I don’t mean to be morbid! I mean to celebrate the miracle and the mystery of life. As to death… well it’s anybody’s guess. Maybe we are meat robots, all matter, no spirit. A lot of people believe that. But its only a belief, not a fact. I think we’re all spirit and these bodies are the avatars we need to function in the material realm. Reincarnation makes a lot of sense to me. Why would the universe invest in creating this incredible ride if we only get one chance to learn the lessons it teaches? I think we come back, again, and again, and again until, maybe, finally… we get it.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Indeed! Breathe in, one two three four, breathe out, one two three four, surf the out breath to the end breath. Awake and aware and willing to share! 87

  2. Cullen Richardson says:

    [written below in a detached way, as though I accept the premise]

    Yet I’m still struggling with the purpose.

    Why should we have to learn lessons on behalf of our spirits? Isn’t spirit wise?

    What is it that spirit so cherishes about “meat-lessons?” Why is spirit so apparently needy? Does spirit not feel whole?

    It seems as though spirit wants something, but my incarnated self does not. If coming here was my spirit’s choice, I’m trying to communicate to my spirit this: I think it’s ok, but not something I’d like to repeat. Surely we don’t have to do this anymore?

    What are you gaming at, spirit? When will you be satisfied? And why are you so coy?

    I’m just asking. Anyway — love you Graham.

  3. Jennifer Miner says:

    At one time I wanted to learn the truth about astrology and proceeded to cast natal charts for family and friends only to find there seemed to be some truth in it. An inmate penpal requested a chart for himself and what we saw was a angry, violent and thoughtless kind of person who possibly ought to be in jail. We wondered if all of us weren’t somehow trapped in a pattern we could not get out of.

    We asked of Delamer Duverus and He said there is only one way to get out of these patterns in which we are stuck and that is to turn to God and gain His guidance as JeSus did. That was the entire point of His visit, to teach us how to live and He did that by always following the Will of His Father in Heaven. God can keep us from “partaking of the tree of knowledge of good and evil” which is to think we know best what to do on our own intellect. The mystic Rumi would call it “beating the snake out of the man”, and the Nag Hammadi texts might call it “wearing the shameful garment.” However, God’s vantage point is so much higher than ours, seeing Time as All One, into the hearts of men, and because He knows the Reason of Things, He can guide us to a path where we can evolve. To evolve as a species we can not be a threat to anyone or anything. Humanity is way far away from that presently, but we must get back to that path if we hope to go forward to the next estate, which we understand is to work with Man throughout the Somata, the Body/Mind of the Living God.

    1. John Guerra says:

      Perhaps you have overlooked that “god” came to earth as an incarnation of himself so by obeying “god” he was basically speaking to himself? There is still, I believe, a higher power. We own that…each and every one of us and perhaps that is the purpose. That we need to return each time until we realize that we are important, that we have the answers not for all mankind but for us as individuals who will contribute to the Cosmos’ utter intelligence. We are collectors, we are each carriers of a larger message to all eternity. “God” is not the purpose nor the end result, “God” is NOT the answer, but perhaps the question.

  4. ZedarTW says:

    Dear Graham, Is there anyway I can study with you? I love the research you have been doing. Do you take in apprentice?

  5. Lothar Viridis a.k.a Tim Kenyon says:

    What we call death is simply a transition from one form of being to another – from matter to energy, from flesh to spirit. Modern science has absolutely failed to find any substance within the atom. Mostly atoms are space, and even the protons, neutrons and electrons which comprise them are ultimately found to be energy. More than thirty years of searching for ‘strings’ that would constitute the basis of matter – something that might vibrate within the void of the energy plenum has come to naught. There is nothing to vibrate, yet here we are! Hermetic wisdom tells us that the universe is mental. We do not die. ever!

  6. Richard says:

    . . . The image on the left one ponders while viewing knowing something of it; of the image on the right one is more familiar. . . My threefold near-death-experiences seem to have taught me thus far that there is transition for the observer while engaged in a work-in-progress. . . One task is to live it well. . .

  7. David Paul Zimmerman says:

    Richard Bach had a lot to say about reality, life, death, and spirit. Graham is looking for evidence to prove that things we guess at are true. Perhaps it is the search for truth that is the goal of life. I have always abhorred organized religion as it systematically teaches people to lie to themselves and to others. Where did humanity go wrong? Perhaps it was when we stop searching for the truth and declare, “The search is over, we have found the truth, now do as I say and you will all be ‘saved’.”

  8. Jay Burkos says:

    Hi Graham – I know you have suffered health challenges over the past few years. I hope and pray that you are well.

    Thanks for being a constant inspiration.

  9. Chris C. says:

    This is one of the biggest topics that has been debated over the history of mankind. I feel that our spirit is the link between the material world and the invisible world of ‘God’ as we call it. Yes our bodies are the vehicles, or avatars, as Graham puts it. Did anyone else notice when watching movies like “The Matrix” or “Avatar,” for the first time, the feeing you got in your body? There is an essence of truth in those movies that resonates in the body and can be felt if you pay close attention. Graham, I’ve been a follower of your work for years now. I hope you understand how your work has benefitted mankind profoundly by helping to awaken those who are ready, and perhaps even more importantly, those who may not have realized that they were.

