Recent scientific news (see here: strongly supports the controversial claim in my 2019 book AMERICA BEFORE that humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago. The arguments will go on but this new paper is a great step forward. See Chapter 5, “Message from a Mastodon”, of AMERICA BEFORE:

Original paper here:

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  1. Jeff Bishop says:

    Hi Graham,

    Caught this article too and it offers further validation of Ton’s work.

    But what about the Amazon? Gee discoveries right and left!!

  2. Rolland+Pangowish says:

    Graham and others might be interested in the late Vine Deloria Jr’s book, Red Earth, White Lies – Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact, 1995. He went over somebof the same ground Graham has covered, but from an Indigenous Peoples perspective. He makes a passionate case against theories that the Mammoths and other extinct megafauna are the result of human hunting. The value of his work is in exposing bad science and some important observations about how true science is subject to the various prejudices of those who control academic orthodoxy. I recommrnd it for further evidence of how the academic community suppresses facts contrary to accepted theories. Vine is among the greatest of Indigenous authors. You might also like his,”The Metaphysics of Modern Existence” as well.

  3. Dr Daniel O'Leary says:

    You should contact me. I am an academic and historiographer of historical linguistics and ethnology, and a keen part-time field researcher. I have been finding undeniable evidence on the Canadian coast of a culture of mammoth hunters present for many thousands of years. I am not interested in the American debate over the genetics of so-called “first Americans.” I believe that this culture was probably terminal. But my data corresponds to much of what you say in your fascinating books. I’m convinced that a mammoth cult was a global faith central to the later development of the serpent cult, which is generally included in the imagery of the mammoth cultus in the myriad objects recently appearing out of the coastal erosion of the Bay of Fundy. At several nearby sites that have been (I think intentionally) misidentified or simply overlooked because they do not belong here, I have found very numerous examples of artefacts including even wooden carvings of mammoths, rhinoceros, snakes, and birds. (Today on the beach I found a willow bow carved with numerous mammoths and decorated with an eye and geometric devices that resemble the square and compass). Carved fossil teeth form almost the entire gravel of the local shoreline and I have identified mammoth statuary, megaliths and even possible ancient landscaping of local coastal headlands, and none of this possible according to current post-glacial climate models nor in harmony with the paradigms of current Canadian archaeology which is, if possible, even more politically preoccupied than in the US. I also have numerous representations of human faces and of therianthropoi, and many biface projectile points. Although very little bone survives, other artefacts here are as plentiful as in Solutre, and must represent many thousands of years and a population more dense than at present. Anyway, send a note if you have time and I’ll be pleased to share what I know and have.

  4. Scott McCluskey says:

    Hi Graham,

    I understand what happened to Atlantis.( all of it ) I have had near death experiences, and past live memories. I agree humanity has a collective amnesia, it is Currently wearing off. I know what caused it, when, and how, and also how it affects our current REALM. A huge factor is contained within this statement. We will convene world experts such as U of Edinburg, Particle Physicist Dr. Sinead Farrington smartest woman on the planet. Her team at Cern created Higgs Boson, aka God particle. THIS CAUSED SOMETHING BIG, SAME WITH DR> OPPENHEIMERS TRINITY>>> … BACK TO THE FUTURE says Elon & Scotty, beam me up…She will help, along with Prof. Jordan Peterson U of Toronto Professor of Psychology, along with the other Dr, Sinead UNsworth, PHD Psychologist, and with input from friend Elon Musk as well, we with YOUR help Graham too. SIN in the bible, is an Old archery term, Graham, lets not miss the MARK…Sinead means, GODS precious gift ( knowledge/intelligence)Almost forgot past lives and memory researcher Un of Virginia Prof. Jim Tucker is involved too. Strangely or not actress Jane Seymour whom I know as Joyce, is also involved. with your assistance , we will all help you WRITE the greatest story ever TOLD. ATLANTIS IS … call 24/7 365 its that important. Ps, my authorship can be found here, Started, u guessed it STAR DATE : 2012…THE SEARCH IS OVER….Scott (JED) i …,THX Graham, you will take a profound, seat in history !!

