Here’s my TEDX talk on the lost civilization: …I dispensed with presentational style, and read the talk, because my concern, with this one, was above all in getting the content right, for the record. TED tried to ban my last talk (The War on Consciousness)– see here for details. In case TED ban me again I request all who can do so to download this talk and keep a copy in case we need to get it back up on line! Thank you for your support for my work. It is hugely appreciated.

7 thoughts on “Is The House Of History Built On Foundations Of Sand?”

  1. mrvco says:

    Awesome. Eighteen minutes of brilliant dot connecting!

  2. Tom Patsenka says:

    Are you familiar with the work of Rudolf Steiner? There are conceptual parallels with his work. He worked from spiritual realities to confirm and enlarge on our material science. I humbly submit that his research can compliment your excellent discoveries. Maybe
    Steiner can only be whispered now as materialism has not yet run its course. I wish you and your colleagues success.

  3. Richard says:

    . . . Lost civilization? . . Present humankind, although missing some bits and pieces of its past, seems an inheritor of remnants from a global populace that calamity dispersed. Probably, several times. Predicting calamities and their aftermath is much like predicting the weather. There’s a lot known about the terrestrial water cycle, global air flow that gains a great deal of motion from temperature extremes, atmospheric pressures, and axial rotation of the planet, and that the continents move, too, sometimes abruptly. One cannot say, however, that ALL is known about this planet humankind calls home. It’s likely to stay a work-in-progress. The evidence is, to date, clear that the planet remains a work in progress as much as making history.

    One can note Fingerprints of the Gods, Underworld, Quest for the Lost Civilization (wish I had the DVD’s instead of the VHS tapes now), and Magicians of the Gods, briefly hinted throughout this presentation, but I prefer the details that contribute to this short and concise talk. History, after all, is a global encounter in no small way. . .

  4. Bethany says:

    Excellent! Nicely done, Mr. Hancock. This will be the “elevator speech” I share to bring people up to date on a shifting paradigm. Thank you!

  5. Zachary Adam Conley says:

    Sir, your argument is very compelling and it caused me to think about where our society is as a whole and how we’ve evolved to this point looking back through history to this point. I think the question we need to answer as a species is have we finally done enough damage to each other to truly conquer our fear of each other. I think we have and I think if we could talk about our issues within our belief systems with out all the anger we would find much more commonalities than differences. I’m not really expecting a response to this but was really curious if you’d ever look at our world as we truly are evolving its happening all around us and can we pick up the signals based on what we know about the universe and our own psyiological and psychological make up.

  6. Zachary Adam Conley says:

    I currently have a submission in with Ted talks to try and get this theory out there but I am not an academic or particularly gifted with technology. I have started a Facebook page about the free discussion of our nation at this moment but the theory you’re podcast with Joe Rogan lead me too based on my personal love of science and history and pretty much any form of rational thought and has sense changed my views on many points of what I would’ve called irrational thought.
    So for that I thank you sir you’ve truly assisted in opening my eyes to a better world.

  7. dr ray says:

    Thanks Graham for continuing to shine your light of Logic2Think&Love2Act. Namaste

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