  10. Pierre Adler says:

    Being more reserved on the topic, I would rather put it this way: to be sure, most of us love life and want to live, but what follows from that generality is another matter altogether and far from clear.

    That is why I prefer Graham’s carefully argued and factual books to this expressionist message.

  11. doesitmatter says:


    nation = root word means birth/to be born
    car = KARma – CHARacter – CHARisma – CAReer…others…

    must get rid of karma to break cycle….

    How we choose to live in our past determines what NATION we are reborn into in our current life.
    Nation = country and also subgroup….

  12. Jack Cook says:

    Perhaps there is nothing “to get.” In all the years I have been researching the information for my novel, I’ve gotten some spiritual info from it all.
    We are all spirit energy developed into physical form by predefined chemical forces that continue to chemically change throughout our lives. We are never the same from minute to minute as we were before. Death is basically recycling the chemical part. We are only given a finite amount of time in which to experience a life.
    We are animated by an energy that does not die. Death is an illusion.
    Spirit energy is the spark of soul and the substance of the universe. It is the observer of life, the recorder of the living. It is entirely neutral. It is only one entity making up an infinite number of separate forms and experiences.
    The physical realm is the substance of our stage in life. In order to experience life, we are born into this existence as a newly formed animate organism with definite physical limitations. What we do with those limitations will determine our experience of life. And, that experience will not fade or go away. It transfers over into the realm of spirit energy.
    Each person is basically a form defined by whatever physical or chemical limitations the energy of spirit bestows upon us during life.
    TIME is the basic form of physics that allows us to experience the events of life in sequence. The physics of time remains the same in the physical world. However, each person experiences time physics mentally and chemically as faster or slower. The NOW is all we can experience from moment to moment. In essence, this is all we are given in life – the NOW. Anything happening before the NOW is history – anything that will happen after the NOW is the future. Both will remain a mental abstract based only upon memory, imagination, interpretation, and evidence.
    The evidence we leave behind in the life we are given is only temporary. But, the experience transferred to spirit energy lasts forever.
    A good reference for spirit energy is the life work of author, U. S. Anderson.

  13. doesitmatter says:

    Just as “we” or “science” has categorized thousands of animals (Linneaus system)…the same has been done with our souls by our Creators (ET / UFO, etc..) Except with us it is a measurement of energy.

    This is a mechanism that explains why we suffer. We get lumped with similar souls. For example – MAL = bad / evil. Like MALice, MALformation, MALcontent, MALdito (spanish = evil), MALo (bad in Spanish).
    So…does this word/sound pattern exist in the names of our countries? guateMALa, MALdives, MALi..and so forth. Places of greater suffering for most (relatively speaking). Maybe nice to visit as a tourist (Mayan ruins, scuba diving), but harder life as a resident. MALdives is being consumed by rising ocean levels – also limited opportunity as a resident. Lots of violence and poverty in GuateMALa, but as a tourist we might enjoy Tikal or Lake Atitlan (Been to both and Maldives). We grow through suffering, if we choose to.

    Assuming this is the correct approach…already decoded many more. Need to study words and sound patterns and how they change across languages. Being somewhat multi-lingual helps. Helps to know the cultures and on the ground situation of these places as well.

    I’ll be attending CID for first time…in June. Look for someone wearing a white POLAR BEAR t-shirt one of the days if you want to talk!

    In the not too distant future we will decode the wheel of life and the entire distribution…but more suffering first. For only when we are humbled are we more open. We are living on “heaven” and “hell” – they are NOT somewhere else or some Hollywood / Church imagined place!

  14. Steven Doyle says:

    I have been in constant mind-blowing pain for my entire life. Have been meditating since 12 (now 69) I have awakened to a high degree but not yet established in full eternal samadhi. Pain has been a great teacher and many people have been my teachers. You have been one of my teachers. I have appreciated your carefully measured message. You are solid where many are ephemeral and we need solid to balance the ephemeral. Thank You, Steven

  15. Tom Waylett says:

    Thankyou, Graham for diligence in searching for answers to many questions. Those questions show your expansive capacity to reach out into this world for the sake of understanding the complexities of both Nature and human civilization.

    Like you, I agree that this short life cannot be all there is. Yet, we, myself included, get caught up in trivialities that can take massive proportions on Earth.

    I just finished The Mars Mystery and I look forward to seeing the Real story begin: space travel. However, I could not stand for these “tin can” spacecraft. Scary! I am in favor of great ships in space having room and speed to boot.

    I am acquainted with some philosophies from around the world, and mystery schools. As I see it there IS VIBRATION at such high velocities that it boggles the mind. The speed of light? Outrageous!!! My mind can’t conceive it in any imaging capacity. I will just accept it and move on.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  16. phyliss says:

    I agree with you complete. Have wondered at times if this place is a insane asylum, a penal colony, a school or a game, mainly i feel it is the whole universe is the Infinite Spirit experiencing itself in the in the third dimension.
    Thank you Graham for all you work, and sharing it. You are like a beckon of light in a rather dark world.

  17. James says:

    “I think we come back, again, and again, and again until, maybe, finally… we get it.”

    I started drinking Ayahuasca around 10 years ago (thanks to your book Supernatural) and that’s a key message it’s given me over the years. There’s nothing to fear about dying – either you come back, or if you’ve learnt everything you need to, you get to leave, and we’ll all leave eventually.

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