Did impacts and airbursts from multiple fragments of a disintegrating comet cause the onset of the Younger Dryas global cataclysm 12,800 years ago? After more than a decade of acrimonious scientific controversy around the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis (YDIH), an important new book by eminent geologist Dr James L. Powell answers this question in great depth and sets the record straight with a resounding YES.

Titled “Deadly Voyager: The Ancient Comet Strike That Changed Earth and Human History” (http://deadlyvoyager.net/), this thoroughly researched and eminently readable study systematically demolishes all the criticisms of the YDIH that have been made over the years by scientific opponents.

Of particular note is Powell’s careful dismembering of several studies which claimed that the evidence on which the YDIH is built is “irreproducible” – a damning criticism in science and one that opponents of the YDIH often gleefully repeat as though the claim is an established and unquestionable fact that “debunks” the hypothesis.

As Powell demonstrates masterfully, however, it is not the work of the more than 60 scientists behind the YDIH that is “irreproducible”, or that requires “debunking”, but the work and claims of the critics themselves. “Clearly something went wrong” with the critics’ analysis, comments Powell: “What, we do not know and probably never will. But something did and all the articles that cited it as evidence that the YDIH was irreproducible were based on a false foundation.”

Powell is no supporter of my argument (in my recent books “Magicians of the Gods” and “America Before”) that the Younger Dryas cataclysm descended not only upon Stone Age hunter-gatherers, disrupting their former lifeways, but also upon an advanced civilization – now lost to history – that it almost completely destroyed.

What makes Powell’s book so significant, however — and a must-read for anyone interested in the mysterious end of the Ice Age — is its thorough documentation of how solidly-based on compelling geological evidence the YDIH really is, and the rational and balanced way in which it reveals the flaws of the scientific process – the personal grudges, the vested interests in the orthodox paradigm, and the axes to grind – that for so long were allowed to mislead the public about the truth of the matter.

It is sadly the case, as Powell does not hesitate to remind us, that some scientists are willing to use “sleight-of-hand… to ward off a theory that they have long denied. But evidence always wins out, and all such scientists accomplish is first, to delay scientific progress and second, to besmirch their reputation in history.”

Meanwhile in an early endorsement, and as an indication of how I hope “Deadly Voyager” will be received by the wider research community, Earth Sciences Professor Edward Keller of the University of California at Santa Barbara writes as follows: “If the hypothesis of the impact is correct (and I am very impressed with the data) it is perhaps the most important hypothesis in the Earth Sciences, with ramifications in other fields, since plate tectonics. This is particularly so for its consequences on the history of peoples over the last 12,800 years.”


Deadly VoyagerThe Ancient Comet Strike that Changed Earth and Human History


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18 thoughts on “Important New Book By Mainstream Geologist Provides Huge Support For Comet Impact And Global Cataclysm 12,800 Years Ago”

  1. Valerie says:

    Is this available in paper book form? Where can I purchase it?

    1. henry balfour says:

      read the web page carefully…. note the banner under the text, that appears directly above the comments section… See the links to Amazon ? Go get it.

  2. Dan Maloney says:

    I saw you and him talk about it on Joe Rogans podcast. Absolutely brilliant.

  3. Ronald Bunston says:

    in answer to Valerie’s question..that is always my conundrum..given I don’t do on-line money things..and don’t have credit cards..as I live on the edge of civilization I think my best option is to order it through someone who uses electronic banking. which I will do, rather than wait for the YouTube coverage.. as this sounds to be a much needed correlation of the facts pointed to other works, sciences and points of view such as Graham has so richly provided.

  4. Esme says:

    Please let me know when the e-boom is available

    1. henry balfour says:

      You want the Graham Hancock webmaster who runs this site to make a diary note to monitor the release of the e-book and then notify you ?? Really ? Use the AMazon ‘pre-order’ function.

    2. henry balfour says:

      Wait ! it gets better ! If you read the page carefully, you will see a banner below the text where it links to the Kindle edition on Amazon.

  5. Joel Emerson says:

    Thanks for the notice. Looking that book up on Amazon.

  6. DustyWayneJr says:

    Your tireless efforts to unlock the past, to reveal the lost advanced civilization & to help decipher facts over truth, has awaken many curious minds, Mr. Hancock.

    Thank you for helping someone like myself, to fully embrace the Scientific Method when approaching the past anomalies ever present in our historical & geological record.

    NASA Supercomputer sim of Shoemaker-Levy 9 has the data that you & Mr. Carlson need to lock down comet impact hypotheses in American Continents.

    (F=ma, Comet impacts crack tectonic plates. Impact speed > Mach30)


  7. John Bastien says:

    It seems more and more the ducks are lining up. Along with this I wonder if there is aany more work off of the coast of India. As in Graham’s book “Underworld” and the TV special. Right now I do not expect new starts at investigation as the geopolitical situation is a bit off. With China mixing things up with India. However like Graham there must be some one there just hacking away at the issue.

