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The Comet Research Group is part of a non-profit, charitable corporation that collaborates with 63 scientists from 55 universities in 16 countries. Their discoveries have been featured on the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS’s NOVA, and more than a dozen other TV programs. They’ve also made headlines in hundreds of newspapers in dozens of countries around the world, and several books have been written about their discoveries. In particular Graham Hancock’s new book Magicians of the Gods gives a full account of the implications of the comet bombardment 12,800 years ago for our understanding of the hidden history of humanity.

The mission of the Comet Research Group is to accurately assess the effects of comet impacts on human history, to educate the international public about these effects, and, ultimately, to provide governments and the scientific community with the information they need to stop comets from hitting Earth in the future.

This is important work, and worthy of support. But governments and the big corporations and donors aren’t interested. It’s up to us.

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Crowdfunding page
Facebook page

Graham Hancock’s new book Magicians of the Gods gives the fullest presentation of the revolutionary implications of the Comet Research Group’s work for our understanding of the suppressed history of humanity. See here for more information on the book:

13 thoughts on “Comet Research Group”

  1. Peter Lilienthal says:

    Hello Graham,
    I wish to point out that although there are literally great shoals of ossified mud containing dinosaur skeletons to be found, mammoths in the ice who froze so fast there was undigested grass in their stomachs etc etc, there are no parallels with HUMAN skeletal fossil remains in large groups and numbers from these periodic wipeouts. I know these disasters happened, I just am hoping that somehow humanity was spared in some as yet undiscovered way!
    Peter Lilienthal

  2. Terrance says:


    It would be of great benefit if all of the existing scientific data supporting this ‘killer comet’ hypothesis was made fully available for review before committing to a contribution to this caus. In addition to basic overviews and their supporting data of the current establishment theories and any other alternative hypotheses that have been developed to explain (or explain away, whatever the case may be).
    Also, some testimonials and further explanations of the research being planned directly from the senior researchers or scientists that will be heading up the various research expeditions.
    I feel this would significantly bolster the legitimacy and ultimate success of this campaign, especially as this is first and foremost an exercise of the scientific method.
    I’m a huge admirer of yours, own all of your books and have attended 3 of your lectures and seminars to date.
    Thank you for all of your continuing work.

  3. Mike Amezquita says:

    Hello Mr. Hancock, I was tuned in to the Joe Rogan Podcast and understand that you could use some Funding? Below is my contact info, call or email me with to discuss some options.

    Michael Amezquita |Commercial Finance
    Vice President of Working Capital
    333 City Boulevard West, Ste. 1910
    Orange, CA 92868
    Direct: 714-602-3852/Fax 714-919-8745

  4. Kyle Ortiz says:

    Mr. Hancock,
    Just saw your recent Podcast with Joe Rogan. Just wanted to say MINDBLOWN! Thanks for all you do for this cause!

    Respect from Texas
    Kyle O

  5. Andrew Rhodes says:

    Hello Graham!
    Thank you for absolutely blowing my mind!
    Anyway, I live in a town named Archbald in Pennsylvania. Here we have what is called Archbald Pothole State Park. It dates to right around the same time as your theory. Wilkes Barre has them and somewhere in the Poconos also.
    I have family down in Portland Pa. where the Delaware Water Gap is. So as I drive to and from my family member’s place, it seems obvious to me.
    Try and check this area out while stateside.

  6. Shawn M says:

    Fascinated by these ideas thanks to the Joe Rogan Podcast you did with Randall Carson. Fantastic work and keep up the good fight!

  7. Helen Cunningham, Ph.D. says:

    Dear Mr. Hancock,

    Your work has shed light on a question that’s puzzled me for a long time. If homo sapiens sapiens emerged 150,000 years ago (more or less), and civilization didn’t emerge until 8000 years ago (mol), then what the heck were we doing with our big brains for the 142,000 years in between? It’s unfathomable to me that fully modern humans would have tramped around in the underbrush for that long, accomplishing nothing.

