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4 thoughts on “Is there life after death?”

  1. Davy Smith says:

    In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another.

    So then why while we are alive we have a small amount of current of electricity running through our body (and i believe ethereal and not measureable other types of energy as well) and when we die and it is gone. That goes against the law of conservation of energy states.It can’t simply vanish it must go somewhere. One possibility I’ve come up with is that when we die and the brain releases a large amount of dmt I believe the Dmt and soul(consciousness) create a wormhole through which the spiritual aspects of “us” can pass through

  2. David Lockett says:

    Obviously there is life after death. This is because when you die many others will undoubtedly live on, just as has happened over millions of years. The only exception being if you just happen to be unfortunate enough to be the very last person to die.

  3. Michael Freed says:

    Mr. Hancock, I am a great admirer of you, your work and at least some of your messages (I haven’t heard them all yet). Especially the perspective about taking our lives and society on this planet for granted. I am also concerned with these things and the dangers to them. So I formulated a plan to deal with them.
    I’m not kidding, and it’s nothing you’ve heard of before. It has taken me a LONG time to learn how terrible the average person id at working out solutions to even simple problems, as I’ve been tackling complex ones since early childhood. To give you an idea of what I mean and that I’m not just blowing smoke, growing up, I’d always hear commercials for helping the many starving people of Africa. I always wondered at these announcements, because they contained an implication that vast amounts of Africans would find themselves in areas that couldn’t sustain them, stayed there, then called a foreign aid agency to feed them instead of looking for better areas. Some years later, I started seeing Africans with guns and jeeps forcing other Africans to remain in refugee camps, and that this was done for the good of the refugees themselves. This made no sense at all. I don’t remember exactly what the last piece was, but I remember hearing something about corporate exploitation and how they got their way on many an isue by bribing local officials of some Southeast Asian nation (probably Indonesia). So I wondered how else a nation that produced no guns and jeeps and couldn’t afford to feed its people supposedly procured those guns and jeeps with nothing to trade unless the entire point of providing those weapons was to use them to move people off the lands corporations wished to exploit. Every African I’ve asked this of seems to be aware of this regular practice. I think I was twelve when I figured it out without having ever spoken to an African.
    While I have no solutions for comets striking the Earth and no immediate solutions for certain aspect of society like racism or the (bogus) financial crises, I do have ideas for stopping the polluting and changing how we view the reigning power structures that demand nuclear power, wholesale exploitation of the world’s resources and its people. And it could start now. Please let me know if you’re interested. [email protected]

  4. Michael Freed says:

    Anyone? Is there not one person reading this interested in even the POSSIBILITY that someone could have an insight or idea that could overturn much of the power structure through which many of the harms of the world are perpetuated? Does anyone think these are forces of nature and somehow unstoppable perhaps? Do you think it is the wind that keeps oil companies fracking all fresh water that is not being bottled by supposedly two disparate entities not working in collusion, or that governments don’t know what’s going on and indeed aid it? shows us they are well aware of what they are doing, so it is being done by PEOPLE, not comets or tsunamis. Is there no one courageous enough to even ask what might it be that can affect these seekers of wealth? Or is it that you love seeing people starve, made to live in misery and poverty? Perhaps you’ve endured the battle against “mainstream science” so long you can’t imagine a world where you wouldn’t have to fight against it? Even if you disbelieve that I or anyone can come up with a viable idea, isn’t not asking about it as closed-minded as the people who comment negatively on the works of a Graham Hancock without being able to refute his claims? How can a society that thinks everything is based on their already established opinions ever progress?

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