A gigantic cosmic impact, when large fragments of a disintegrating comet hit the North American ice cap approximately 12,800 years ago, is identified in my forthcoming book “Magicians of the Gods” as the smoking gun that sparked off a global cataclysm of flood and fire in which an advanced civilization of the last Ice Age, hitherto only remembered in ‘myths’, was wiped out. The scientific case for a comet impact 12,800 years ago has now been further reinforced by a landmark paper in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” (PNAS) the official journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences. Details of the new paper here: http://phys.org/news/2015-07-cataclysmic-event-age.html and an abstract here: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2015/07/21/1507146112.

“Magicians of the Gods” is in the final run-up to publication on 10 September in the UK and 10 November in the US and is available for pre-order through the various links set out on this page: http://grahamhancock.com/magicians/. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have already supported my work by pre-ordering Magicians and thanks in advance if you intend to pre-order now. We are poised on the edge of a major paradigm shift in our understanding of our own past. Now that we know that an extinction level event occurred in our historical backyard — just 12,800 years ago — ‘history’ is never going to look quite the same again. It may take some time until the implications of the new scientific findings have been fully taken on board by archaeologists and historians who will, no doubt, continue meanwhile to make the absurd and arrogant claim that a lost civilization ‘just isn’t possible’. Magicians of the Gods refutes such claims with overwhelming new evidence.

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  1. Dear Mr. Graham Hancock,
    For many years I always study your excellent website. For this disaster I already studied the Tollmann book ( Alexander and Edith Tollmann), and I was aware of this cosmic impact.
    Also the latest study of Dr. Robert Schoch discuss this item in great detail. Also with the plasma impacts on earth related to the remains of Gobekli Tepe. The conservative scientists will still deny these events. As for your work with Robert Beauval I study all these books.
    With Mr. Hawass is also a strange case. I think this man is really crazy and a big anti-semite.
    He focusses his own frustration on other honest investigators. Egypt is a corrupt society where the elite still reigns and defend the excisting paradigma,s no mather the evidence available.
    The same is with the alreay existing evidence on Mars and the moon. The seti group is heavily sponsored but untill now nothing has been discovered, cq. radiosignals.
    With the MRO orbiter and the manipulated pictures by Malin and Nasa, they think they can fool the public. Most people don,t loook and don,t care for this stuff. Image you are sitting on your birthday party and you ask your neighbour: ” did you already see the pictures on Mars from the Sydonia structures ?”For sure they look at you and say: Come on let,s have a beer !!!
    All the best for your work, and will it be translated into dutch ?

    Jan Bernhard Haarhuis.

  2. J.Hamilton says:

    I have the highest regard for your work.. I remember walking past a bookstore and a book “glinted” at me through the window many years ago. I could see that it was Fingerprints of the Gods and I have read most of your stuff since. We need to move past this black and white understanding of how the world works, how mankind came to exist and who we really are as a species, and the part God, or as I like to say, Innate Intelligence plays in it all.. The linear world has got to go, the black and white world has got to go as we discover that everything is living, and what we think we know is merely the tip of the iceberg. Opening up, i.e., advancing conscious, individually and collectively, is the ticket for going forward. Glad to see your success.. Maybe we can get a few more to scratch their heads and start wonderin’
    And, as others would say, “resistance is futile.”
    (Allowing is a much bigger game)

  3. DAVID ROBSON says:

    Ordered Graham and waiting in anticipation. The evidence and interpretations you and others are putting together with the ever increasing new data is much more plausible to my mind than the institutionalised and educational positioning of our generations upbringing. Keep up the good work and stimulation for others who follow and want to find a closer historical truth, which may well have major warnings about mankind’s future. Thanks for your work and website.

  4. finaltom5 says:

    There is one discrepancy of this article I see from your link:

    [i]In a previous paper, Kennett and colleagues conclusively identified a thin layer called the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB) that contains a rich assemblage of [b]high-temperature spherules, melt-glass and nanodiamonds, the production of which can be explained only by cosmic impact.[/b] However, in order for the major impact theory to be possible, the YDB layer would have to be the same age globally, which is what this latest paper reports.
    Read more at: [/i]
    Is this report only based on a terrestrial event, throwing away the other possibilities, like science past reputation?

    There is one other explanation that can cause this effect, that no ones seems to want to touch. That is a “Thermonuclear explosion”, or an event caused by some sort of “Fusion” explosion.
    Being that there is no crater to support, the range of impact of a meteor, that would cause this reaction. If you read the story of “Daniel Moreau Barringer”, and the crater in Arizona.
    [i]”The meteorite weighed 300,000 tons and traveled at a speed of 26,000 miles per hour (12 kilometers per second). When it struck the earth in what is now northern Arizona, it exploded with the force of 2 ½ million tons of TNT, or about 150 times the force of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.”[/i]
    The impact and size of a meteor to create the event they consider in the article, would be massive, compared to the Barringer crater. That massive of an impact would have left a crater of some sort, especially in only 18k-20k years ago.

    Now what would cause such an event I will leave to you.
    Thomas Hancock

  5. Jeffrey Potts says:

    Like all things, there was a before and then, an after.

  6. Jacob Coomes says:

    Dear Graham,
    As I came across my recent discovery of you and your ambitions, I must say that I am intrigued by your ambition. I myself strive to achieve what is clearly OVERLOOKED…but I digress. As I explored Meditation for myself, I achieved much knowledge on many levels as you have in your own manner. Most importantly profound, was the identification I made with our interconnections. EVERYONE has the ability to share to one another a “piece to the puzzle” so to speak.

    On the contrary, there was an interesting theory I have found to be symbolically true. For those to read this, please take consideration: the word of God plays a subliminal charade of hidden knowledge. For example, when we use expressions within language, one could say the “EXRPESS-IONS” are actually expressing ions to formulate the very vibrations of knowledge? Furthermore, if one would follow such expressions, maybe someone “knows where they stand”. KNOW-LEDGE teaches us to know where we stand…so we do not “fall overboard”. These basic principles of language are something I really want to share with you Graham Hancock. And I know for a fact you are preoccupied with your work, but I will humbly leave with this idea.
    Within the very confinements of our past endeavors, to the striving pass-ions we have towards the future…there is God. For we literally make HIS-STORY as something we as humans like to call history. Thank you Graham for your intuitive brightness, as please do email me if you wish. Haha, I hope you see this in your spare time.

    Take care,

  7. Brian Day says:

    Mr. Hancock

    I have been following the information presented by you and others regarding this impact theory. I happen to wholeheartedly agree and although i have looked for a connection to explain the organics flash frozen relating to this event i have been unable to find it.

    This has me asking if the entire north american ice sheet vaporized in an instant and considering the weight of all that ice – is it conceivable that our spinning earth was thrown off its axis or even completely flipped north to south as a result?

    I am not a academic and have no scholarly aspirations but i do like puzzle solving and it seems to me that this would fit. It seems the only way to explain the grass frozen in Antarctica under the ice as well as flash frozen animals designed to live in a cold environment. It would also seem to help understand the ancients obsession with the stars and aligning all the monuments to them – maybe it was a way to mark the changes and set the time when they occurred.

    sorry did not mean to ramble on your site but i love the work you are doing and will keep supporting you however i can – please keep up the inspirational work!

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