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“God wanted to hide his secrets in a secure place. ‘Would I put them on the moon?’ He reflected. ‘But then, one day human beings could get there, and it could be that those who would arrive there would not be worthy of the secret knowledge. Or perhaps I should hide them in the depths of the ocean,’ God entertained another possibility. But again, for the same reasons, he dismissed it. Then the solution occurred to Him – ‘I shall put my secrets in the inner sanctum of man’s own mind. ‘Then only those who really deserve it will be able to get to it.”(Tale recounted in the Amazon to Benny Shanon, Professor of Psychology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and reproduced in his book “The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience”, Oxford University press 2002).

Keep the above thought in mind and consider this. In late July 2004 the Nobel prize-winning biologist Francis Crick co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, died at the age of 88 and soon afterwards a little-known fact of his life hit the tabloid press. This was that when he was working at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in the early 1950’s he frequently used LSD (which remained legal until the mid-1960’s) as a “thinking tool” to “boost” his mental powers. According to a report published in London on 8 August 2004 in The Mail on Sunday, Crick had privately admitted to colleagues that he was under the influence of LSD in 1953 at the moment when he “perceived the double helix shape” and unravelled the structure of DNA.

While he was using LSD, as he supposed, to free himself from rigid preconceptions, could Crick have picked up high-quality information encoded in his own DNA… about the structure of DNA itself?

Of course the Mail on Sunday story has been denied by many of Crick’s supporters who see him as a bastion of mainstream science and of the alert, problem-solving (as opposed to visionary) state of consciousness favoured by mainstream science. Nonetheless it is interesting that in 1981 Crick published a remarkable book entitled “Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature” in which he set out his (distinctly non-mainstream, indeed highly unorthodox) view that DNA could not, in fact, have arisen on earth “by chance” but rather that the seeds of life and of all future evolution, most likely in the form of simple, resilient bacteria, must have been sent here in spaceships by an alien civilisation. The aliens’ motive, he speculated, might have been to overcome the certain doom of a supernova explosion (or some such cataclysm) by preserving at least their DNA in stripped-down bacterial form and sending it out into the universe in crewless, automated ships programmed to seek and crash into certain sorts of planets at certain stages of development – there to release their cargo of bacteria to begin all over again the long process involved in the evolution of fully conscious beings.

Perhaps the early earth was one such planet? Perhaps it was seeded with bacteria containing the DNA of intelligent beings from the other side of the galaxy who had evolved their civilisation billions of years before the earth was even formed and whose technology was astonishingly, almost magically advanced?

These are Francis Crick’s speculations, not mine. But if our DNA is not “of this earth” and originated with an alien civilisation in command of advanced genetic-engineering technologies, as he proposes, then we cannot rule out the possibility that its scientists might have been able to record meaningful information, “messages” or “wake-up calls” in the language of DNA. If they were smart enough they might even have transcribed the entire accumulated knowledge of their culture into DNA to await the evolution and attention of intelligent species on whichever planets anywhere in the universe the original cargoes of bacteria had happened to land…

If so then it may perhaps only be in deeply altered states of consciousness – the sorts of states of consciousness brought on by the use of Ayahuasca, DMT or LSD – that we can access these messages.

Just a speculation! But for further information on it, and some alternative explanations, see my book “Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind”:

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  1. Bryan says:

    Actually just finished reading through this chapter in Supernatural. Thank you so much for introducing me to these theories, Graham. Your books are phenomenal and really provoke thought. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for your next project! 🙂

  2. Jean Yetter says:

    Keep up the good work and be well.

  3. Trystan Talling says:

    This sounds Amazing ??

  4. Tijana says:

    Truth ?

  5. Joshua Paul Frisk. says:

    Wow I’m.totally interested graham. You have changed my outlook on ancient man for sure. Your work was aptt of my awakening a.d was key for me in finding out who I was asa person as who weare as a whole. You have changed mh life for the better flr had I not started poking round in yojr work I would not habe come to the state of being in which now I rest. Thank you Graham for your work. And I steadfastly support oand belive that once there was an ancient man.on earth capable of asyonishing things that history and careful planning has worked from the maps of life.thank you graham Nd id be totatly intested in your book.havea super good dah Graham. Thanks again.

  6. michele gomez says:
    have you seen this

  7. Johanna Majon says:

    Just readed and finnaly i found some answer in my eye,s he,s right . But think u don,t need any lsd to get there but a free and open mind will do ..

  8. Bruce Emanuel says:

    God hides his secrets in simplicity and reveals them in the same.

  9. North Wind says:

    Francis Crick had no illusions about the potential of LSD to open awareness to the deep structure of reality. I have had the same vision presented by the voice of the mushroom potentiated with beta carbolines in Peganum harmala one night in 1984. It also revealed our future and the need to construct a similar escape pod as the Earth becomes incapable of supporting life in our future.

  10. Nick says:

    I like that scenario.
    Problem is its passing the buck..its more like what we will do in a future time..
    We struggle to work out us let alone peeps from another planet

  11. Aladin Fazel says:

    Stunning! I had about 9 times experience on LSD many years ago and I have learned a lot about myself and the fascination of my environment (feeling the time and space) Thank you Sir.

