Sent: 11 November 2000 18:41
Subject: Re: [hancock] From Graham Hancock

Re the BBC thing, very disappointing. Wish you good luck.

Peter Bailey

Sent: 11 November 2000 17:00
Subject: Re: [hancock] From Graham Hancock

GH — SS:
I applaud you for your tenacity.

Your ground breaking work will change human understanding of civilization.
Not unlike presenting the theory of a round world to flat minds.

Look forward to more of your work.

in Colorado

Sent: 11 November 2000 15:51
Subject: Re: [hancock] From Graham Hancock

You have my support and I will send letters to the BBC


Rick Abbott

From: billdash []
Sent: 10 November 2000 06:22
Subject: (no subject)

Dear Graham and friends —

Great work you are doing !! —

I’m sure you won’t let the bastards grind you down !! —

Just don’t ever make a gentleman’s hand shake deal with any media
weasels ever again —

I come from a “media” family and what happened to you is a daily ritual
in the news biz —

It’s sad but that’s the way they’ve always been ( with very rare
exceptions ) and it ain’t likely to change soon —

I sincerely hope all the publicity surrounding the Horizon hatchet job
has proven very valuable for you —

All the best to you and your staff —

Bill Dash Tucson AZ

Sent: 10 November 2000 03:18
To: Graham Hancock
Cc: sharif

Dear Mr. Hancock and Sharif,

Congradulations on a favorable outcome on your

I wanted to let you know about two books of interest.
One I read last year called Maya Cosmos by David Freidel.
I think you will find some of the diagrams very
interesting. It looks like precession to me. It was a
very extensive work on deciphering Maya Glyph’s.

The other book is Mysteries of the Hopewell. A very
interesting book about mound builders in the Ohio valley.
The author “William F. Romain” does a good job of
describing how the Indians used geometric shapes and
aligned them to the equinoxes and solstices as well as
the lunar cycle.

Though you might want to check them out.

Thank you

Terry Harris

From: Ian Jackson []
Sent: 09 November 2000 20:45
Subject: Well done Graham & Robert

Well done both of you.

Justice has finally been done.

Best regards
Ian Jackson

From: Matt Byron
Sent: 09 November 2000 16:17
Subject: BBC Horizon judgement

Dear Graham,

As someone who has read and thoroughly enjoyed Fingerprints of the
Gods, Keeper of Genesis and The Mars Mystery, I was completely on
your side regarding the attempts the BBC made to discredit your
research during the Horizon programmes shown last year. As you have
said yourself, it’s easy for people to pull a theory apart from
behind a camera when the writer of said theory can’t even come back
with a response.

I happen to think that your research, whether right or wrong, is
majorly important for the simple fact that it MUST make us look at
the accepted view of world history as atleast flawed, and possibly
absolute hockum. For the Horizon team to pull your work apart in the
way they did is to miss the whole point of what your work shows –
that there may have been a lost civilisation from which we all share
a common ancestry, and that this must be researched further
regardless of personal views on the authenticity of your work.

I would like to congratulate you wholeheartedly on your result with
the complaint, and I hope you are given a chance to put the record
straight to the thousands of people who saw the “hatchet job” in the
first place – it would be a travesty if you can’t. I look forward to
seeing further TV coverage of your work (from an unbiased viewpoint
would be nice!!!) and to reading the next installment in your series
of books. By the way – if you ever need anyone to carry your camera,
dig holes, lug your kitbag up mountains or anything else, my door is
most definately open. It’s been a few years since I did some proper
scientific research and I miss the academic life!!

All the best for the future,

Kind regards,

Matt Byron

From: Derek Morris []
Sent: 08 November 2000 22:45
Subject: Horizon

Congratulations on the results of your complaint to the BBC. It was an obvious hatchet job from the beginning.

The good news is that it has encouraged me to read “Fingerprints” once again.

Thanks for your excellent work.

From: David JONES []
Sent: 08 November 2000 13:31
Subject: Horizon


Just a short word to say well done on having the Horizon complaint upheld. I can imagine how you felt after the screening as I was also outraged. Justice, however, has been seen to be done. Never forget that you have lots of well-wishers out there!

I would fully welcome a live debate and I look forward to hearing more on this.


Dave Jones
Egypt Society of Bristol

From: stephen.williamson4 []
Sent: 08 November 2000 05:17
Subject: horizon scandal


just a quick note of congratuations on the BBC Horizon decision! I also think that the idea of a live debate is the fairest way of resolving the whole debacle.

I myself have interest from a publisher for a project entitled ‘Of Gods And Men’ which is near completion after 5 long years of work. I feel your campaign for fair play in this shameful episode has hopefully helped all such similar voices who may or may not have been inspired by your work. I personally have been and thank you for the massive effort you have put into the field.
Keep going and always remember that for every detractor of your work you have opened the eyes of many previously sceptical people. I know this from personal experience having loaned your books to many friends who thought i had gone mad when i discussed my own work with them.


From: mukker []
Sent: 08 November 2000 01:05
Subject: Horizon debacle

To Graham, Robert, Adrian and all the other serious, dedicated people
looking into history without prejudice.

