In my new book Magicians of the Gods I make the case, based on extensive and recent science, that fragments of a very large comet hit the earth 12,800 years ago unleashing an extinction-level global cataclysm that destroyed an advanced civilization of prehistoric antiquity. I present the arguments of astronomers that the Taurid meteor stream, which our planet still passes through twice a year (in late June/early July and late October/early November), is made up of the rocky debris of the same comet, and that multiple large objects continue to orbit in the stream, some of which are potentially hazardous to life on Earth. This in my view is not a matter for gloom and doom, but a matter for action. The technology already exists to sweep our cosmic environment clean of potential threats and to ensure that we do not become the next lost civilization. The problem, however, is that the human species presently seems to lack the will for rational and responsible action, and to be far too choked up with fear, hatred and suspicion to undertake a grand project for the collective benefit of mankind, preferring instead to devote the big budgets to destructive and dangerous military spending and the insanity of mutually assured nuclear destruction.

Acting almost as though it has been tasked to play down threats that don’t require a military solution – and thus might compete for military budgets – NASA consistently seeks to understate dangers to humanity emanating from its specific area of interest, namely our cosmic environment. In particular it frequently reassures us that none of the asteroids or comets it has so far identified will come close enough to impact Earth anytime in the foreseeable future: “All known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids have less than a 0.01 percent chance of impacting Earth in the next 100 years,” (NASA, August 2015)

What this statement disguises, however, is that NASA actually has no idea how many Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA’s) exist. It can only report the number it has spotted so far, presently totalling 1,635 (of which 877 have diameters of a kilometre or more). It’s true there’s very little likelihood of any of these KNOWN objects hitting Earth in the next 100 years. However, it’s the as-yet unidentified and UNKNOWN objects that should really concern us. According to some estimates, NASA has so far located barely 1 per cent of the total population of PHA’s, with 99 per cent , i.e. more than 100,000, still awaiting discovery.

It therefore comes as a timely wake-up call from the universe that on 31 October a previously undiscovered PHA, thought to be of cometary origin, will have a relatively close encounter with the earth. This object was not located until 10 October. It is travelling blisteringly fast and is thought to have a diameter in the range of half a kilometre. It will be visible through telescopes on 30-31 October crossing the Orion constellation.

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4 thoughts on “Asteroid 2015 TB145”

  1. Mike Delvaux says:

    Ummm worrying, only discovered on the 10th of October.
    So how many of the predicted 100.000 yet to be discovered will we be so lucky with ????

  2. Stefan Mathias says:

    That is worrying, it leaves little reaction time if we discover one that will hit only 21 days in advance. It seems the riddle is solved, all we need now is a combined effort to inform and protect the masses. Rationally speaking, this should be NASA’s no. 1 concern, so it strikes me as more than odd that they seem to try and downplay this threat.

  3. Haydrien Van Allen says:

    If Graham’s research is right, does anybody think there’s something we can do as individuals in our daily lives to try and influence the way this asteroid cookie crumbles? Maybe we should all set up a date or an event in which we all email NASA and tell to scare them into doing something about this. This is the second time this will be happening to the human race. Fool us once, shame on the comet debris , fool us twice, shame on us..and we probably won’t get another chance. All this technology we’ve created must be able to help us out in some way. We’re right where we were 12,800 years ago, except they didn’t know back then. We KNOW now. How can we not do anything?

  4. Bri says:

    Is 2015 tb145 on the same orbital path as nibiru…is it a for warning of the planet x’s arrival ?

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