    1. Edmund says:

      I think that everyone who took LSD in those days would just say, “Well that explains it” – prior to it being made illegal it was easy to discover wonderful views of the world, LSD in those days was normally very high quality and a magnificent experience – nobody saw it as a “drug” at that time, I enjoyed seeing the world with the help of LSD – it taught me many things that have been very helpful all my life.

  12. Anna says:

    Hancock’s book “Supernatural” is a fascinating eye opener, as are Ayahuasca, DMT and LSD mind openers; portals leading to the world of origins.

  13. Rho says:

    Even more interesting is the fact that electricity moves through space as so called Birkeland currents as a twisted pair and as such forms the basis of everything that goes on in this universe. Hardly surprising then that we have a twisted pair of DNA.

    GRAHAM i’ve been a great fan of your work for almost 3 decades now but you must REALLY look into the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE theory it really makes much more SENSE than the fantastical stories Astrophysics dreams up. A sidetrack of them dive into ancient history and that’s your terrain. GAIA website has produced a high quality video series of 7 half hour episodes about the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE. Considering torrents it’s freely available there.

  14. Jason N says:

    Thank you Graham,
    And thank you JUPITER ✌?✌

  15. Paul Holdsworth says:

    as always mr hancock has opened up the feild of thought and confirms what one perhaps privately thought to oneself

  16. Tom McGuire says:

    potent stuff

  17. Ignoramus says:

    What genius? He’s at the same level as Einstein. You people are so ignorant, perpetuating these old injustices.

    “Crick himself admitted in a letter that “the data which really helped us to obtain the structure was mainly obtained by Rosalind Franklin.””

  18. So Much Talk, Die On The Shore says:

    By the way, Hancock, how many times do I have to tell you about Rosalind Franklin?!

  19. KPE says:

    Found fallen angels and morning star Aztec God Quetzalcoatl (Serpent God of the cross) (1519) reading book of Thomas

  20. Hayden says:

    I dont trust these bastards tim leary seems lsd was used in alot of mind control experiments also, its not a wonder drug.

    Did Timothy Leary and the CIA work hand in hand to deata me turn-on, tune-in, Certizel drop-out” drug culture of the Sixties?

  21. Dario says:

    Excel the DNA idea was stolen to Rosalind Franklin

  22. Troy Jameson says:

    I was recently put on to Graham and his fascinating work through Joe Rogan Podcasts, as I am sure many others have been. I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work in trying to unravel the story of humanity. I greatly appreciate the desire for knowledge and truth in the face of so much opposition. Please, never stop.

  23. C Bermudez says:

    My concern with the use of these tools of awareness is that once ‘aware’ we need to be able to maintain that awareness and merge it with our more contemporary conscious mind. With out learning to achieve these states independently of outside influence we are but taking a holiday and returning home with a tan. Worse yet we could become dependant on the assistance and no longer be able to find our way back without help.
    I suggest that there are many ways to achieve such a state without the assistance of ‘mind altering drugs’
    Let me be clear I am convinced there is a place for these things. However, nothing that has existed has ever done so without its flip side.

  24. Jean says:

    Thank you. I love you.

  25. AG says:

    Dear Sir,

    Your ideas on consciousness are akin to mine. I’d love an opportunity to discuss certain issues with you. I do think understanding this part of us is a necessity to further evolution or any chance of salvation for our species. Do let me know, interactive experiences of consciousness has led us this far. I’m dedicated to taking it further and am certain an interaction with you will help in my efforts.

  26. richard volpe says:

    Rosalind Franklin was credited as the first woman to compile the data of a double helix through X-ray. Maybe LSD helped Francis Crick to put this evidence together to build a complete model?

  27. Harry says:

    Mr. Hancock. This theory of human origin on earth as the product of alien activity merely passes the buck to another planet. What is the origin of alien life ? Other aliens? And those aliens? It appears that it is eminently More reasonable to consider all life on all planets including that of aliens as having the same source. The very first DNA on the very first planet must necessarily have been designed and formed outside of material substance and only subsequently transferred to the first planets.Even your aliens must have a beginning.There is also no logic behind depiction of aliens in the form of primitive reptiles or naked midget green or grey men. If the highest life form on earth is human why should that not be the same on other planets?

  28. Nick says:

    Hi Graham.
    Im getting they sent the spores out.
    Ive looked along the edge of ship they told me to look beyond seeing.
    I saw a universe of earths,spaceships zipping around. A feeling of welcome like its mine,ours,yours,love
    Imagine having the same experience back in the day.
    “What did you see pedro”

  29. Jeani says:

    Dear Graham, I haven’t been able to talk about this before so maybe this is a good place to share something that has bugged me since I first took LSD in 1969. The climax of my trip was to witness a vision of Shiva Nataraja performing his Cosmic dance. The experience was truly awesome and made me wonder if other people have seen Lord Shiva or other Hindu deities on their trips. If so and a few fortunate individuals have ‘seen’ the same vision then maybe it’s possible visions like this were experienced by sages centuries ago and could possibly be the origin of how Hindu deities came to be assigned their attributes. If the same pattern is repeated in many minds then surely it’s not a random thing and should be studied.
    I think your work is amazing and I wish you many years of good health and happiness.

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