Were psychedelics used in the ancient world? Here’s the 4-minute answer I gave to that question when I was interviewed at the Glastonbury Festival (hence background music) in June 2016.

The topics covered in this video are explored at length in my 2005 book Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.


SupernaturalMeetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind


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3 thoughts on “Were psychedelics used in the ancient world?”

  1. Cranford Ducain says:

    Yea, I have often wondered just what Abram was smoking that night in the desert. I have also wondered who was there to “document” all the things he was to have done and seen. I have never gotten an answer to this question.

  2. Carlos Ramirez-Portilla says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Im no one, but Im one. Im everything and nothing at the same time. I guess Im just a curious one.

    If you create a model of the earth, simulating its rotation and axis tilt along thousands of years and then draw a perpendicular line out of the top point of all found/maped piramids/astrological monumenrs in the world (mayan, egiptian, bosnian pyramids, amazoninan, etc….) where would they point to in the sky? Would they form a shape through time? Could they be a celestial map? Are they all correlated in some sense?? If there is a correlation, could it help us find other previously undiscovered sites (burried in sands, in the ocean, bemeath ice or jungle?
    I am very curious about it.

    What is the effect of electromagnetic fields around all piramids? Could they emit a kind of “gravitational information pull” as if like creating a stable electromagnetic link or “celestial information highway”? Could the electromagnetic fields of piramids be accurately detected through space and accurately pinpoint earth across the ages? I know, it sounds crazy, but I am Guatemalan and are very curious. I believe ancient civilizations were very advanced in an internal way and that even though we now measure advancement in bits and bytes, all possible knowledge and secrets are already stored within us. We now simply have different ways to express it, which are alligned and resonate better with our current “reality” and thus, most tend to dismiss what seems simpler in favor of what seems more complex or what we can prove because everyone is in search for meaning and approval… but havent survived as a species for thousands of years because of our complex way of doing things, but rather, because our ability to find simple and creative solutions (that work and stand tbe pass of time) to complex questions. I think everything we need, we already have within us… energy dilligently obeying the law of entropy. Constantly striving to achieve or be someone or something we already are.

    Hope you read this and hope some of my energy can be transmitted to you to keep fueling your curiosity and neverending exploration quest.

    Keep on exploring!

  3. aaron labate says:

    Memory and learning is mainly generated and accumulated courtesy sensory (sight, sound) as a real time fusion of neurons and blood cells so specific, without said fusion, there is no memory. The accumulative mass allows accentuation of sensory induced fusion with feelings and/or “emotional attachments fusion.”
    This “fusion” seemingly proved retrievable by infering and projecting a “memory” (fusion) retrival study by Doctor Eric Eich (Vancoover, B.C.) that indicated alcohal induced memories (fusion) was retrieved to phenomanon (his words) by plying subjects with alcohal to recall/retreive alcohal induced memories (structure).
    To me this suggests that alcohal memory/fusion linked with molecules of alcohol, which inevitably dissipated, leaving behind an empty molecular space or capacity to be retrieved. This structure would best be described as encoded and retrievable dually indicating encoded equals genetically accumulative and retrievable by infering and projecting Eich’s critical study.
    In summary, one’s ingestion and absorption of cannabinoid, opiate or fungi is surely an affluent retrieval of oriented masses accumulated due eons of habitual (retro migrate, ask why later) exposer.
    i suspect the war on consciousness should not really be stopped moreover prosucuted as a crime against humanity…
    fusion and retrival is just the begining gentlemen… if you can respect this effort the payoff is potentially inordinate, salvation in our time… the alternative..? more damnation…
    do the right thing please!
    again, blood chemistry affecting brain chemistry proving accumulative and retriveable… there’s much much more… send help… sos… mayday…

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