Filmed in New York, December 2016, a month before John was diagnosed with cancer. Filmed, produced and edited by Dave Steffey. Additional camera by Bill Cote.

9 thoughts on “The Mysterious Origins of Civilization: the legendary John Anthony West in conversation with Graham Hancock”

  1. Robert O'Leary says:

    Sorry if I write the wrong thing here but I’m not what you’d call computer savvy but thanks for all yourself and John’s great and megalithicly important work I’m just starting to try some spiritual healing (meditation). Along with listening and watching you and others of like mind. Thank you very much

  2. Richard says:

    . . . Battling the emperor of all maladies is not an easy tasking in the corporeal. . . It’s a good thing that a corporeal presence is NOT the only game, so to speak, on planet and elsewhere. . . Fear remains worthless and a waste of time and resources for any PhD thesis wan-na-bee on the topic of fear. Humankind fights that emperor of ill will in the here and now. Carry on John, I’m sure you, like Abd’el Hakim Awyan, would rather humankind choose to LISTEN instead of doubting the ancients and what is in plain sight to start. I know firsthand that they [The Ancients] are NOT amused with many a choice. There’s already enough proof that some have wasted their time and money obstructing exploration in the name of their thesis while getting stuck in the proverbial tar-pits of paradigm (NOT recommended, by the way).

    It should be said, that the “Mystery of the Sphinx” is also a lesson partly made of stone on climatology – A sort of, in-ones-face-like LESSON (for those who listen), in no small way. There volumes on it, . . yes, . . . yet much more beyond text.

    “Serpent in the Sky,” is indeed, an eye opener. If I may be so bold, Horus would be proud. When see my copy of it, it nearly always reminds me of Caput / Cauda, and the thirteenth “Serpent Bearer” between each.

    I consider “Magical Egypt,” not unlike an audio-visual talisman of sorts and an excellent series of lessons of that sometimes mistaken ancient land of Kemet. Like the others, a much appreciated library addition for me, too. It does not sit out of sight out of mind collecting dust, either. If I was so ordained or empowered independently, I might set the present inhabitants of Kemet on a beneficially apparent path not one of self serving ignorance and vanity of the power prone.

    Suffice it to say, Kemet is only one of several geographical areas in a greater collective. I must add, in-my-humble-opinion, of course, as Kemet and the others WILL NOT be reduced to land parcels of a scientific curiosity embroiled in greed and national embarrassment. Pitiful! I believe Abd’el Hakim Awyan is right in that those now inhabiting Kemet are poor stewards of Kemet.

    Where Kemet and the others are concerned, “Latitudes,” I believe, is the operative term to be followed up.

    Now, to the matters at hand. The conversation.

  3. ing. Scree says:

    thank you dr. Graham 4 your great work 😀

  4. Pete says:

    Thanks to the Joe Roagan podcast I luckily discovered you both and your work. Ive read both of GH’s books and they are nothing less than phenomenal. Thank you for dedicating your lives to such a meaningful journey, you are inspiring on so many levels and motivate me to lead an fulfilling life, much as the JRE podcast has. Thank you dont and dont ever give up on your passions.

    1. Pete says:

      Shoutout to Randall Carlson as well I’ve listened to all those podcasts so many times its outstanding and so fascinating

  5. Les Smith says:

    Very interesting interview.I know we all need to expand our perceptions of how we see and live our lives.I guess we still have a long way to go.

  6. JDN says:

    Great Discussion – the pendulum will swing back to spirit and sanity one day. The only question is the degree of descent before it becomes feasible.

  7. Bethany says:

    Great job, Graham, in capturing this delightful ramble by the inimitable JAW. You were a deft interviewer and this conversation will be one our community will love and share for years to come.

  8. jane harlow says:

    Thank you Graham for posting this on your website. Enjoy the moundbuilders experience. I certainly have.

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