  5. Scott McCluskey says:


    Our friend Micahael Cremo says, “Beings” Annunaki children…I AM ONE, we are here to help us awaken from the collective amnesia YOU Graham indentified long ago,… I am one of those benevolent and honourable beings, whom travelled through timespace… to show everyone what happened to Atlantis…BACK TO THE FUTURE >>><<< Alpha/OMEGA Death/Resurrection… cycles… Robert Shock is very very close to the TRUE answer, on the physical plane, on what happened. GRAHAM… contact me 24/7 365 u have the contact info. U KNOW WHAT TO DO RE.MEMB.ER, RE.MEMB.ER we will solve the puzzle… on what happened to Atlantis. we will put the frgements back together, THE BEATLES sang COME TOGETHER, right now, over ME. ME = I AM…

    1. lsdmisusespotter says:

      bredder u tripping.

  6. mark m says:

    Just saw this article. indicates the clovis first tribe is relenting. refers to
    them as scientists, instead of closed mind clique charlatans…..

  7. Jay says:

    And today nat geo says humans may have come here much earlier, Hancock is on the money as usual.

  8. Sachin Karia says:

    Graham – have you looked into the principles of Feng Shui, Vastu and the like to check for commonalities with some of the cosmological alignments you have noticed (solstices, constellations etc) in the pyramids, temples and mounds that you have reviewed? Vastu is an ancient art that may yield some insights.

  9. David Brown says:

    Hi Graham
    I am a great supporter of your theories. And have long held the view, long before having read your books that humanity, especially certain academics, that we are missing something if not all! Humanity has been on this planet a very long time. And it shows a certain amount of hubris to believe that our present epoch is the only one to produce an intelligent civilized society (if indeed you could call us that)! Just as it is hubris to think that out of the millions of solar systems out there, we are the only intelligent life forms! Science after all, is just best guess until proved right or wrong. However, when there is so much overwhelming evidence from ancient cultures and religions/beliefs that is now being backed up by scientists/geologists/academics/archaeologists, who are not afraid to keep an open mind and think out of the box. Then maybe there should be a revaluation of our history and our planet! Christianity and Islam are very recent religions, even if only in our time frame, there are many that are far older. And the Old Testament is more of a history lesson. I am not knocking peoples religious faiths/beliefs at all though. But science is proving that at least some of what is in the bible is based on actual events, so the same attitude should be given to far older traditions/scripts! We live on a planet that has been bombarded by asteroids etc for millennia. WE also have an event called precession. And in recent years, we have seen the effects of tsunamis and earthquakes on the flora and fauna and the far ranging impact it has! After all, where do most civilizations build? Coastal regions/flood plains/valleys. So when it all goes pear shaped and sea levels rise, these are the first places to be effected and drastically. And if it is a global catastrophe, whether caused by Earth crust displacement, meteor strike etc, then anything on this planet is in deep trouble! And who is to say that an impact didn’t knock our planet of its axis and caused the poles to shift in our long distant past. We already know what happened to the dinosaurs! Water eventually finds its own level and nothing will stand in its way to do that! So many thousands of years ago, what you see now as islands were once mountain tops! And in this day and age, we can see what ice melt does to sea levels! So all you doubters out there. Please tell me why it is not only feasible but highly probable that a developed civilization or maybe more than one have been destroyed far in the mists of time, with only a few survivors to pass on what knowledge they have to help rebuild. Humanity really needs to open their eyes and minds and look at what is happening in their own life time and think about what might and probably did, happen in the past! After all, there are plenty of structures around the world that we can’t date, we don’t know who built them or even how they were built or what they were used for! So why is that I wonder? Think about it!

  10. Deb Sipes says:

    Thanks for all your work and continuing curiosity! This eve, Nov 3rd, 2021, on CNN newsite, an article about the desert glass in the Atacama and it’s probable cause…at first I thought it was the Egyptian site where the glass came from from Tutaunkamun’s (sp) came from. Thought you would find it of interest.
    Deb Sipes

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