  8. prem says:

    Thank you Graham for everything that you do. We all know that science ignores what it cannot explain. The very first time that deep sea bed cores were taken was by the albatross expedition in 1948. Very first cores they took were in the mid Atlantic Ridge. Those cores prove conclusively that Those cores proved conclusively even back then that the north Atlantic Ridge sank between 12 and 14,000 years ago. The evidence is so conclusive that it is not necessary to wait for science to confirm it. The results of the albatross expedition have been reconfirmed by a number of expeditions including Woods Hole . The numbers are staggering. 12,000 foot peaks are now 12,000 feet below sea level. They sank in three stages. The third stage, the whole north Atlantic Ridge down to North Africa sank 12,000 feet in one event. This is not the same as the book proposing the comet. Please make that differentiation. It is a fact that the north Atlantic Ridge sank in a matter of hours or possibly days. Not weeks. Our scientists have all of the incorruptible proof of that event. Why has this Author produced a hypothesis when he could be publishing information and documentation about something that happened absolutely during the time that he is making speculation. He doesn’t need to make speculation or create a hypothesis. The north Atlantic Ridge sinking is a fact. A very accurate guess on what caused that would be techtonic plate rebound. Not a comet. Or maybe a comet and rebound. The Laurentide ice sheet over Canada potentially pushed Canada down up to 2000 feet and Europe up to 1000 feet. It is wholly possible that the rebounding tectonic plates opened up the gap between the two tectonic plates between North and South America and Europe and Africa. I don’t think we need to look so far away and make up hypotheses about comets that we can’t find. I don’t mean to criticize the book or the author but I think the Origin of the cataclysm that lots of us know happened is much closer to us than anybody thinks. Even though Science won’t acknowledge this event it hasn’t stopped a number of very prominent scientists from weighing in on this subject. It is in fact acknowledged that the north Atlantic Ridge did sink and it very likely sank because of techtonic plate spreading due to rebound.

  9. do says:

    @prem – can you please provide sources / citations for your claim that the north Atlantic Ridge sank as much as 12000 feet in a short period of time?

  10. This book is a quick and excellent read that illustrates the difficulty with introducing a hypothesis that goes against current dogma. The author presents a a clear explanation of the research behind the comet strike hypothesis, the challenges made by the self-appointed guardians of scientific orthodoxy, and the diligence with which the researchers have continued their investigation. This book is a must-read for anyone who is the least bit curious about how the cosmos affects all who live on this “blue marble.” This is basically an update on “Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes.” I found the charts and graphs off-putting, but then I am not a technical person. Having the latest findings WAS interesting, so I’m happy!

  11. Jeff says:

    in March of this year Nature published a scientific assessment of this event at a site in Syria. Verdict: Cosmic explosion. See:

  12. MDouglasUngaro says:

    Audiobook edition(s)? English, etc. Thanks very much .

  13. Nathan Myers says:

    I tried to buy a copy of Deadly Voyager from bookshop.org, and from powells.com, but neither’s search function reveals it. I wrote to Powell, and he said he would look into that.

    As much as I hate Amazon, I ended up reading it on a Kindle. Excellent, thank you for the referral!

    By the way: Has it been suggested to you that the bag carried by various mythological holy figures is a fire bucket? It is easy to imagine shamans having a primary responsibility to maintain a burning coal, banked in ash, from last night’s fire, to start cookfires the following day, to forestall the chore of creating fire anew. We know that Musketeers used to carry and protect a coal which they would touch to the “fire hole” to discharge their weapons.

    Also by the way: The Greeks’ concern for “squaring the circle” was not about inscribing a circle in a square, but creating a square with the same area as a circle. It has been proved to be impossible with their methods. For a circle with a rational (e.g. unit) radius, the length of the square’s side is a transcendental number. The Greeks had to acknowledge irrationals like square roots, grudgingly, but transcendentals like pi were beyond them–although Archimedes was recently discovered to have reported a procedure to approximate pi as closely as one cares to. I don’t know of any evidence for ancients acknowledging transcendentals. Discovering evidence for an earth- or stonework that unambiguously embodies a transcendental would be a coup.

  14. Drew says:

    I saw this cryptic reference on https://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/aldebaran-is-taurus-bloodshot-eye

    “The Wikipedia entry notes a Dakota Sioux story in which Aldebaran was a star which had fallen to the Earth and whose killing of a serpent led to the formation of the Mississippi River. ”

    It occurs to me that this legend fits nicely with YIDH and might even lead to verifiable evidence. A flood from the North American ice cap east of the Rockies, west of the Appalacians, and south of the Great Lakes had to go somewhere… Just how old is The Big Muddy?

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