Recently I spoke in California at “Contact in the Desert”, the “Woodstock of UFO’s and Aliens”. There I made my case that the anomalies of ancient archaeological sites and ancient texts so often referenced as “proof” of extraterrestrial contact with (and manipulation of) our ancestors, are far better explained as the fingerprints of a lost, advanced human civilization of prehistoric antiquity.

Then in one of the panels I participated in there were those who expressed the hope that intelligent and advanced extraterrestrial beings, “friendly aliens”, our “space brothers”, would soon intervene to save us humans from our own folly and iniquity.

At this point I felt it appropriate to speak out for another position I have long advocated – namely that certain plants, trees, cacti and fungi are the antennae on the Earth plane of vast cosmic intelligences that are presently intervening actively and positively in the world through their profound impact on human consciousness.

These are the plants, trees, cacti and fungi that I call “the ancient teachers of mankind”. And we KNOW for sure they ARE here, and those who experience the transcendental states of consciousness they unleash KNOW that they communicate with us, and educate us, and urge us at every encounter to be better, more nurturing, more tolerant and above all more loving human beings.

This is why I propose it should be a precondition for all those seeking high political office, or other positions of great influence and power, that they first undertake a dozen strong and uncompromising sessions with the great teacher plants – ideally the Ayahuasca brew (a mixture of two plants cooked in water), or pure DMT extracted from various species of acacia and smoked, or heroic doses of psilocybin, or the San Pedro cactus (Wachuma) which so effectively reconnects us to Mother Nature and to ourselves…

In other words, do we really need “friendly non-human aliens” to save us, do we really need to place any hopes at all on elusive extraterrestrial “space brothers” when so much good advice, and so many wise teachings are already being offered to us by vast celestial intelligences manifesting on the Earth plane as psychoactive plants, fungi, cacti and trees?

Surely it is false consciousness of the most limiting kind to dismiss these “antennae from the beyond” as “mere biomass” and – worse – to collude with the dominator powers of our society in suppressing them by declaring them illegal and imposing draconian punishments of those who choose to partake of them?

My suggestion, therefore, is let’s dig down to the bottom of the mystery of the plant teachers, and what it is they’re trying to teach us, rather than waiting, perhaps forever, for friendly aliens in high-tech machines to save us from ourselves.

Indeed it may only be after we have integrated the lessons that our plant allies so urgently to want us to learn that the universe will regard us as worthy of entry into the full majesty and mystery of CONTACT.

Graham Hancock

15 June 2016

16 thoughts on “Contact! Plants, Aliens And The Human Future”

  1. Adrian Carter says:

    Agreed, it is by no coincidence that most of the world where people inhabit there are psychedelic plants, fungi and animals a plenty. Many cultures have chosen to brand there use and teachings as pagan heretical and illegal failing to appriciate the natural course of human evolution was totally influenced by such use of these psychedelics. It is never considered that many of the modern mental health issues which are proven to be on the rise and for the most part untreatable with a minagery of ssri’s and various other man made substitutes to these natural medicines could be aleviated with the reitroduction of traditional medicines. These now illicit, bad and wrong “drugs” really are the missing piece of the jigsaw of life our species forgot about. When graham says we are a species with amnesia it does not just apply to our history but to our spirituality and connection to nature. Those who do go and venture into the world of the gods and come back changed and informed are sadly ridiculed for the most part, even though they know the fixes to the mess the last few thousand years of dogmatic supression has created.

  2. Bethany says:

    Kudos, Graham! That couldn’t have been easy – coming up with a sensible message for the “UFO crowd” – but you nailed it, offering a perfectly reasonable alternative that sacrifices none of the mystery. I’m with you; I believe in the power of the plants. “Onward! Thru the fog!”

  3. George in Minnesota says:

    Noble sentiments
    I would suggest that mandatory psychedelic experiences might not be the best thing to enlighten potential office holders and those who aspire to “power”. It has been my observation that those who experience non ordinary states either accidental, natural or induced usually come out as my Mother is fond of saying “more so”. The will to power and position are often associated with pathologies of the first order. Having lived and worked as did Mr. Hancock in East Africa I can say that the entities moving about in this world and others are not all benign. In fact the face of evil often walks about on two legs in broad daylight. It seems to me that either one takes out what one brings into an experience or worse yet attracts things that feed on what we bring in. If you have been rolling in rotten meat you’ll awaken to carrion eaters. If you approach with virtue, hopefully the beings you find will be those of light.
    I’d surely dislike being ruled by officials who have been assured by demons that they rule by right, that their ends justify any means and that they are gods among us lambs eh.

  4. David says:

    Fascinating concept. Graham, you have such a perceptive insight into matters. Antennae of intelligences resonates with me as I have been trying to listen to my intuition in recent times and this hits the spot. Outlandish as it probably sounds to a lot of people it just seems ‘right’.I realise that the way I have been thinking in life has been limited in so many ways. Keep up your good work, your reasoned and intelligent arguments are ‘rattling the cage’.

  5. Jako says:

    There isn’t an ailment that nature won’t cure. You can find a remedy for anything in the woods, plains, marshes, so on. Everything is there in its raw form. No need Big Pharma. Just need to open your eyes and your heart.

  6. sergio says:

    If “they” come in a craft then they are not as evolved and the plant teachers might assist them in their evolution. To me these plants awaken your inner path which you can then continue with or without their assistance. It’s just the constant distraction for our attention that prevents us from going within to find ourselves. Graham thank you for all your great work!