Congratulations. I am amazed that program even aired, so wanton was it’s
‘Destroy this Hancock and his kin’ approach to a genuine and fascinating
debate. It’s true that you have tapped into the zeitgeist of our times, but
that is no more than can be expected as the population is more informed than
ever before. I too can take issue with you on one or more MINOR points in
your respective researches, but that doesn’t cancel out some of the
jaw-dropping discoveries made in the last few years.

Look, the Baalbek Trilithon stones are 2000 tons apiece. We can’t do that
NOW. End of story. To prove all crows ain’t black you only need one white
crow, etc. You’ve found veritable flocks of white crows, and if the best
Horizon could do was to show that half a dozen said birds were actually
pink…. well, fuck them and all the poxy yellow sub-standard piss-poor
journalism they parade in parody of truth. And you can quote me on that.

I will spread the news to my many friends NOT online (shock, horror) who
will be most chuffed, believe me.

Justice is done? It restores my faith in the media… a bit…

Mark McAndrew

From: Gray Levett []
Sent: 07 November 2000 22:42
Subject: RE: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Dear Graham & Robert,

Hearty congratulations! What wonderful news. I am delighted for you.

Lets raise a cup of cheer for the rebels!

Best wishes,

Gray Levett

Grays of Westminster
40 Churton Street
London SW1V 2LP
Tel: +44 020 7828 4925
Fax: +44 020 7976 5783

Sent: 07 November 2000 07:55
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Congratulations! Your victory is well deserved. I used to love Horizon but
lately they seem to have sacrificed open debate for sensationalism and boring
repetition of unsubstantiated opinion, expressed as fact. I am so glad that
Graham Hancock has been the one to expose this.

Can’t wait for Graham’s next appearance – any idea when it will be?

Jeremy Lawrence

From: Pooki []
Sent: 07 November 2000 05:07
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

> Today, the Broadcasting Standards Commission found in favour of Graham
Hancock and Robert Bauval regarding their complaints of unfairness against
the BBC.

> This is a landmark victory for Graham and Robert, and for the principle
that unorthodox thinkers are not necessarily wrong and should be given a
FAIR chance to put forward their ideas.

Huzzah!! Huzzah!! Well done! Good for them – and thank you for
reporting it!!


From: James Kennedy []
Sent: 07 November 2000 05:01
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Congratulations on the result.

Sent: 07 November 2000 03:08
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Hooray for honesty and courage; i.e., Graham Hancock and company. Thank you
for the message; I’ll check the webpage.

From: Lawrence Spencer []
Sent: 07 November 2000 02:12
To: Graham Hancock
Subject: Your victory

Dear Graham,

Congratulations to you and Robert on your victory regarding the BBC attack! Well Done! I commend you on your courage and persistence.

I am the author of “The Oz Factors” (I sent both yourself and Robert a copy of my book last spring), so I certainly do have some first hand knowledge how the mainstream academic vested interests operate to suppress the truth. My book discusses this subject as one of the 12 “Oz Factors” which prevent our civilization from discovering answers to the mysteries of our existence.

I have been a Scientologist for 31 years. A good deal of my book is an application of the principles of L. Ron Hubbard as regards the fields of study into which you and Robert have so bravely advanced. Perhaps the material in my book will be of assistance to you at some point in your research.

Keep up the good fight!

Very Best Regards,
Lawrence R. Spencer
author of “The Oz Factors”

From: Kenneth Schnear []
Sent: 07 November 2000 00:02
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!


Click here for Free Video!!

Sent: 06 November 2000 21:49
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Thank you for the update as to the out come of the attack from the BBC
documentary, Atlantis Reborn. I will always be amazed at the arrogance and
narrow mindedness of those who set themselves up as the authority. God forbid
they should be wrong! That someone besides they and their constituents should
find the truth making their books and specifically text books out dated $$$$$
! Antiquity does not mean infallibility!

Thanks Again
Keep up the research!

Kurt Kennedy

From: Martin []
Sent: 06 November 2000 20:26
Subject: atlantis reborn

Dear Graham,

Congratulations on a well deserved victory over the Horizon team at the BBC.

Though i never saw their original version of the show, i fully intend to see the re-edited version on December 14th 2000.
I was most displeased with how you and Robert Bauval were treated by a supposed neutral corporation, as i said , i never saw the transmission, but working on a hangar floor i talked with many people who did see it. The one thing that came through to me most clearly was that people whom i know have an interest in your work were confused by the distorted view portrayed by the BBC. We will all get to see the proper cut soon.

Again, my congratulations on pulling the BBC into heal.

I hope you get your debate as i am sure you and Robert Bauval will easily defeat any arguments that are put in an attempt to ridicule your, and a great many others belief in an advanced lost civilisation.

I will attempt to contact Jane Root and add my voice to your request for this debate.

Keep up the good work, and always remember, you have a great many friends and admirers out here.

Martin Day

From: Mythical Ireland []
Sent: 06 November 2000 20:08
Subject: Carry the torch Graham

Dear Graham,

As a great admirer of your work, and an avid researcher here in Ireland, I posted the following message to the message boards at and felt I should also e-mail it to you in the hope you would read it and see that there is much encouragement for your work.

