I’ll be on a speaking tour in the UK late-March to mid-April and then in North America from 19 April through 4 June. Please join me if you can! US and Canada events will be posted shortly meanwhile here’s the list with links of UK events so far:
Liverpool, 27th March
Manchester, 28th March
Edinburgh, 29th March
Glasgow, 31st March,
Newcastle, 1st April
Leeds, 2nd April
Canterbury, 3rd April
London 4th April
Bath, 6th April
Reading, 8th April
Nottingham, 9th April
Events awaiting confirmation: Birmingham, Sheffield and York, approximately 10th, 11th and 12th April.
Background and pre-order links for America Before here: https://grahamhancock.com/america-before/

41 thoughts on “Speaking tour — America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization”

  1. Rían Kerr says:

    Absolutely love your work. Have you any plans to do an event over in Ireland?

    1. Robert Neff says:

      Really hope that someday Graham makes the journey over would love to see him, unfortunately I just couldn’t justify a trip to England just for a lecture.

    2. Kieran Cosgrave says:

      I second that.

  2. Charlie Robinson says:

    Hi Graham, great news you’re on tour. Any chance you may be able to sneak in Stroud if I arrange?

  3. Charlie Robinson says:

    Hi Graham,
    Any chance of an interview in my magazine ahamag.co.uk. ?

    Best wishes


  4. Tracey Brew-Foster says:

    Hi Graham. You haven’t got Liverpool down. We Love You here. I’ve seen 2 of your talks one in Waterstones and the last one in Africa House. PLEASE come to Liverpool again. Lots of Love to you Santha and family.

  5. Tracey Brew-Foster says:

    Sorry Graham you have got Liverpool down. See you there. Xxx

  6. Mark Grooms says:

    Please come to North Carolina! You have lots of fans here and even more people that need to hear the Truth.

  7. Tony says:

    Will there be seating at the venue in Manchester on 28 March?

  8. Gregory says:

    Good afternoon Graham Hancock, I’ve been admiring your work for quite a while and I see you posted the dates on a speaking tour in the UK. I live in the US and am anxiously awaiting to find out the information on when and where you will be doing the same tour in the States. I figured the best way to be updated is to follow the Twitter or Facebook. Always wanted to meet such a great writer and explorer.

  9. Ekaterina Simatos says:

    Dear Graham, thank you greatly for employing you precious time taking from your other work to lead the crowds in the right direction. Your books and visions on human history and consciousness have helped me to become a totally different person and take a different approach in life. Its been a dream of mine to attend one of your public speaking and the opportunity might come to me when you will be touring North America. Will be waiting for more information on those dates and places. Please be that Eagle soaring the Skies of America. I will be on the G round watching. Thank you Sir.

  10. Charles Alvarez says:

    Yes I want to go. I will be excited to get the list of the tour locations in the USA. Please keep me informed.

  11. Mr Paul J Henderson says:

    Nothing in Wales ?

  12. Mark Hopkins says:


    I am interested in attending one of Graham’s talks. Will there be any in New York state? Please let me know when the schedule is set and what the specific dates/locations will be.

    Much appreciated.

    Mark Hopkins

  13. Rufus says:

    I’m interested in attending the book launch in Toronto in May. I’m wondering if the cost to attend includes a copy of the book?

  14. Ekaterina Simatos says:

    Good Morning Sir, There is this battling question: Is this the place where thoughts could be expressed freely? One of those desperate attempts to receive either Y or No. Thank you

  15. Aki Korhonen says:

    Can’t wait for your US schedule. Will try to attend.

  16. Liz says:

    A talk in Montana?

  17. Liz says:

    A stop in Montana please!

  18. Graham Eastbourne says:

    I have been buying your books since 1992. Please consider a talk on the south coast. Eastbourne , Brighton , Worthing etc. We just cant get to London. Thank You.

  19. Lucy says:

    Graham please come to Sussex. Brighton or Eastbourne or Worthing. Thank You.

  20. Chris Allan says:

    Hi Graham. I am a retired mechanic living in rural South Africa, I have always been interested in things ancient as well as many other things. I have just been listening to Q & A talk you gave on a bus in Peru and I must say that I agree with many of your thoughts and ideas. I have some ideas of my own which are very similar to yours and since the internet has now reached my neck of the woods, I have started a website of my own with which I am trying to encourage people to think beyond what we get told by the various branches of the establishment. I would be much honoured if you could take some time to read some of the articles, which could even help you to expand your own ideas. The web address is breakthebox.co.za. I try to keep the articles short and in terms anyone can understand. If my articles have any merit or not, I am unsure, so I certainly use a little encouragement. I would love to attend one of your talks but my finances will not allow me to travel abroad anytime soon.
    Chris Allan

  21. Ken says:

    So looking forward to the release of America Before: Hope you include Denver, Colorado in your US speaking tour itinerary. “The truth is out there”

  22. Peter says:

    Graham, will you be coming to either Victoria bc or Vancouver bc?