  7. mark branham says:

    Of course, aligning our thinking with the universe(God) is the greatest teacher of all… and no messy brew involved.

  8. Roberta Daye says:

    Seriously inlightand MD guide to the psychedelic experience, based on Tibetan Book of the Dead, by Timothy Leary et al:

    Thank you Graham.

  9. savikalpa says:

    > I propose it should be a precondition for all those seeking high political office, or other positions of great influence and power, that they first undertake a dozen strong and uncompromising sessions with the great teacher plants…

    At least one session should likewise be expected of anyone who wants to raise a child or graduate from college. However, the boundless power of the state attracts many hard-wired psychopaths who don’t seem to benefit from a transcendental experience quite so much as common criminals have in various clinical studies. Most of the governments on this planet are so corrupt that justice would be better served with no government at all. Fixing this will require constitutional changes which establish a more direct democracy, either through some form of lottery elections, or laws which mandate a public referendum on all major government policies. Of course I still appreciate your support for the right to utilize plant medicines without obtaining permission from timid souls and smaller minds. As Dr. Ed Mitchell observed:

    “The desire to live life to its fullest, to acquire more knowledge, to abandon the economic treadmill, are all typical reactions to these experiences in altered states of consciousness… From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say: Look at that, you son of a bitch.”

    More to the point, he also recognized that consciousness expansion stimulates “an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world.” This political dissatisfaction is precisely what cannot be tolerated by those who profit from the status quo. Note how these plants were prohibited when psychedelics in general became associated with political resistance to a corrupt government. Decades later, one of president Nixon’s advisors acknowledged the secret agenda of the totalitarian state:

    “We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.” -John Ehrlichman

    Even if this private confession could be repudiated by the establishment, that was clearly the policy: when the state lost control of the public mind during the Vietnam war, and millions of people quit obeying corrupt authority figures, governments rushed to ban psychedelics. Prohibition began in the American empire and quickly expanded across the planet through the U.N. Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In defense of this policy, the Vatican argued: “If exemptions were made in favour of certain ethnic groups, there would be nothing to prevent certain organizations of hippies from trying to make out, on religious grounds, that their consumption of psychotropic substances was permissible.”

    In other words, no organization can be allowed to challenge the official state religion. In particular, you must not access the mind of God directly: only the priests can define and interpret God, and they enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the state. The consciousness expansion which Dr. Mitchell described will not be tolerated because it threatens every profitable monopoly on the planet, including the military-industrial complex. These pillars of the establishment are natural enemies of liberty and justice… and a leader’s position on prohibition reveals his true intentions. So I would agree with your conclusions: if benevolent extra-terrestrials will not come down and kiss the pope’s ring or shake the president’s hand, it does not prove they are not here: perhaps they are simply waiting for us to evolve a sane form of government that respects equal rights before they establish diplomatic relations! Who in their right mind would trust the secret government with more weapons and technology than it already has?

  10. John says:

    Your presentation is Philistinism of the worst sort. These plants, like every other living organism, came to us through evolution, and the sole reason they contain these chemicals is that the chemicals helped them to adapt to their specific environment. In the case of psychotropic plants, the obvious reason for their unpleasantly intoxicating qualities is that they inflicted one-trial learning on mammals who gave them a taste test. You say they are enlightening. The Indians of the American West also believed they had “magic.” One was so convinced that – prior to a battle, he emerged on a horse, wearing a top hat, and zig-zagged in front of the U.S. Cavalry – his “magic,” he believed, protected him. A long rifle felled him – and his “magic” in a single shot. You are that Indian – you are encouraging innocents to take substances that – should they be predisposed to schizophrenia – can instantly turn their lives meaningless.

  11. Bri says:

    what is the name of the sanctuary Graham attended?

  12. SFSolstice says:

    OMG can we only give the ancient drugs to the new politicians:-) Can you imagine the current crop of world leaders and their legislatures all “tripping” at the same time and trying to answer questions from the media!

  13. Brandon says:

    Well said.

    Would love to see a message board about the various enlightening plants, with discussion of experiences, theories, and science.

  14. Hal says:

    HUMANS: [looking around at the current state of things]> We’re definitely doomed. Help! Somebody/Something save us from our plight!

    VAST_CELESTIAL_INTELLIGENCE(S): [already fully aware of the state of things]> You seem so sure that you could actually be lost, and that you ought to be saved.

  15. Nyarlathotep says:

    “namely that certain plants, trees, cacti and fungi are the antennae on the Earth plane of vast cosmic intelligences that are presently intervening actively and positively in the world through their profound impact on human consciousness”
    In my live, I had dozens of trips using LSD, psilocybin and ibogaine. I never felt the presence of other intelligences. My consiousness broke through the ego barier (identification with memories, time, body etc) and I reached a state of pure being – a state of enlightenment. In enlightenment, pure intelligence and wisdom manifests, undistorted and untwisted by the ego process. It is a state beyond the reactions of thought, thought springing from memory and projecting into the future. I had many experiences of the Absolute = God = root of all reality. But I never experienced anything like other realities, other intelligences, aliens. I even do not believe in reincarnation because on a trip I saw it as an ego illusion. The ego is unreal, so how could it reincarnate? Strip the I from its identifications with its memories, thoughts, futures, possessions, attachments, successess and what remains? Nothing remains. And the stainless nothingness that nothing can touch is the essence of enlightenment.

    1. Rob P says:

      I’ve had similar experiences as you on what you listed. I never really fully broke through to visit other entities until DMT.

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