    Moreover, if the invention (or discovery) of agriculture is the driving force for civilization, then consider this thought experiment. You are walking with a 12-year-old child along a path, and you point out a yummy fruit growing near the path. Tell the child that “We’d better pick them all now because they might not be here next time we walk by and we could die of starvation without the berries.” Do this many times with many children, and how long will it be before it occurs to one of them that we can dig up the plant and take it home with us. Isn’t that the beginning of agriculture? Even if true agriculture required that someone stumble upon some wheat, I mean seriously 142,000 years is a ridiculously long time to wait for that.

    Point being, civilizations MUST have developed prior to 8,000 years BP.

    1. Vivienne Tobassa says:

      Astute observation

  8. Hendrik Dirker says:

    Overshadowing of the obscure Gulf of Mexico contender and infinitely more of the ‘rebel without a cause’ theorized Dryas impact, a non-starter…  
    The vast crater, by contrast evident in plain view, is reconcilable with an enormous asteroid — over 300km across — of which the determining specifications comply with the impact calculator developed by Purdue University. The intruder gouged the skin of our planet, with India in situ, blast ejecta formed the Himalaya arc (sorry, that means no Gondwanaland :o) 
    The glancing strike not only triggered mass extinction, a real event, the force set in motion the advance of the equinox… a revolution retrograde to Earth’s regular rotation, interrupting it by a minute per day. The rate factors with the precession cycle, which is a product of the space collision (not Luni-Solar gravitation). The classical view on this phenomenon is furthermore wanting, insofar the assumption that true polar wander occurs equidistant around the pole of the ecliptic. 

    Demonstrably contrary, Earth’s rotational axis is perturbed – not only changing orientation but also incurring variable obliquity. Ever since the Asia encounter, the Globe slowly rotates in an over riding action whereby its axis changes inclination w.r.t. Sun. Orbiting its host star on a consistent plane, clocking up Solar years, our planet accordingly determines the subsequent latitude limits of Solstice turn-around points. Greatly variable, this constitutes the driver of climate. Thus controlled by fate (not GlobalWarming deception) the Earth system experiences cyclical catastrophism. The extent of deglaciation and sea level change is utterly underestimated, as are the frequency of Ice Ages – occurring at intervals of 19500 years… For the duration of GlacialMaximum, spanning an era of 6500 years, rapid freeze associated with lengthy, dark winter — due to prevailing axial inclination — fluctuates with rapid thaw during lengthy, nightless summer as the Sun migrates between the two opposed hemispheres.

    Next Ice Age due: 8 460 AD – i.e. some 6000 years time… 
    Of course, YOU won’t be here. Leading up to then, drastic escalation in erratic climate and catastrophic inundation will wreak havoc – no worries, YOU won’t be here. Those events will take an enormous toll on the infrastructure of the civilization of the day. More so on human life but YOU won’t be here… 
    Man changes and pollutes his environment, over exploits his resources to his own detriment and selfishly that of his descendants’, however, his current misdemeanor has no consequence on climate. Scientists lecture on what’s going on in neighboring worlds… yet are ignorant of the orbital mechanics of the sphere we inhabit and incredibly, overlooked the greatest impact crater, at home :o) I implore the CoMET RESEARCH GROUP to become acquainted with these facts and engage pro-actively, unless of course, it is anticipated that Global temperature will be prevented from rising more than 2degrees, by holding one’s breath 😉

    “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – C. Sagan,1044643,1047001#msg-1047001 Earth, as a sphere, in synchronization with space

  9. Vivienne Tobassa says:

    Civilizations have developed 8000 bp in sophistication that has loaned the current foundation knowledge base “borrowed” and robbed by this modern civilization. These referred as sciences from the classical Agoras, Greek and Roman period where this knowledge point officially “began” along with the Hebrew Helenic Testament imposed over the Aram tribes. Origins are already known to pre-date this period and ample artifact and social evidence to scientifically support this actuality. Sri Vijaya origined the mystic knowledge transported to Agoras and Pythagoras.

