Graham gives a presentation at UCL’s Logan Hall, London, expanding on some of the themes of his Netflix series ‘Ancient Apocalypse’.

0:00 Introduction
3:09 Talk starts. Native American DNA studies
11:00 Clovis culture
18:15 Cerutti Mastodon
21:22 SAA letter to Netflix
23:12 Sphinx temples
24:45 Gobleki Tepe
28:15 Baalbek
30:48 The Andes
36:49 The Sahara
38:33 Ancient Maps
42:45 The Underworld
52:14 The Amazon
1:01:35 Ancient Egypt and the journey of the soul
1:13:31 North America
1:16:34 The common connection

2 thoughts on “Graham Hancock: Beyond Ancient Apocalypse | Presentation @ Logan Hall, London”

  1. Peter Martin says:

    This site gives an interesting perspective on the Gwion people of the Kimberley’s west Australia that have links with the pyramids

    Also for a lot of information of not only rock art of the Kimberley’s Plus world wide

    Bradshaw foundation
    Google it

  2. A. Watcher says:

    When is Season 2 coming out ?

    I look forward to seeing the plot twists and character development (irl!) after the cliffanger of Season One !

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