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Two new chapters and a new appendix covering scientific developments during the past year shedding new light on the case for a lost advanced civilization of the Ice Age that I make in Magicians of the Gods.

More on Magicians here: http://grahamhancock.com/magicians/

Most grateful to all for your support for my work. I’m writing now, 16 hours a day 7 days a week — Volume 3 of my War God trilogy. Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “Magicians of the Gods Paperback published UK 11 August”

  1. Ananda Ramaa says:

    Dear Mr. Graham Hancock,

    Please kindly look into this timeline: Before 15,000 years ago the Aryans originating in Switzerland/the table lands of the Alps moved to the Caucasus area where they settled and some of their sages started to compose the Rigveda. Later on they spread from here into various parts of the world. And some moved to Iran around 10, 000BP and here is where they got to be called ‘Ayran’ and the country got it s name Aryan varsa – the land of the Aryans. From here the Aryans moved on via Afghanistan (Gandhar) which was considered part of India and settled in Punjab, Kashmir and other places in India. In India meanwhile the Tantric culture florished and Shiva was a great personality about 7000 years ago who systematized the Sanskrit language, music, medicine, yoga, and helped to united the Aryans and the locals of India – the Austrics, Tibetan/Mongolians and the Drawidians.
    The vedas can be traced back to 15, 000 years … much later between 6000 and 5000 years ago they were written down and much later systematized by Veda Vyasa about 3500 years ago.
    Please also look into the Rarh civilization. All this data is from the books of Shrii PR Sarkar ‘Tantra and Indo-Aryan Civilization’ and his volumes on letters etc.
    Thank you for your kind attention to this and wish you all the best,
    Didi Anandarama

  2. Rab Wilkie says:

    Re Egypt-New World connections: In 1980, near the base of Mount Palomar, San Diego, an ancient Egytian seal was discovered by archaeologist Jerzy Zaborski. Made from lapis lazuli, it was incribed with hieroglyphs, subsequently translated at Brigham Young University as: “Greetings from the Lord of the Two Lands to the Lord of the One Land”. Analysis of the patina by a couple of different labs indicated that the seal had been (ritually) buried since around 1400 BCE (Akhenaten). Barry Fell also had some interesting things to say about Maui, legendary ‘Libyan’ navigator for one of the pharaohs, who sailed to Indonesia and ended up in a Chilean cave.. according to Fell’s translations of far flung inscriptians, including a rosetta megalith in Indonesia in 3 languages: Indian (Tamil?), a local tongue, and North African..

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