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Rare White Wolf Killed in Yellowstone Park Was Shot Illegally
17th May 2017 | | Animal Life

She was the only white wolf living in the park, though there had been two others before her. She was 12 years old when she was killed, twice the average age of wolves in Yellowstone.

Polar bears shift from seals to bird eggs as Arctic ice melts
17th May 2017 | | Animal Life

Polar bears are ditching seafood in favour of scrambled eggs, as the heat rises in the Arctic melting the sea ice. A changing coastline has made it harder for the predators to catch the seals they favour and is pushing them towards poaching goose eggs.

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Human Brains May Not Be Aligned Right to Handle Stripes
17th May 2017 | Humans

A new study in Current Biology found that simple vertical lines can cause headache-inducing brain activity even in healthy people and could induce migraines or seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy.

How we categorise colour is based on biology, not culture, study suggests
17th May 2017 | | Humans

Categories of colour are not born of language but are rooted in biology, according to research that shows babies divide colours up into red, blue, green, yellow and purple.

Your Brain Remembers Languages You Think You Forgot
17th May 2017 | | Humans

New evidence suggests that the earliest traces of a language can stay with us into adulthood, even if we no longer speak or understand the language itself. And early exposure also seems to speed the process of relearning it later in life.

Baby brain scans reveal trillions of neural connections
17th May 2017 | | Humans, Tech

UK scientists have released the first batch of “groundbreaking” medical scans that reveal step-by-step how the human brain develops in babies.

Researchers around the world can use the data to understand what healthy growth looks like, say the Developing Human Connectome Project experts.

Unbreakable quantum entanglement
17th May 2017 | Space, Tech

Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” persists even at high accelerations, researchers of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna were able to show in a new experiment

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Gravitational waves could show hints of extra dimensions
16th May 2017 | | Space

Signatures of extra dimensions that don’t normally affect the four dimensions we can observe could show up in the way they warp ripples in space-time

Physicists have long wondered why gravity is so weak compared with the other fundamental forces. This may be because some of it is leaking away into extra dimensions beyond the three spatial dimensions we experience.

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Ending Aging: Scientists Say Telomeres May Be the Key to Unlocking Near-Immortality
16th May 2017 | Tech

If humans can’t yet achieve immortality, the next best thing would be finding a way to slow down or even reverse the process of aging. While there’s an entire industry devoted to so-called “anti-aging,” the biological truth is that our fate is written in our DNA. Specifically, the end bits which are called telomeres.

Battery-free implantable medical device draws energy directly from human body
16th May 2017 | Tech

Researchers from UCLA and the University of Connecticut have designed a new biofriendly energy storage system called a biological supercapacitor, which operates using charged particles, or ions, from fluids in the human body. The device is harmless to the body’s biological systems, and it could lead to longer-lasting cardiac pacemakers and other implantable medical devices.

A New “Tube Transport” System Could Get You From New York to Beijing in 2 Hours
16th May 2017 | Tech

Transportation of the future is being developed today: autonomous electric vehicles, flying cars, and the futuristic pods that make up the Hyperloop are just a few notable examples. There’s another idea vying to be the next generation of public transportation

Future of farming? Driverless tractors and drones attempt to grow crops without humans setting foot on the land in a world first
16th May 2017 | | Earth, Tech

A team of agricultural engineers are attempting a world-first of growing and harvesting a field of cereal crop without a human setting foot on the land.

Researchers have pioneered an autonomous tractor which can be steered by a farmer from a control room to carry out the drilling, seeding and spraying of the land.

Why Microdosing Is Taking Over Medical Marijuana
16th May 2017 | | Humans

Welcome to marijuana 2.0, where the less product you use, the better it works

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Is Consciousness Fractal?
16th May 2017 | Humans

Our subconscious love for fractals may tell an evolutionary story.

Our fractal fluency begins with the movement of our eyes. When we look at a fractal, our eyes trace a fractal trajectory with a dimension of around 1.4 —no matter what the fractal’s dimension is. Nature’s most prevalent fractals share this dimension, falling within a range of 1.3 to 1.5. “If we lived on a planet where 1.8 was prevalent, we would have ended up with an eye trajectory of 1.8,” Taylor says. “Clearly what’s happened is our visual system has evolved.”

The woman with a strange ‘second sight’
16th May 2017 | | Humans, Weird

It ranks among the most curious phenomena in cognitive neuroscience. A handful of people in the world have “blindsight”: they are blind, but their non-conscious brain can still sense their surroundings.

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