nasa. It went largely unnoticed until now because it blew up over the Bering Sea, off Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

Small asteroid to sweep closer than moon’s distance
14th March 2019 | Earth, Humans, Space, Tech

The space rock has an estimated size of 75 feet in diameter, so it’s slightly larger than the asteroid that penetrated the atmosphere over the skies of Chelyabinsk, Russia, on February 15, 2013.

If We Blow Up an Asteroid, It Might Put Itself Back Together
11th March 2019 | | Space, Tech

Despite what Hollywood tells us, stopping an asteroid from creating an extinction-level event by blowing it up may not work.

Proposed NASA SmallSat Mission Could Be First To Visit Pallas, Our Third Largest Asteroid
11th March 2019 | | Space, Tech

This remnant protoplanet, in fact, remains the largest unexplored planetary body inside the orbit of Neptune.

Asteroids are stronger, harder to destroy than previously thought
5th March 2019 | | Space, Tech

Findings show that asteroids are stronger than we used to think and require more energy to be completely shattered.

Japanese asteroid hunter touches down
25th February 2019 | | Ancient, Space, Tech

The Hayabusa2’s target – the asteroid named Ryugu – is thought to be as old as the solar system itself.

A 280-Foot Asteroid Will Skim Past Earth On Tuesday On Its Closest Approach For The Next 70 Years
18th February 2019 | | Earth, Space

While this may conjure not-so-warm memories of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi The Day After Tomorrow, there’s no need to panic.

Scientists Are Investigating Building a Space Station Inside a Giant Asteroid
12th February 2019 | | Space, Tech

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s a wild possibility scientists are actually exploring: how to fit a space station inside an asteroid.

Space agency ups risk of asteroid-Earth collision
9th February 2019 | Space

The Near Earth Object Coordination Centre has upped the risk level for one of the 19,563 asteroids and 107 comets listed as passing through the Earth’s neighbourhood.

Ancient asteroid impacts played a role in creation of Earth’s future continents
2nd February 2019 | | Ancient, Space

The heavy bombardment of terrestrial planets by asteroids from space has contributed to the formation of the early evolved crust on Earth that later gave rise to continents.

Scientists Warn of Steady Increase in Asteroid Impacts on Earth
28th January 2019 | Earth, Space

Although the number of space rocks striking earth is increasing, the probability of an asteroid strike wiping out mankind is extremely low.

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