If you have an article that you wish to submit for publication, please email [email protected].

Images must be legal to use and correctly attributed. Generally this means the image must be either 1) Public Domain, or 2) a Creative Commons license*.

Please format the attribution like so:

Your caption under the image
‘Image name’ by Person (LicenseLinkedToImageSource)

NB Only Creative Commons Attribution licenses legally require the Image Name and Author.

In practice:

Here’s my caption about this image
‘Barbarella the Chinese crested puppy’ by Rhododendrites (CC BY SA 4.0)

Here is the caption I wish to put about this pig
‘Miniature Pig’ by Johan Spaedtke (CC0)

‘Elk Calf’ by Jacob W. Frank (Public Domain)

My caption about this cat
Ty_Swartz (Pixabay License)

Best sources of legal images

* Usually excluding CCBYNC Non-Commercial Creative Commons licenses like so.