BusinessAgeBad edit on the Horizon
from Earwig

Talking of horizons reminds me of a recent lunch with a property M.D. who was soliciting Earwig’s advice regarding an invitation to appear on a current affairs programme to be broadcast by the BBC. Earwig advised in the most colourful of terms to reject the invitation and provided the M.D. with a ghastly demonstration of how easily the BBC can make a hatchet job of a good idea. The BBC’s victim was Graham Hancock the author of the best sellers “Fingerprints of the Gods” and “Heavens Mirror”. Trustingly, Graham Hancock agreed to appear on the BBC’s flagship science programme Horizon.

Unfortunately for Graham Hancock his comment, argument and opinion were edited in such a way that his involvement ultimately led to the doors of the Broadcasting Standards Commission. The Commission found the BBC had been unfair to Graham Hancock and to their credit the BBC immediately took steps to re-edit the television programme. This was a first since the BBC began showing television programmes in 1936. The energy expelled when pursuing justice should be remembered by all who trustingly accept invitations to appear on television programmes. Earwig contacted Graham Hancock for comment but as ever this affable, charming man explained that it was an unfortunate event now assigned to the past. Earwig thinks that Graham Hancock is being extremely generous.