I’m at home in the UK completing the writing my next book, ‘America Before’. Over past few days, digging into the mystery of the incredible Newark and High Bank earthworks in Ohio, I broke my own writing rules. On two days my output didn’t exceed 500 words a day. On the third day, though, I managed closer to 3,000 words so hopefully I’m keeping up a good pace!

14 thoughts on “On Writing (2)”

  1. D. K. M. Junior says:

    Mr. Hancock,

    My name is D. K. M. Junior. I just wanted to drop a quick message to you. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all your tireless your works, words, and wisdom. Your voice is a beacon of light in a haze of darkness and a breath of fresh air in the thick smog of modernity. I, akin to many of your fans, eagerly await your new book. I have a question for you, nonetheless; have you considered transferring your work into television or movies? Transferring in the sense that you may have to conceal the overt nature and message of your work within a traditional story that Hollywood would support. In other words, I believe you may be able to reach the masses using a different medium of entertainment – even if you must hide the major ideas within a narrative that can be easily digested by casual viewers. Regardless, the awakening is real. I am a writer myself (B.S., MOL, MFA in Creative Writing) and I hope to follow in your footsteps someday, after your example and will to fight and spread truth and genuine knowledge. I recently composed the pilot episode of a story that includes the work of yourself and others – a screenplay that I hope will aid in the efforts of many to change the paradigm of our society. If ideas like yours and others can begin to make it to the big (Movies) or small screens (Netflix, Amazon Studios, etc), then I believe the movement will make more progress among the citizens of the world in a few years than it has in a century.

    Thank you again for your lifelong dedication, sir.

    D. K. M. Junior

    1. D. K. M. Junior says:

      Correction: * I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all your tireless works, words, and wisdom.*

  2. Clayton says:

    Keep it up Graham! I am sure this book, like all of your previous books, will keep us all glued to the pages.

  3. Pierre Adler says:

    Thanks for the update!
    Looking forward to reading that new tome.

    Right now, I am reading your and Bauval’s “The Message of the Sphinx”. The story of Gantenbrink or, more precisely, of the way in which he was treated by the Egyptian authorities is really pathetic. I wonder what became of him and the whole Queen’s chamber’s southern shaft door matter. And after that, we have Egyptologists declaring their love of “physical evidence”, “real archaeological evidence” and “empirical evidence”! I suppose that what counts as empirical evidence is not the same everywhere.

  4. W J Richards says:

    YES! I found it difficult to break from Magicians of the Gods 14 hour audio! FASCINATING, ENLIGHTENING AND THOUGHT PROVOKING! THANK YOU! And God, for your wonderful talent.

  5. Mac McGill says:

    Very excited to learn about the new book. I’m not sure if you have heard of the following, but I am came across an interesting (if admittedly not fantastic) book called The Ancient Giants who ruled America by Richard J Dewhurst. Very little of it is written by the author, it is mostly a clipping collection of news stories from the past about the repeated finding of the remain of extremely tall people from an undescribed civilization in North America. Possibly the one wiped out by the Younger Dryas flood? I can not attest to the credibility or accuracy of these reports in this books. Interestingly I found it right around the same time I had checked Magicians of the Gods out of the library. Possibly you know about this, and I can not attest to the accuracy of this book, you would be able to tell better than I.

    I have read all of your non-fiction, and they have deeply influenced my worldview. I wish you all the success in the world, and applaud your courage.

  6. Monica Sevilla says:

    Dear Graham,

    Thank you for breaking the writing process down into simpler steps. As some one who also suffers from migraines, I have written short works such as articles and short books. You are right about getting over the insecurities and just pushing forward. I have read and enjoyed your books. Your research and writing about scientific topics (such as the ice age comet and its aftermath, the geology of the Earth in the past) has inspired and motivated me to dig into the existing research and go further into some of these subjects.

    Your research has opened the door for many of us to follow your lead. Thank you for showing us how to write with fortitude, passion and commitment.

  7. Robert G Yaple says:

    I’m excited for your new book. I’m a 40 year old father and iron worker and I just booked my ticket to Egypt for two weeks. Im wholly interested in seeing the buildings for what they might teach me and that I can pass on and you seem like some one whose “coat I should pull.” Thank you for your time and I hope you are happy and healthy.

    1. Robert G Yaple says:

      Any advice you may have, I would be very thankful for.

  8. Brandon Vitale says:

    Cant wait to read it Graham! Thank you for always inspiring and letting the world know that we really are a species with amnesia.. Sending love & well wishes to both you and Santha!

  9. Eurico says:

    Hi, Graham.

    It is a great pleasure to be here.
    Congratulations on the strength and energy you carry.
    God bless you more and more.
    All the information and knowledge that you acquire and passes to us must surely undergo thorough an meticulous filtering.
    Sorry for the translation. I am in the direct translator of Google, I am Portuguese emigrante in Brazil for 18 years.
    So, I wanted to ask you why you still keep hidden all the discoveries in the field of the Electric Universe and in the field of rereading the archetypes?
    Do not you think that this new knowledge, publicized by Thunderbolts Project on YouTube, falls like a glove and marries the field of knowledge that you now explore?
    Thank you very much.
    Fraternal hug.

  10. Joseph Garcia says:

    Graham. I think you’re great. I love your theories on lost civilizations and constantly defend you to people online. If you’re ever in Montana look me up!

  11. Drilon Veliu says:

    Dear Mr. Graham Hancock,
    My name is Drilon Veliu and I am an Albanian-American living in New Jersey. I am a twenty-four year old student, son, brother, friend, lover, and learner. I am apart of an ancient Illiryan ancestory, and am grateful by the connection I have found in the beautiful writings and works you have procured for the illustration and education on humanity of our past. May God/Zeus/Gaia/etc. bless you with health, happiness, and fortune.
    A fellow Learner,
    Drilon Veliu

  12. Teddy Diggle says:

    I personally never do things like this but you have had such a profound impact on my life and only at the age of 23, all my life i have been obsessed with finding the truth because of you i feel i am on the right track. Short and Sweet but thank you for your life’s work and thank you for giving me a passion worth fighting for.I hope one day soon i may have the honor of having a discussion with you myself one day but until then keep fighting for whats right best wishes and health.

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