The artefacts in these images were dredged up in the Gulf of Cambay, off the North West coast of India, in operations conducted in November 2001. They are among thousands of other objects and artefacts recovered in the same locality, identified by India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) as the site of two flooded prehistoric cities. A piece of wood amongst the artifacts (photographs below) was carbon dated at two different laboratories – one giving a date of 8500 years ago and the other of 9500 years ago.

Small asymmetrical cylindrical object, exact dimensions unknown, roughly 4-5cm in length, by Icm in diameter.

Ridged or turned effect on outer surface, looks as though it could have been turned on some sort of lathe. There is a hollow passage through the middle, possibly drilled.

Overall appearance of this object indicates it was manufactured or created by hand rather than having been formed by natural forces within the environment.

Cambay A1
Cambay A2
Cambay D1

Possibly the arm of a figurine with a bracelet placed on the wrist section adjacent to the presumed now missing hand.

Cambay B1
Cambay B2

Cambay C1
Cambay C2

Group of four objects including tooth, ivory bead and spoon.

Cambay D2

Four different asymmetrical objects, each with a differently shaped central hole, one or two of which appear to have been squared off.

Cambay E1

Reddish pottery fragments set within stony matrix.

Cambay F1

Possible carving representing the neck and head of a deer or other animal. The even, raised/grooved curve along the neck and head is striking in its appearance and appears symmetrically on both sides of the object, indicating not only human agency in its creation, but also that a high degree of skill was employed in its execution.

Cambay G1
Cambay G2

Stone slab suggested by the NIOT to be engraved with archaic script, or other deliberate markings or symbols.

Cambay H1

Piece of wood, dated to 8500 and 9500 years ago – stump of tree trunk or large branch. A notable feature is what appear to be cut or tool marks on one side of the object, most evident in images 1 and 2.

Cambay J1
Cambay J2
Cambay J3

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