    Fifty thousand years ago a great civilization flourished on what was left of ancient Gondwana – Mu. As I come from a central paradigm and perspective that is spiritual and cosmological my insights are transported through right hemisphere rather than scientific theoretical build. This renders knowledge derived “alternative” but no less real – especially when modern science and physics correlates eventually. This is the nature also of symbolic “truth” of cultural and social lineages passed through the generations of Matriarchal tribes. It is not civilizations had not developed prior to 8000bp – but that modern human perceptions and understanding of this fact has not. After the great fall from the cataclysm around 13,000 years ago humans fell into a dark age and much of the civilization knowledge was lost. Patriarchal resettlement altered even the resettlement Matriarchies such as Sumer and Egypt. By the time of Rome, Matriarchy was a dirty word giving power to a feminine icon that politicians of the day wanted removed from the human classes they now ruled and controlled.

    It wasn’t only women who were burned as witches, but every aspect that referenced Goddess or Sacred Feminine was oppressed, subverted, destroyed and distorted into male orientation. This is the legacy foundation that our modern science and history is based on. For many generations, scientists finding data that doesn’t fit with the systemic base – have had to either abandon, change or discredit their own work to fit acceptable dating and other factors because Neolithic civilization was supposed to be full of primitive savages grunting and grinding stones to make fires. There are people today who behave that way, people today who do not. Thanks to DNA insights we now have a greater scope to recapture the essence of our true history. It requires the intelligent mind to think out of the box and understand that knowledge held today is centred in one hemisphere of the brain due to thousands of years of programmed suppression.

    Congratulations on your insightful work Graham Hancock.

    Sri D’Viyana Etherea Laksmi TOBASSA

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  12. Tino Fresa says:

    Hello Mr.Graham my name is Umberto Tino Fresa my mind goes deep so I am very open minded. This first time I watched one of your podcast with Joe Rogan and Randal Carlson was when I just so happened to be listening to you guys speak and some force had come over me, I laid down my body went into a cross position, and all the times I have gotten this feeling felt like it was preparing me for this very moment. As I was lying down my body was going through an unbelievable feeling. I was shaking, it felt like just my upper body was going at g force speed, reminder this whole time I am laying down in a cross position (lower case t) I also had my legs and feet crossed and it was as if the force going through me was trying to uncross my legs and feet but I stayed strong and managed to hold them together and while I had my eyes closed listening to you talk, you started explaining what exactly was going on. This happened 3 times to me throughout the pod cast after the third wave had finished I sat up and then I felt as if you three were talking to me through my iPhone. I believe this because as I sat up Randall explained to me what was happening as I was sitting on the bed cushion my body still feeling whatever was happening to me. I believe this very strongly because this happened yesterday and today I listened to the same podcast and it just so happens that when this amazing/scared shitless feeling was happening the podcast went to a still shot saying PLEASE STAND BY and a lot of what I was hearing you say for instance when you said “thank god for Jupiter” somewhere along those lines and Randall’s “do you know what your ass is doing as you sink into that cushion” all those parts are missing. I am not crazy I am a intelligent, well mannered, 32 young man with no architectural, archeological, astronomy , or science background whatsoever, but I know for sure something is going on in my life that I cannot quite understand, I feel as if information comes to me but it is so much information at one time that at first it was making me feel as if I were crazy but after a while having the same experiences and only one other experience regarding something taking over my whole body, it feels as like I have been practicing and training myself to stay calm if any of these situations keep occurring. Please I’m asking for someone’s help. I do not know how to feel or think anymore but at the same time staying positive and spreading the love to anyone I interact with. I am a good person asking for help. Please. Umberto Tino Fresa email [email protected]

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