When Magicians of the Gods was published in the UK on 10 September, I was mocked in the national media because the book references the serious suggestions of a number of astronomers that our planet is in real and present danger of an encounter with the fragments of a giant comet. I have no wish to invoke doom and gloom but I felt it would be irresponsible of me NOT to report this, because the evidence is that the Taurid meteor stream is the debris trail of a giant comet that was thrown into the inner solar system by gravitational disturbances some 20,000 years ago and that broke into multiple fragments some of which hit the earth 12,800 years ago, with further impacts 11,600 years ago. The result was a sustained global cataclysm (known to geologists as the Younger Dryas) that was accompanied by worldwide extinctions of animal species, and I suggest, by the almost complete destruction of an advanced human civilization that had flourished during the Ice Age.

In recent days, the media (including some of the same newspapers that mocked me in September) have been reporting new science which appears to confirm that we are indeed in a cosmic danger zone, just as I warn in Magicians of the Gods. See here for example:


And here for further details of the scientific paper on which the press reports are based:


And more of the recent press reports here:

None of this, in my view, is a matter for gloom and doom. Instead I see it as a matter for action. The technology already exists to sweep our cosmic environment clean of potential threats and to ensure that we do not become the next lost civilization. The problem, however, is that the human species presently seems to lack the will for rational and responsible action, and to be far too choked up with fear, hatred and suspicion to undertake a grand project for the collective benefit of mankind, preferring instead to devote the big budgets to destructive and dangerous military spending and the insanity of mutually assured nuclear destruction.

The big media have done their best to mis-represent Magicians of the Gods, but I remain encouraged by the level of intelligent support for the book so far shown by the general public. Publication in the United States is on 10 November, just two weeks from today. Background on the book here: http://grahamhancock.com/magicians/.

Details of Magicians of the Gods free signed bookplate offer (US only) here: http://us.macmillan.com/smp/promo/magiciansofthegodsgiveaway. Applies whether you pre-order the audio, hardback or electronic editions. Offer ends 10 November.

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5 thoughts on “Scientists find link between comet and asteroid showers & mass extinctions”

  1. Mark Grant says:

    Hi Graham

    I am yet to read your new book, but of this much I am already certain:

    Your ideas will be very well considered.

    As for my perception of the mainstream media: in general it is quite to the contrary. No surprise here then, that they would contradict themselves within a matter of weeks.

  2. Peter Meyer says:

    I remember reading some articles by Victor Clube and Bill Napier, published before 2000, which presented evidence of a comet impact at the end of the last ice age (so this hypothesis has been mostly ignored for quite awhile now). I am glad to see that in your “Magicians of the Gods”, which I found extremely interesting and very plausible, you bring this evidence (and that of many other researchers) to the attention of the general public. It is indeed a scandal that so much money is wasted by some empire-building countries in an attempt to achive global domination (military, economic and social) rather than in investing in the technology and research needed to save all of us from another comet impact. Were we to suffer another impact such as that which (according to the available evidence) occurred 12,800 years ago, their Empire (and they themselves) would not last a week.

  3. Brett Turner says:

    Hi Graham,
    Thankyou for your well researched and insightful book Magicians of the Gods. Having just finished reading it and now seeing via your website how ‘science’ now seems to back the very real possibility of a catastrophic collision with the Earth one can only smile.
    Gregg Braden mentions Gobleki Tepe in his book ‘Deep Truth’ so thankyou for the fascinating insights you have added regarding this ancient site.
    Hopefully Danny Natawidjaja will be allowed to proceed with his work at Gunung Padang in Indonesia.
    With sincere Thanks and Gratitude….

  4. nick r says:

    Although I have only just started your book I had read Andrew Collins book Gobleki Tepe earlier this year. Mr Hancock, you bring a very real and awakening tone to this site and having read Fingerprints of the Gods only last year I’m looking forward to the rest of this book. Nice one. PS I Watched one of your lectures on YouTube. . Top notch !

  5. Gordon Norris says:

    Hi Graham,
    I think I probably was the first in NZ to get hold of a copy of your ‘Magicians of the Gods’. Very thought provoking as always. Don’t get too upset about the media – after all, their driver is selling copy rather than putting forward carefully considered arguments!
    Keep banging the drum!
    Kind regards……….

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