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Ancient Earth Rocks Give Clues About Life on Mars
3rd December 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

Research which suggests that structures previously thought to be fossils may, in fact, be mineral deposits could save future Mars missions valuable time and resources.

Antarctica: Metal meteorite quest set to get under way
2nd December 2019 | | Ancient, Earth, Space

A team of British scientists has arrived in the Antarctic to try to find the continent’s “missing meteorites”.

Early Asteroid Impacts Could Have Spurred Today’s Tectonic Activity
2nd December 2019 | | Space

4.6 billion years ago, a swirling cloud of rock and rubble coalesced into the planet we now call home. For millions of years after, our planet was bombarded by rocky bits from the distant reaches of our solar system.

The best photos ever taken from the International Space Station
2nd December 2019 | | Space

As of this week, the International Space Station (ISS) has been orbiting Earth for 21 years, and the astronauts on board have been taking breathtaking photos for almost as long.

A 623-Foot Asteroid Cruised By Earth At 40,000 MPH, Two Days After It Was Discovered
2nd December 2019 | | Space

The formidable space rock is an Apollo-type asteroid known as 2019 WQ3, zooming past us at a staggering speed of nearly 40,000 mph.

Hera mission is approved as ESA receives biggest ever budget
2nd December 2019 | Humans, Space

The European Space Agency’s member states approved the most ambitious plan to date by agreeing to provide nearly 12.5 billion euros ($13.8 billion) for the next three years.

There Might Be Cracks in the Universe — But We Can’t See Them from Earth
27th November 2019 | | Space, Weird

There might be cracks in space-time, but humanity’s telescopes can’t see them.

Physicists Just Created the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe in History
25th November 2019 | | Space

The formation of galaxies is a complex dance between matter and energy, occurring on a stage of cosmic proportions and spanning billions of years.

The threat of killer asteroids
25th November 2019 | Humans, Space

So far, NASA has classified more than 21,000 asteroids and more than 100 comets as near-Earth objects. Of that group, about 2,000 are considered “potentially hazardous”.

Extraterrestrial Sugar Found in Space Rocks Show that Meteorites May Have Led to Origin of Life on Earth
21st November 2019 | | Space

An international team has found sugars essential to life in meteorites — supporting the hypothesis that chemical reactions in asteroids can make some of life’s ingredients.

Why Is the North Star So Stellarly Important?
21st November 2019 | Space

If you ever looked at the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ve noticed that gleaming object that the rest of the heavens appears to move around. What you’re seeing is Polaris – the North Star.

A weird, orbital dance keeps these moons of Neptune from hitting each other
20th November 2019 | | Space, Weird

Bobbing up and down like a carousel horse might not sound like a stable way to orbit a planet, but it works for one little moon of Neptune.

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Could Find More of Earth’s Transient Moons
20th November 2019 | | Space

Astronomers have known for a little over a decade that Earth also has a population of what are known as “transient Moons”.

Earth’s magnetic song recorded for the first time during a solar storm
19th November 2019 | Earth, Space, Weird

Data from ESA’s Cluster mission has provided a recording of the eerie “song” that Earth sings when it is hit by a solar storm.

The Leonid Meteor Shower 2019 Is Peaking Now: Here’s What to Expect
18th November 2019 | | Space

The Leonid meteor shower is one of the most famous of the annual meteor displays. The meteors are located within the Sickle, the backward-question-mark star pattern within the constellation of Leo.

Advocates promote planetary defense mission ahead of ESA ministerial
18th November 2019 | Space, Tech

A group of planetary defense advocates is asking European governments to fund a mission to a near Earth asteroid, three years after a similar mission failed to win approval.

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