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I don’t want GRAHAMHANCOCK.COM to be exclusively a Graham Hancock site, but a place where ideas and perspectives on the past can be put forward and discussed by other writers and researchers as well — and indeed by anyone with something interesting to say and the ability to say it. Accordingly I’m offering this section of the site as a forum for the excellent writing and thought-provoking ideas of others.

I offer no set guidelines as to what is or is not “relevant”. If you think that a piece of your own original writing would fit in well in these pages then please submit it to me for consideration. You should feel completely free to express points of view, opinions, ideas and beliefs with which I may profoundly disagree; all that matters is that you should express them well in a manner which may be of interest or of value to others.

Other than articles specially commissioned for the site (where a separate private agreement exists with an author for solicited material) the following provisos apply: (1) by submitting an item for publication on you accept and agree that the item may be published here without further consultation with yourself and may remain on display indefinitely on this site; (2) by submitting an item for publication on you accept and agree that I have the right to edit the item if I feel that this is necessary; (3) by submitting an item for publication on you accept and agree that my decision as to whether or not the item will be published is final; (4) by submitting an item for publication on you accept and agree that no payment whatsoever, or any other form of recompense, will be made to you — whether or not the item is published.

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A Temple Built On Sand
Madeleine Daines
Havoc of the Planetary System by the Red Sun | Part I: Astronomy
Aloys Eiling
The Physics of God
Joseph Selbie
October 2021 Author of the Month
Unlocking the Mysterious Kolbrin: Sacred and Scandalous Egypt
Yvonne Whiteman
Orion, Taurus and the Pleiades: A Star Map of the Legends of Kartikeya, Horus and Nergal and Apollo
Bibhu Dev Misra
The Fingerprints of Language
Simon Prentis
September 2021 Author of the Month
There’s a long and devastating history behind the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia
Katherine Aigner
In Ethiopia following Hancock’s footsteps
Manfred Manera
Our Unknown Ancient Past: Thoughts and Reflections on the Unexplained Mysteries of Prehistory
Alexandros Angelis
August 2021 Author of the Month
Divine Signs And Unseen Ties: Synchronicities, mystical experiences, and psychic phenomenon
Forrest Rivers
The Great Pyramid Void Enigma
Scott Creighton
July 2021 Author of the Month
Lewis-Williams’ ‘Three Stages of Trance’ Model and its Correlation to Neoplatonic Cosmology
P.D. Newman
The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound
David Elkington
June 2021 Author of the Month
Two Reviews of The Immortality Key Editor
Secrets of the Druids: From Indo-European Origins to Modern Practices
Teresa Cross
May 2021 Author of the Month
Graham Hancock Articles
Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 – its central role in the global pandemic
Dr. David C Anderson, Dr. David S Grimes
Prehistoric Knowledge
Aloys Eiling
Near Death Experiences – What Lies Beyond | Part 2
Mike Oz
The Lost Pillars of Enoch
Tobias Churton
April 2021 Author of the Month
Ancient Astronomers and Math-Magicians
Leonard Wolf
COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening
Forrest Rivers
March 2021 Author of the Month
Near Death Experiences – What Lies Beyond | Part 1
Mike Oz
Tayos: The Exploratory Saga Of The Most Fantastic Caves
Alex Chionetti
February 2021 Author of the Month
The Three Lost Motherlands of Egypt
Yvonne Whiteman
A Different View on the Deluge and the Moon
Aloys Eiling
Insights: Steps to Truth
Mitra Politi
January 2021 Author of the Month
One Seeker’s Dance with DMT
Forrest Rivers
Hopi History: Hi-tech Clan Warfare in the Americas
Shawn Hamilton
Holographic Britain?
Mark Gaffney
December 2020 Author of the Month
Ancient Greece Revisited
Michael Michailidis, Adamantios Petritsis
Look to Bhagavad Gita as Inspiration in our War Against Ego
Forrest Rivers
DMT – Investigation of Occult Realities Using the Spirit Molecule
Dick Khan
November 2020 Author of the Month
Evidence for the Creation of Man Derived from pre-Columbian Codices
Aloys Eiling
AMA-NITA Mon Amour: How The Magic Mushroom Got Its Name
Madeleine Daines
Graveyard Beer
Brian C. Muraresku
October 2020 Author of the Month
DMT: Deities, Myth & Tryptamines
RN Vooght
The Mystery of the Seven Sages: Were They Visitors from the Stars?
Bibhu Dev Misra
Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures
Merlin Sheldrake
September 2020 Author of the Month
Legacy Of Kásskara: Hopi History, Spirituality And Symbolism
Shawn Hamilton
Volcanic or cosmic impact origin of the YD mini ice-age? New evidence from Hall’s Cave, Texas
Martin Sweatman
The Spirit of Light Cubit: The Measure of Humanity and Spirit
Donald B. Carroll
August 2020 Author of the Month
The Faerie Phenomenon in Folkloric and Modern Experience
Neil Rushton
Spiritual & Intellectual Colonialism: The Crusade Against Pseudoarchaeology
Marc Young
Where we humans come from
Yvonne Whiteman
Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans – A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation
Bruce Fenton
July 2020 Author of the Month
The Mysterious Past of the Hopi: From Kásskara to the Americas
Shawn Hamilton
Biblical Cannabis
Chris Bennett
Tewodros The King
Ravi Faiia
June 2020 Author of the Month
Magnetism, Sound And Healing: Now And In Ancient Times
Mike Oz