TED claims it’s about ideas worth spreading, but this is what TED does to ideas put out on its forum that it judges to be alternative or non-mainstream — see attached screenshot, and full talk at this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyfE3IvDWR8). They stick an orthodox health warning over the speaker’s face, smear the talk as “outdated and counter-factual” (see the video description), give no evidence to support the smear, and use the opportunity to big up some of their pet mainstream speakers.

If I was ever in any doubt that TED is a tool of the dominator society that seeks to keep us all asleep, and that believes itself to be the fount and guardian of all legitimate knowledge, my latest encounter with the TED organisation has settled the matter for me. The attached screenshot is from my TEDx talk, given in the city of Reading in the UK in March. It’s a talk about my latest research into the possibility of a lost civilization and sets out some of the evidence presented in my new book Magicians of the Gods (https://grahamhancock.com/magicians/). I was very careful with this talk. Indeed I did something I’ve never done before which was to read it to make sure no slip of the tongue, or over-running of the extremely limited time allocated, could be used by TED to delete it from Youtube as they did with my last one (https://grahamhancock.com/ted-war-on-consciousness-hancock/)

I don’t like reading talks from a carefully pre-prepared script, but having done so in this single case I am quite certain that the ideas I present are NOT “outdated and counter-factual” as TED allege and I challenge them to provide evidence to support this smear.

Meanwhile I am encouraged that some of those who have posted comments to the video have so clearly seen through TED’s tactics. I’m grateful for this solidarity and take the liberty to quote some of the posts here

From Christine Menefee: ‘How annoying. TED needs to make up its little mind: Is it a forum for ideas, or not? Easy for the guys behind the curtain to slap a big banner over the presenter shouting words like “counterfactual” and “outdated” since they own the forum, but words are cheap. Meanwhile, Hancock’s work speaks for itself.’

From Doc Valiant: ‘Love the TED troll note in the description. Modern Scholarship needs a increase in unemployment.’

From The Reality Checker: ‘”NOTE from TED: Please be aware that this talk contains outdated and counterfactual assertions, and should not be understood as a representation of modern scholarship on ancient civilizations.” What kind of BS is this?? Graham’s work is not in line with the current paradigm on humanities past and that’s what makes his work so interesting. For “TED” to come out and disparage Graham’s work like this says a lot about what/who “TED” really is . . . they are nothing more than gatekeepers for the status quo. It’s this same attitude in virtually all areas of modern science that are repressing new and exciting revelations from the general public. IMO “TED” really SUCKS . . . . .’

From Adam Young: ‘Sorry TED, this is becoming the accepted truth more and more. Do you want to be on the wrong side of the paradigm shift? All history books will be re-written in the next 50 years, and you’d do well to pick the right side early on.’

From Silent Progressive: ‘Thanks for the trigger warning and flagrant disrespect of ideas’.

From Kian Kolahi: “NOTE from TED: Please be aware that this talk contains outdated and counterfactual assertions, and should not be understood as a representation of modern scholarship on ancient civilizations.” COWARDS!!!

From Newton 2013:’ “Please be aware that this talk contains outdated and counterfactual assertion” According to who, and what are those assertions?’


11 thoughts on “More evidence that TED believes it knows what we should think…”

  1. Walter says:

    Not saying Graham is right or wrong but the experts once agreed that doctors didn’t need to wash their hands after examining a corpse and then delivering a baby. Let’s not assume the experts are always right.

  2. M Daines says:

    Find Atlantis here: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative reference P006268. You will find AD/AT at the bottom left of this tablet dated to 3200-3000 BCE, between the giant fish and the signs SI and AN, which mean respectively ‘remember’ and ‘sky’. It looks extraordinarily like a submarine but that really is coincidence… Turn 45 degrees clockwise to see it as it should be seen.

  3. Duncan Richards says:

    Is TED funded by the BBC I wonder?…..

  4. Douglas Rosestone says:

    There’s something about having our history wrong that is especially threatening to the status quo. I for one am not surprised that TED
    has caved (educated guess here) to the establishment. The Church denied the world was round for 300 years after Magellan circumnavigated the globe. The Power structure will go to any lengths to maintain it’s memes. My Hancock is obviously a ‘clear and present danger’.

  5. Michael says:

    Appalling, closed minded, and extremely disappointing that TED would would pander to the mainstream oppression of free thinking and hinder the evolution of paradigms and knowledge. Nothing like perpetuating the proliferation of outdated, spoon-fed, intellectually numbing “opinions-presented-as-fact” that I am now certain they would endorse without hesitation.

    Too bad TED, I used to like occasionally watching your content. Not gonna happen anymore….

  6. Ray Redbourne says:

    Add to Archaeology: Paleontology, Theoretical Physics, Cosmology and Nano-Technology. Halton Arp, a rebel professional cosmologist, said the oppression of new ideas is so bad in the professional communities, he expected the next major breakthrough in Theoretical Physics to come from an amateur.

  7. Chiko says:

    We all know by now that whatever is mainstream is controlled by the powers of old orthodox one way thinking. The people of -companies/associations- like Ted Talk etc, they will never admit that they are wrong and that they have always been wrong. I believe that what we have been told and given to study up to recent times was and is just a very well programmed way to manipulate our lives and dumb everybody down just to keep control on the level of education and instructions. Mr Graham Hancock is the spark of the new era of great ponderers, probably the main person that before give an answer that will prove a new idea he goes through a million questions that need to explain just the one topic. And we can see that he has asked those questions and his researches are just absolutely amazing. Yeah, going back to the Ted Talks…I wont even bother to look at them anymore..there is no point.. It looks like they all wear horse blinkers so the one direction is the only one they know..the wrong direction for sure. So screw Ted Talks and mainstream archaeology and science.

  8. Pamela says:

    Like you said, the reading was distracting. But what to do? TED is full of itself while claiming to be open-minded. Your title said everything. Remember when we were taught that brain cells aren’t replaced? I didn’t believe that and I don’t believe that this is advanced as we’ve ever been. Humans have devolved in my opinion, or maybe emerged and reemerged. Science is often built on sand and scratching to save face and tenure.

  9. Eric Rothgeb says:

    We had a amateur archeologist here in the states who was looking into Ancient Giants of the North North America’s and TED killed his video as well. Maybe it did not prescribe to his orthodontic views dogma or somebody was behind the curtain told to squash it. To the other and complete outrage to all the people who enjoyed the seminar and wanted to think and maybe even give it some credence. He invites different points of view unless it’s not his point of view he says he invites free thinking but I doubt that very much. TED is just a puppet

  10. Flying Gabriel says:

    Graham, I hope you’ve had a chance to view NZ – Skeletons in the Cupboard by Gabi Plumm and Peter Marsh on the true history of Pacific migration. Part 2 of the series is entitled “Under the Carpet” and reveals a very similar systemic obfuscation and dogmatic adherence to a flimsy status-quo. The real reasons behind it appear complex and remain elusive, but one thing is certain – the truth is winning. Soldier on sir, into the light of the rising sun.

  11. Rab Wilkie says:

    Graham’s 2nd TED talk was the pithiest, clearest, and most convincing (short) talk he has ever given. More of that sort would be useful.

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