  23. Rho says:

    Hello Graham been a fan of your work and have most of your books and am currently listening to your latest you tube upload 2019 – BEYOND ATLANTIS Secret Discoveries and i am afraid you miss a great chance to link the almost instant end of the ice age by a severe strike by the sun, instantly melting the ice caps and thereby relieving the crust of pressure which could well have triggered a shifting of the earths crust and turning Siberia into freezer and at the other side antartica into what it is today, its snow cover must have come down within a short time as all that water-vapor came down again but now as snow at the new south pole. Really you should take head of Robert Schochs work

  24. Gary Leggiere says:

    Hi Graham. 🙂 I am hoping we can set something up to have you on as honored guest to The Martian Revelation Show. 🙂 Would love to speak with you regards the Earth & Mars connections. It would be an awesome show. the show airs each Saturday night at 12am est-??am est. Also we would have like 2 & a half to 3 hours for an awesome show. The listeners would love to hear you speak about your research on Ancient civilizations on Earth, and things you learned that Earth may connect to Mars.

    It would be a great honor if we can set up a date for you to be on the show. 🙂
    Last time we chatted you said to contact you after the new year to set up a date. 🙂
    Maybe in April, or May?

    Great to see all is coming together & can’t wait to read the new book.

  25. Mike says:

    Mr. Hancock, I have been looking for a way to contact you. I have had a troubling thought that I trust you can help me with. Is it possible that those who knew of the ice triggering crustal displacement purposefully set out to trigger that event by melting the ice?

  26. Tyanite says:

    Sending deep gratitude and immense love, good sir. About your ayahuasca revelation, we realize nothing is set in stone. Nothing at all. As as one of the world’s best free thinkers, you must know a tremendous amount about alternative medicine. I always recommend a person who is living proof of his own self-healing method, world-renowned author, Dr. Joe Dispenza. You can bet I’m going to try to see you speak on your upcoming tour. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for expanding my field of view. Always in your debt.

  27. Robert Dumont says:

    Strangely , i always thought that ancient astronaut were the survivors of an older cataclysm. Then i found you lol.

    So i think that undiscovered secret bunkers still exist.
    Pyramids were one,
    Sacred indian mountain could be another.
    Alexander the great treasures = Leonardo Da Vinci /Lorenzo Medici reliquary.
    Vatican surely has knowledge of them. Jesuite meteors observatory…

  28. Michael A Riley says:

    Just finished reading magicians…absolutley loved it!! Can you please let me know when youll be speaking in the states again. Thanks

  29. Eric Sharp says:

    If Nashville is too much to ask for, any stop in the South East US will find me in attendence.

  30. Ger says:

    Hi Graham.
    Do you have any plans to speak in Dublin anytime?

  31. Connor Helms says:

    See you in Tempe AZ. It’s my wife’s bday on that day the 24th! And that bookstore has wine and beer too btw 😉

  32. Joseph Tomasicyk says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the US tour dates! I do hope you can hit Chicago! I know some great venues here if you need help with it!
    You’re an inspiration to us all, Mr. Hancock. Been following your work for alnost a decade.

  33. Simon Bowden says:

    Hi Graham, I have been an avid reader of your works since I was given a copy of the profound Fingerprints. I thought Magicians was excellent. Eagerly waiting for my copy of America Before. The JRE pod casts with Randall were brilliant. So sad that the mainstream are so anal. I spread the word whenever I can to get people to read your works and expand their outlook. Thanks dude, for spreading the enlightenment!

  34. Barbara Romanow says:

    Hi Graham, I have been an ardent fan of yours for many years now. I admire you for your thorough work and research into so many fascinating topics, let alone for your perseverence in getting your messege across. Thanks to the internet I have watched all your programmes.I have also read a few of your gripping books. I find all your explantions plausible and well- documented. I am writing to you tell you that it would be an indescribeable pleasure for me to attend your lecture in Manchester this month if only I could ? Unfortunately I found out about the event too late when all the tickets had already been sold out.! Actually Manchester is the only convenient venue for me to be. as my daughter lives there and I live in Poland, Gdansk. She has already been to the bookshop to inquire if they could sell a ticket but there is not such a possibility. The event is for100 people only. In spite of feeling powerless and disappointed , asking you for help seems the only option left for me. Please let me know if you could do anything to move the earth and make my dream happen. Looking forward to hearing from you , Barbara Romanow

  35. Marco velazquez says:

    Mr Hancock… don’t forget about Chicago when coming to the us

  36. mrvco says:

    Hope to see you in Denver or Boulder!

  37. Carl whitcombe says:

    Graham I absolutely adore your work. I have to be honest and say i’ve never read one of your books. However I stumbled upon your work on youtube about 2 years ago and have seen pretty much all of your lectures and pod casts that I can find. I love how you articulate yourself so well and your investigative work is amazing. I live in liverpool and I will definitely be at your talk there I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. Ps I will be ordering your latest book. Shame I couldn’t have had it in time for you to sign especially with it being the first of many to come.

  38. phyllip cadwallader says:

    Meeting you was amazing your energy is powerful

    Horus from liverpool

  39. Oriole says:

    Dear Graham and Santha Hancock
    I love your work! I invite you both to stay in our cabin. It is next to my cottage, by the sea on Anglesey. Which was the headquarters of the Druids in Europe. They never committed their knowledge to writing, and had to spend 20 years learning by wrote their large heritage of information. They are still mysterious to us.
    That’s a challenge!
    Yours sincerely Oriole Parker-Rhodes

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