Here goes:

“I agree wholeheartedly with Cindy.

As a journalist myself, I really thought the BBC Horizon programme was very biased and one-sided, and I can just envisage the important moments of interview being dropped to the floor of the cutting room at the BBC.

In Ireland, too, we have ancient monuments and sacred sites, and in Ireland too, we had ancient astronomers. I, together with another colleague, have been carrying out research for over two years now and we have reached tentative conclusions that the ancient people of our country were master astronomers, confidently able to predict solar and lunar events, like solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, and also aware of the 25,800-year precessional cycle.

But the establishment figures in this country still refuse to accept that the ancient people were anything more than primitive, claiming the astronomical theories and explainations are “a bit imaginative”.

And that’s a very important point. I think we share with Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval a great imagination, and that that in turn is something we share with our ancient ancestors.

Let’s face it, life without imagination would be pretty dull. And worse still if we fully accept the establishment’s claim that 5000-year-old stone age monuments in Ireland are merely tombs, meant for the burial of the dead only.

Graham Hancock remains a steadfast figure in a difficult new science – the science of open-mindedness. He has carried a torch through the darkness not only for us, and for our new yearning for exploration of the past, but he also carries that torch for his ancient forebears whose imaginations, aspirations and achievements live on in us.

Carry the torch, Graham, and we’ll carry it with you.

Kind regards,
Anthony Murphy.

New Light on the Ancient Past

Sent: 06 November 2000 17:14
Subject: 14 December 2000 – Atlantis Reborne

Importance: High

Dear Horizon Personnel,

Hello. A year or so back, I watched a much anticipated programme, presented
by the BBC, entitled “Atlantis Reborn”. As many were, I was appalled at the,
for lack of a better term, “Corrupt representation” or “Bias” if you will,
of and against Mr. Graham Hancock. I am aware that the Broadcasting
Standards Commission recently released their agreement with that comment and
this “thorn in your side” is seeming to be a thing of the past. I have heard
that there is the possibility of a re-showing of a more “accurate” version
of the Atlantis Reborn programme in December of 2000. I am very excited that
all parties were able to reconcile on this issue and just hope that Mr.
Hancock is able to express how he came to these seemingly “Unorthodox”
conclusions. Only then, will those who are skeptical, have the understanding
of the processes of elimination, coupled with an extremely open mind, which
led Mr. Hancock to these conclusions. Forgive me for leaving out Mr.Bouval,
as he is in my thoughts as well, when referring to Mr. Hancock and the
issues stated above.

I look at the new exciting things that we, as a people, have discovered in
the last few years, concerning the great wonders of the world. We constantly
find that our great for fathers of science and exploration were right in
their theories and conclusions, based on their knowledge at the time. New
research and unorthodox questions are what have propelled our knowledge
through the millennia. One finds that the “great minds” were either right,
but not completely right, or that they were wrong, but on the right track,
as history shows.

The research done by Graham Hancock, Robert Bouval, John A West, and
colleagues of the like, asks these questions and stimulates the minds of
young people all over the world, to not just say “OK, that’s the way it is”,
but to ask “Why, what for, what other possibilities are there?” With out
these questions, we, as a species, would merely be “Sheep”, following the
flock, with no discoveries and no insight. I usually thing of Galileo….
Exiled in his belief and betrayed by all, in his day. But, he was right, and
now, he is part of the elite, visited daily, entombed in one of the most
remarkable churches in Florence, Italy. Haven’t we learned? Will we ever?

I guess my ranting here is a bit unwarranted, but seems justified
considering your last performance. I just hope that you all take this
opportunity to rebroadcast the TRUE accounts of Mr. Hancock and Bouval’s
research and give Mr. Hancock’s proposals fair and unbiased consideration.
If the traditional scientists and scholars want to challenge these
gentlemen, I have great faith that they will eagerly accept. If they wish to
work together to find out the “Why, who, and during WHAT TIME”, I have faith
and personally, look forward to that day.

Best wishes and warmest regards,

D.Reed McLennan
Systems Engineer
Dell Computer Corporation

From: PINCER []
Sent: 06 November 2000 16:28
Subject: Congartulations

Dear Mr. Hancock,

Congratulations with the BSC Adjudication! This is a first and necessary
step to beat the politics of catastrophy.

The next one is to get the message across to a wider audience and to make
policy makers aware of the vulnerability of life on earth and our
civilisation. For we cannot escape the conclusion of your book on Mars.
Regardless of the chance that your research is valid, the message should be
understood everywhere.

With kind regard,

Peter-Paul de Waal,
the Netherlands

From: Michael Hunter []
Sent: 06 November 2000 16:22
Subject: Re: [hancock] BSC ADJUDICATION IS OUT!!!

Well done!!!

Congratulations all round.

On another note, I sent a comparison between The Giza Plateau & the layout of Teotihucan to Graham’s address about a month ago. Would you be so kind as to confirm that it was recieved. I know that Graham wanders off around the world so is unable to check & reply so I’m not expecting a reply straight away.

Many thanks & again well done.

Kind Regards