Since I established in 1999 the site has expanded rapidly and now attracts more than 5 million page downloads per annum. As it has grown it has also attracted the attention and hostility of orthodox historians and archaeologists and become the focus of a proliferating “debunking” industry in cyberspace.

A number of the more coherent sceptical and pseudo-sceptical “debunking” sites are listed on our Links page. Amongst these, one in particular — In the Hall of Ma’at — stands out for the relative intelligence of its regular contributors and also for the vehemence and dedication of its attacks (primarily on me and my colleague Robert Bauval). It is my opinion that a great many of these attacks have been grossly unfair. However, my workload on Underworld over the last three years has prevented me from replying to all but a few of them. In the brief lull this summer, therefore, I’ve taken the opportunity to compile eight typical case-studies of false allegations that have been made and continue to be made about me regularly on Ma’at, together with my replies to those allegations.

The first case study (see Part One) is an article by Ma’at stalwart Duncan Edlin (of Reading University) entitled “The Gentle Art of Myth Management.” The other seven case studies (see Part II) were all generated by the Ma’at Message Board.