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Bizarrely, A Tiny Town In Australia Is Actually Sitting On A Part Of Ancient North America
23rd January 2018 | | Ancient, Earth

This means that part of Australia was attached to and was part of North America, around 1.7 billion years ago.

Scientists say humans could have left Africa up to 70,000 years earlier than had been thought
23rd January 2018 | Ancient, Earth, Humans

Scientists at Aberystwyth University have published a 150,000-year climatic record from Ethiopia, which shows conditions would have allowed early modern humans to move from Africa to Asia.

The world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beam could pave the way for levitating humans
22nd January 2018 | Humans, Tech

For the first time, engineers have shown it is possible to stably trap objects larger than the wavelength of sound in an acoustic tractor beam.

Norwegian houses reused for over 1000 years during Stone Age
22nd January 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

We’ve always heard that Stone Age people lived in caves. It turns out that they often lived in earthen huts, which they reused for centuries and kept up rather than building new ones.

Zahi Hawas heads archaeological mission for tomb of Tutankhamun’s family
22nd January 2018 | Ancient, Humans

The Ministry of Antiquities announced the start of excavation work in the Valley of the Monkeys on the West bank of the Nile in Luxor, to uncover a tomb dating back to the 18th Dynasty.

The American Indian museum comes of age by tackling this country’s lies
20th January 2018 | | Ancient, Humans

Its curators have found a voice, and one every museum should emulate: They are going to address difficult questions with nuance and courage.

Georgetown in northern Queensland once part of North America – geologists
20th January 2018 | | Ancient, Earth

Researchers found rocks in the area 412km west of Cairns were unlike any others in Australia, but similar to those in Canada.

Turkish Professor Claims Koran Flood Story Tells of Muslim Noah Calling Son on Cell-Phone
20th January 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Ornek explained his theory, saying that technologies were much more advanced 10,000 years ago than most people realize.

Meteorites recovered from Michigan meteor explosion
20th January 2018 | | Space

With the size of this asteroid, it was a near certainty that pieces of it would reach the ground as meteorites, so in the days after, the hunt was on.

No, an Asteroid Is Not Going to Collide with Earth in February
20th January 2018 | | Space, Tech

In recent days, a few media outlets have reported (rather sensationally) that a “potentially hazardous” asteroid will fly close to Earth on Feb. 4. Are the reports correct? Absolutely! Is there any need to panic? Absolutely not!

Hidden Ancient Egyptian Paintings Revealed Thanks To New Digital Imaging Tool
20th January 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Scientists have used a new imaging technique to re-examine Egyptian art and find details that were previously missing.

New research challenges existing models of black holes
19th January 2018 | Space

The results, which were a collective effort among several researchers, are deeply enlightening about some of the most mysterious objects in space.

18th January 2018 | | Earth, Space, Tech

Saturn’s moon Titan may be nearly a billion miles away from Earth, but new research reveals a new way this distant world and our own are eerily similar.

What the Marijuana Genome Map Means for the Future of Pot
18th January 2018 | | Earth, Humans
A breakthrough in genetic research opens the door to more-targeted products and maybe even pharmaceuticals.
Divers Found The World’s Largest Underwater Cave, And It’s Full of Maya Secrets
18th January 2018 | | Ancient, Earth, Humans

After 10 months of intensive exploration, scientists in Mexico have discovered the world’s largest flooded cave system – and it’s truly an underwater wonderland.

Complex engineering and metal-work discovered beneath ancient Greek ‘pyramid’
18th January 2018 | | Ancient, Humans, Tech

Latest find on Cyclades’ Keros includes evidence of metal-working and suggests the beginnings of an urban centre, say archaeologists.

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